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  1. it’s not good test because the price of cars is not the same .. So it’s sux kinda

    now if you compare new honda accord with audi a3 for the same price
    audi will lost with honda in crash test .. Why ? Because a3 is smaller .. Honda accord is simillar to audi a4 but unfortunatly a4 cost 2 times more than accord
    So for me Audi is loosers car ..
    audi a3 is the same as honda civic when comparing size
    but civic is cheaper !! So audi is one of the wort producetion car ever

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  3. Deshalb fahre ich keine kleinstwagen…

  4. is adac something about commercial for wv?
    because basically this is not a test…
    you are just ridiculous!!!

  5. Any faster and there would have been a decapitation…

  6. Test idiota, allora proviamo l’Audi A1 contro il Fiat Freemont . . .

  7. Better not to buy a car as it is no1 killer

  8. How can we listen and watch this video in english.??

  9. For those of you who do not speak German, allow me to translate:

    "Big crash. Blue car go boom. Italians weak. Germany strong."

  10. Next russia vs germany

  11. wo bleibt der Test Q7 mit VW up! ADAC fehlt ein Sponsor?

  12. fiat 500 vs audi Q 7 winner

  13. audi is a shit

  14. this video shows nothing, please see video of volvo vs audi, the germans have nothing compared to real engineering and quality.

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  17. Interesting, considered that Q7s are mostly driven by idiots, I guess it’s opportune to not allow their use on public streets. It’s like carry a weapon.

  18. Suggerirei ai geni d’oltralpe di provare la audi q7 contro uno scania r730 con il rimorchio a pieno carico dato che
    anche i tir circolano su strada.

  19. You’d be safer sitting in a roller skate than that Fiat. Damn.

  20. Eh

  21. next test sukhoi vs germofighter typhoon

  22. behold the rules of the EU, this is the exact parody what Germany und mERKELREICH IS DOING TO ITALY, GREECE AND POLAND Time to kill this monster

  23. Fiat 500. Probably the worst car ever imported to North America. One rarely sees one on the road. The dealer in our city closed his doors due to lack of sales.

  24. Thank you so much for this video. I was strongly considering buying this car or a similar smaller car due to budget and the fact that I feel more comfortable handling smaller cars. This video confirmed my fears.

  25. now test  superman vs chapulin

  26. made in Italy?wow wow wow.

  27. good that im rich and don’t have to care for my health…bad for the poor ones but these lives are usually anyway easy to get replaced

  28. In a few words, ADAC wanted to show just how safe are small cars and how safe are large cars. Specifically, when the 500 and Q7 were put to the test, the spokesman and mr.Ambos said that the Q7’s crash structure penetrated the 500’s passenger cell (”die Fahrgastzelle”) and shove all of the 500’s available legroom (”Fußraum”), leading to the driver’s deadly injury! And the 500’s passenger cell and knee-airbag weren’t able to handle this much speed and fury (56km/h or ”sechs-und-fünfzig km/h”! They also said that the forces the 500 received are more like 80km/h or ”achtzig km/h!”).
    So the 500’s 5-star safety rating (”fünf Sterne!”) is simply a marketing trick!

    Also, mr.Ambos said that there should be a specific height (”height homogenization” he said) to which crash structures should be designed for all cars. Not being up to each car’s height just how safe they will be!

  29. Scheiß SUVs! Kein Schwanz braucht so ne Scheiße und eine Gefahr für die Allgemeinheit sind sie auch! …

  30. Next test, smart vs Scania truck

  31. The Fiat died but it put up a fight!

  32. Up next – Audi Q7 vs Cyclist

  33. To me the test is not to show that the Audi is stronger but rather to weigh the strength of the Fiat which to me did pretty well the A1 Audi may also not do any better when it crushes the Fiat Freemont

  34. love it

  35. XC90 performed waaaaaay better against Golf than Q7 on a little F500 …

  36. He was granted this comparison.. But if a Merkava tank collides with the Audi Q7 what happens,However SUVs in the city, between traffic, parking and pollution are a plague!

  37. I never think about car safety when I buy a car. I buy the car I like and then hope it is safe as well.

  38. Ich kann beatbox spielen

  39. this video is not about which of those two car’s stronger or safer. it’s about how to build the front of a car in general to increase the safety for all parties involved. so that there will be less fatalities even in crashes between big SUVs and small cars. they took the q7 and the 500 as an example, since both are on a high safety level in their respective class. if you don’t speak german you will not get it.

  40. già che ci siete perché non testavate la 5oo con un autoarticolato…. assurdo

  41. il prossimo facciamo Iveco vs vw fox

  42. good to know your face will burst the airbag in a fiat

  43. my dad q7

  44. Next test, Audi Q7 vs skateboard

  45. Video starts at 1:09
    You’re welcome!

  46. Up next; Audi Q7 vs Leopard 2

  47. Next try to test a bulldozer with a cart stupid Germans..

  48. 😣😰😱😵😨😢😈😄😃☺😈👑👑👒💲💲💲💲🐱🏠❇💔💔💖💀💪

  49. Toy car vs big car

  50. Well, good thing I know German!

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