► 2015 Porsche 911 Targa 4S – DRIVING

As with the predecessor model, the new Targa generation comes in two versions available exclusively with all-wheel drive. The 911 Targa 4 is powered by a 3.4-litre, 350 hp (257 kW) flat engine. Equipped with the Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) and Sport Chrono package, this model accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds and boasts a top speed of 282 km/h. Its NEDC fuel consumption figures are between 9.5 and 8.7 litres/100 km, depending on transmission, which corresponds to a CO2 emissions level of between 223 and 204 g/km. The top model is the 911 Targa 4S, which delivers 400 hp (294 kW) from a displacement of 3.8 litres. This model reaches a top speed of 296 km/h and, with the PDK and Sport Chrono package fitted, accelerates in 4.4 seconds. Its fuel consumption fluctuates between 10.0 and 9.2 litres per 100 km, depending on transmission, which corresponds to a CO2 level of between 237 and 214 g/km. With these figures, the model is on a par with the high standard set by the 911 Carrera 4 cabriolet models in terms of engine and road performance, as well as efficiency. Both sportscars are certified for compliance with the Euro 6 emissions standard.

The new 911 Targa models will be launched onto the market in May 2014. In Germany, the 911 Targa costs EUR 109,338 and the 911 Targa S EUR 124,094, inclusive of VAT and country-specific equipment in each case.

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  1. If there will be empty roads like that around my home i’ll buy one tomorrow , sadly always there is a van in front of me that makes a lot of smoke so I have to close the windows …

  2. This is not car….. Thish is The Porsche…. God’s art…

  3. 350 hp? Wow, that’s family sedan territory. How brave…

  4. Finally a real targa. I want one. Bravo Porsche. Now just make it RWD and color code the roof bar and it’s perfect.

  5. Zero info… just good video work to show off the car.  So…. excellent!

  6. What will happen if Germany bans fossil fuelled cars in ten years time as suggested…?

  7. What a great video, just the car and beautiful scenery. Without someone giving their two pence worth and spoiling it!!!

  8. Needs a turbo version.  911 Targa 4S Turbo. 


  10. божественный автомобиль!!!

  11. This car is just Ooooozing with everything that is great about Porsche. The brushed alminum roll bar is so reminiscent of the original Targa, yet looks totally modern and in synch with this design. It sounds AMAZING!!! It really stirs the senses… Thanks for posting!!!

  12. apparently the targa suffers from severe buffeting about 40mph with the roof down. 


  14. love the aluminum across the roof and sides, gives it the retro look & it’s all modern.

  15. @1:30 odd moment…

  16. Dream car – its a mix of the classic with the new.

  17. Wow, a car video about the car, instead of the driver–what a novel idea! And great audio too. Thanks!!

  18. Love it! Wish there was a turbo!

  19. am i the only one who really wants to see a turbo charged version of this car? not buying till they offer one – it’s 2015! forced induction is a must.

  20. My Dad would say…"That’s something else".

  21. id take R8 over this ugly crap anyday

  22. Unbelievable! What a beautiful price of German Engineering! God I truly love this Porche!!😃

  23. This video was recorded in spain, road record I would say the road between Marbella and Ronda, Nice curves and sunrise. I recommend this experience, done with targa from the 70s

  24. I will definitely drive this car

  25. singer 911 is better

  26. O__O best convertible EveeeR!!!

  27. What a beautiful car with horrible top. I doubt any one would place an order.

  28. Bad aero dynamics

  29. There is really no other car as perfect as porsche at building sportcars. There are no flaws in the 911 Porsches. Everything is really good, while some other sport cars from notably BMW or Mercedes Benz always have a small flaw which makes the overall car suffer. But Porsche, wow.

  30. Dream car

  31. The 911 has never looked better

  32. don’t love the new interior, but damn it’s sexy on the outside 🙂

  33. thanks so very much…… no coments….. just the Beauty and its sound….

  34. Man… the design team hit this one out of the park! Keeping it close to the 3.2 carrera targa and making it beautiful… Not an easy task. Just Wow! Usually every new car that’s been redesigned, I find a way to nitpick certain things here and there like they should’ve changed this or the lines doesn’t flow with the car etc…  This piece is just perfect! True to the original with modern flares. Would not change a thing.  This coming from a designer. Good job Porsche design team!

  35. the bet review on you tube 10/10!

  36. Excellent vid, watched all the Targa vids now, and this was by far the best mainly because no incessant babble, all sounds and sight, that is all we need.

  37. Needs a 6 speed trans

  38. What a sound !

  39. That coast is the best coast to drive on in the US

  40. fucking sound, just got an erection from listening to the video.   

  41. holy cow!

  42. Give me the same car only with red leather interior.

  43. Absolutely super…basically it looks like a 1960’s version with modern tech advantages.

  44. Such a beautiful car.. why not hardtop though? Soft-top roof looks too cheap. 

  45. German Cars… nobody can mess with us 🙂

  46. Love it! Wish there was a turbo!

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