✪ Porsche 911 as a daily driver? How practical is it? ✪

Is it practical to daily drive a Porsche 911 (997 / 997.2 / Carrera)? It actually has pretty good storage capacity. Check out this quick review and previous Episodes:
Car how to videos: https://youtu.be/jeeGUvRnu-0?list=PLy0d3ZMZ3zE5qo6elH7P8duHN70kNnoTw
Porsche 911 Buyer’s Guide Series: https://youtu.be/BoSFn-fpD_U?list=PLy0d3ZMZ3zE72ecZG7srBJNwluM_e8Wps
Car Tips & Product Reviews: https://youtu.be/04vYqJ2vbLE?list=PLy0d3ZMZ3zE50AI9SJZOPlvF32qwngip6

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  1. It’s my all time favourite sports car, it’s far more practical than the other sports/supercars…

  2. Fantastic car…….

  3. Word of advice if loading the back seats with a hard bodied item leave the seats up and secure wit the seat belt. good enough to stop a passenger flying forward good enough for a case, tv, pc etc.

  4. wow, i think it has more storage space than a clownshoe.

  5. EVERY 911 is a great daily driver, and the newer the better. My 79 911SC was my daily for 12 years, year-round, snow, multi-week road trips, track and autocross, the 911 does it all. The early 911’s you had to think to pack but the 997 & 991 have huge deep storage – and of course the very useful space behind the seats. No not for people (though it can be done) but the space behind the seat is perfect for a small soft-shell cooler for drinks on long road trips. The 991 is the super car that does it all!

  6. Nice short, yet practical vid. Thanks.

  7. I get groceries in my 997.2 GTS all the time, way more storage than you would ever think

  8. Hey I was just curious how you can afford this car due to your young age. Not taking credit away from you in just curious since I am around the same age as well.

  9. wow that’s incredible! never would have thought a 911 would hold all that.

  10. Great car. Your videos about 911 are really helpful. Is there any change you can fit 1 or 2 28" baggage in? What about a road bike?

  11. Great Video!

    We already own a 2017 Macan and are now in the mkt for a 911 (997.1 or .2). Your video has finally shown just what could do if we purchased one!

    Keep up the videos!

    PS. Thanks for your service….retired USAF guy here.

  12. Music?

  13. It will be awesome if you do a video regarding rear seating for adults. There are none on YouTube. There are a few videos with children.

  14. Great utility!

  15. What’s the head room in the rear? I’m wondering what’s the maximum height for someone to seat back there. Tks.

  16. I noticed you have a nice lawn. And you’re using the same background music as the Lawn Care Nut. Nice 911!

  17. Has anyone ever done a study on how luggage in the front trunk affects the car’s driving performance?

  18. Excellent video

  19. More space there than in my Mercedes. I must remember that….

  20. what song is this..?

  21. I’ll admit that it fits luggage much better than it does people in the back seats, I still love my 997.2

  22. Do you think a 911 works as your only car?

  23. i

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