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Audi factory

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  1. Why fanuc robots?
    Why not everything KUKA robots ?

  2. why are there so many babes working in these german car factories?! well, I guess I know why, of course… great labor unions and such, so it’s not as terrible as a job there as it is in the US. but still, wow

  3. Its in Belgium !

  4. я хочу работать там

  5. The video looked great but I have a hard time thinking that this is how a Audi actually factory looks. Everything seems a little too good to be true.

  6. Your channel is amazing

  7. я из казахстане как я поиду туда

  8. German perfection

  9. @Audi Factory What brand clear coats do you use on your paintwork?

  10. AUDI 🙂

  11. how to join after compliting automobile engineering in india

  12. can i have 1?

  13. mmm 1:25

  14. vay aq ya

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