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  1. Wiem, że to w Hiszpanii ale trzeba przyznać: jeb…e szkopy potrafią zrobić linie produkcyjną.

  2. Every Audi is petted by a transvestide to give it a little touch of that magic that makes it unique..

  3. nice


  5. I think german people Awesome work

  6. i will get this on my 18 birthday yay

  7. my dad have one audi q3 ambition luxe

  8. Machines making machines…. end of humanity

  9. Its nice to see the robots with clothes on in the paint dept.

  10. Awesome! My favourite SUV +.+

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  12. прикольненько))

  13. I wonder how they program this robot thing for a new model to come.I guess it takes a lot of time for programmers

  14. wow

  15. 6:50 reminded me of Dr Who and the Daleks 🙂

  16. robots make them better, consistent, accurate.

  17. A Skoda Yeti built by SEAT. I rest my case.

  18. super qerman …

  19. ดูแล้ว

  20. Amazing watching these machines do exactly what they are programmed to do PERFECT all day everyday! Then quality assurance checks the machines work with another machine to measure paint, drips and application depth etc. One day machines will be checking on humans activities all day around the world. OOPS, forgot thats what the DRONES are for!

  21. inflated Audi prices for SEAT manufacturing? id rather have a Bocanegra instead 🙂


  23. wow thank you so very much for this.i find car factories fascinating and seeing the new Q3 on the production line is so exciting.

    Thanks again.

  24. Made in "Germany"" my ass. You can see it is the SEAT factory, there is a Seat Exeo in the footage.

  25. this extra awesome

  26. əsl sənət əsəri

  27. What ? How ? VW/audi got the biggest and strongest pillars in the car industry.They made safe cars man,

  28. Hay gran futuro para la robotica, alguien tiene que reparar, mantener y programar tanto robot que ellos hagan las tareas peligrosas y pesadas.

  29. I doubt it’ll pan out quite like that…. by 2050, we’ll have close to 50% world wide unemployment as more and more robots take over more and more jobs currently performed by people. Not gonna enjoy much if you ain’t got any money.

  30. @BThales Hahaha! But really looks like 😀

  31. stoopid hippy

  32. Look at the video again, no sandwiched material on the back,horizontal front, or the.A pillar. A pillar has 1 thick piece with the outside perfunctory skin….nothing more.

  33. excelente auto

  34. Amazing factory

  35. Interesting video

  36. Is nice to see a SEAT car on the line…At 11:00

  37. 4 weeks and i will have a orange one. 

  38. Impressive! Audi robots are almost human (smoking at work).

  39. German engineering industry the number 1

  40. Audi dealers hate being reminded that SEAT makes it!

  41. Smart robots !!

  42. Prediction: In the future, robots will do our work for us. Everyone simply buys or leases their own robot, and the robot generates the income for its owner. You would just have to pay for the robot and cost of maintenance.

  43. Thats called LIFE! Where I was working the staff was reduced by 80% because of robotics and technology. Get a new job field (technology)

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