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  1. People are amazed by the precision and rate of the robots. True, but the time it took people to design and program those robots accurately is incredible.

  2. My car is at 7:48

  3. these are cars built by white collar workers,people in rooms programming computers and robots to do the work that blue collar workers used to do, this the way the future will go, lots of lazy people sitting down at desks while the rest of the population struggles to find work, there’s no point making cars as good as bmw or mercs or audi’s as people won’t have the money to buy them. Technology is great but at the cost of people having jobs isn’t so good.

  4. very interesting 

  5. robot in action 

  6. so schnell geht’s 

  7. it is only for exclusive people and dedicated to premium segment…what a great engineering and impressive video…

  8. classic work there at bmw

  9. Amazing how the robots can even open and close the doors as they’re doing their job.

  10. The Germans have learnt a great deal from the Japanese. Fact.

  11. how do ur factory pay for power {electricity} since all factories are collapsing in Ghana due to power management and high cost of production.

  12. Very impressive video. I am working of an undergraduate senior design project to design and build an automotive assembly line for a 1/18th scale car. We have chosen the BMW M3. To account for the lack of detail and expertise we have planned to have monitors showing the actual assembly process in the form of real footage (welding, assembly, painting). What I am getting at is may we use this footage to fill in the gaps where our model falls short?

  13. amazing

  14. O

  15. cue EMPIRE theme



  18. 7:56 the robot looks like something out of Tim Burton’s movie, kind a creepy how they dressed up an opening the door and all….

  19. deutchland car is one big shit in the world

  20. Is that an aluminum body/chasis?

  21. Simply superb engineering, fantastic design skills..

  22. beim BMW arbeiten 70% Leiharbeiter und 30% wo fest sind. Ist es normal das ein leiharbeiter 8 jahre beim BMW arbeitet und danach einfach gekickt wird?

  23. it is the best car in planet

  24. 122 angry Kia drivers watched this video… Hey, I’m SORRY that your car was made by an 11 year old, who sleeps under her sewing machine!

  25. I wish I was an electrical maintenance fitter there instead of a shitty factory in leeds…

  26. After watch the mercedes prouction,bmw seems like crap…

  27. sdeeedd xxc

  28. 7:58 who else laughed when that robot opened the door

  29. I am not amazed at the robots, nor the efficiency, but rather: the cleanliness. Seriously, that plant is SUPER clean. 

  30. No wonder the new cars are junk,the older cars were built by people on  the line and were much  more solid


  32. I know I order my space ship and its not here yet!

  33. @ 7:57 those things are kind of freaky they look like avatars. lol

  34. I am impressed, Magnifisant work by the Robots. Thats why there is less job for Manpower.

  35. Guys this is called German engineering

  36. Consistent quality of build using robots.They dont moan and have days off,or join unions.I have just bought a BMW 320d M SPORT and i have to say,its a great fun car to drive.Great mpg and cheap road tax £30 per year! Interesting video.

  37. Geeeze! 4:40 its like Skynet.. machines running the show. An orchestra of production by robots. Amazing.

  38. Damn, what a technology

  39. giá mà việt nam được như thế này.

  40. Love this, is there a video for the 7 series line? With engine building too?

  41. awesome awesome , dream to work in bmw manufacturing plant .

  42. Humans are obsolete.

  43. Incredible how we barely see any human beings in the video. Like 99% of the work is done by machines.

  44. Tyhle stroje nám berou práci.

  45. sdeeedd xxcuzdedescuesx

  46. I like how they open the doors!

  47. so interesting. tq to bmw.i like bmw than audi.

  48. pretty cool to see how my 335I was made! wow!

  49. Падарите..адин..шутка.

  50. 5:35– beamer 3 series with a sunroof ?

    Am i the only one who noticed this ?

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