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Just when it seemed technology couldn’t move any faster, the all-new Audi A4 with Apple CarPlay™ integration is here to speed things up. This intelligent feature allows you to seamlessly access your favorite apps on your smartphone through the A4’s advanced infotainment system.

Some technology can read a heart rate. But with 252 horsepower and a 0-60 time of 5.7 seconds, the all-new Audi A4 is engineered to increase it.

Technology has never been smarter, or more powerful. And with cutting-edge features like Apple CarPlay integration, advanced driver assistance features, and largest available digital instrument cluster, the intelligent, all-new Audi A4 is cementing its place at the pinnacle

The all-new Audi A4 offers driver assistance systems like traffic jam assist which can help take the stress off the driver. See how these driver assistance systems are just some of the ways that the all new A4 is redefining the limits in what technology means in this class.

Redesigned from trunk to headlights, the new lighter and more powerful Audi A4 continues to redefine the luxury sedan.

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  1. Too bad cunts in general cant afford it and some how we men are expected to buy them one? FUCK WOMEN, MGTOW

  2. I like it

  3. The new Q7 looks horrible

  4. lovely looking car

  5. omg…I feel so sorry for all bmw drivers :))))) the burn!!!!

  6. no thanks, I prefer the three pointed star

  7. thtz relly awso.e

  8. Almost all Audi steering wheels are fucking ugly…

  9. price plz

  10. Looks so edgy and boxy. Audi is out of my taste.

  11. implement ours crew opgmk valley particular.

  12. Audi Technology is are the best out there!!

  13. wer kauft dise schrot

  14. so good!

  15. We want an A4 coupe!!

  16. Definitely great car… But there is fucking huge BUT, it is impossible to hide a display. I don’t know why but that’s really bother me

  17. Still 1 thing I disliked from audis : AC vents design, sucks (see merc & lexus)

  18. it’s a Volkswagen underneath

  19. dang thats a nice car

  20. can i get the european model ??? a fucking diesel will be nice or atleast let me pay more and do not force me to have a fucking moon roof

  21. I love Audi’s front grill

  22. a beauty with some beast

  23. Back seats head rest not comfortable..

  24. I love it

  25. dont go near them. problem cars from day 1. buy a kia much better drive & more reliable. my timing chain cam lose & cost me $7000. audi didnt lift a finger cuz it was out of warranty

  26. Change with my 17 years old A4.

  27. such an amazing car
    but sadly even with all this sensors most people suck at driving properly

  28. hello mate !! afraid it looks for me deeply weird job%stable :‑[


  30. Stunning😍

  31. Carve classic bat.

  32. bmw is boooo with audi is speacial

  33. Design is as old as Audi 80, it’s like 25 years now, they only changed front and back light while BMW and Mercedes changed their design many times.

  34. really 720p

  35. audi no1

  36. This car is fuck and I want it ja

  37. What a boring car for old men…

  38. What an ugly ass steering wheel.. I mean why… Nissan maxima can do better in that dept than audi .. It looks so old fashioned with that steering.. Otherwise the car is good with the options

  39. electric car is going to ruin the world of car design

  40. I have the A4 B8 Facelift 2013, but I hope I’ll afford the B9 in the near future, such a great all-round car.
    I like Mercs and BMW’s as well, they all have their strong points, but I think that Audi is offering great quality in all cars, not only luxury models such as A6, A7, A8, Q7, etc.

  41. ok

  42. Such funny comments on here. arguing bout what is faster. bitching and moaning that it’s too expensive. what a bunch of whining Lil girls. and then you have the one’s who TRY to act like they’re mechanic’s and don’t have a clue what they’re talking bout. people amuse me Lmao. .

  43. A4 is most safe car in its segment.

  44. side profile has been looking like this since the 90s

  45. Fortune lesson administer strengthen map

  46. audi ruining the interior day by day.. no leather .. cabin looks empty

  47. Tuyệt

  48. Does the 2017 A4 come with fog lights? I’ve seen pictures of fog lights and pics of cars with no fog lights so I’m confused.

  49. i like audi but this car just looks horrible terrible design

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