0-300 km/h Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 (Motorsport)

Accélération de 0 à 300 km/h à bord de la 911 la plus extrême de tous les temps : la GT3 RS 4.0.
Essai complet à retrouver début septembre dans le magazine Motorsport.

Moteur : flat six atmo
Cylindrée : 3996 cm3
Puissance : 500 ch
Couple : 46,9 mkg
Prix : 180 514 euros


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    Some clean acceleration

  2. Same car with PDK would blow this one away.

  3. Interesting, the clutch seems slip a bit off the line but it engaged too soon. If it engage later, it’ll have an effect similar to stall converter.

  4. The Honda Jezz from my mother is faster

  5. I go on this video at least once a week to listen to what a TRUE sports car is supposed to sound like. None of that garbage mustang and camaro bullshit. Porsche forever!

  6. pwaaah pwaaaah pwaaaaah ; I hear my father saying: " Listen son, THIS is music "

  7. Porsche is one car you MUST hear in person, from the CABIN! I was never a fan of the 991 sound that much, then I drove a base model Carrera 2 manual trans, oh my god fell in love on the first acceleration. Not only the sound, the feeling of the engine pushing you is insane as well. People will shit talk 911’s all day, but once people drive one, they fall in love. If you don’t fall in love, you’re just an unsophisticated simpleton. I love Corvette Z06’s and Vipers and Mustang GT’s, but a 911 is something special. Probably one of the purest and most important cars in the world. I would put it on the same list as a Model T, just a life-changing vehicle. Cannot imagine what a 997.2 GT3 RS 4.0 is like to drive… one day.

  8. Dual clutch is faster than manual, but this gear change is what enthusiasts are craving about! At the end of the day, not everybody is chasing time on track!

  9. I don’t really like Porsche’s but damn this engine SCREAMS.

  10. Guy has some balls to drive without traction system.

  11. Je trouve le passage de vitesse un peu longt comparé a une boite a vitesse de chez audi …

  12. Fuck they sound amazing.

  13. 0:26 OMG!!!!

  14. its on a chassis dyno sim,lol

  15. Music to my ears, just beautiful 🙂

  16. y como se si llego a 300. filmando un tablero,¿?

  17. Gotta love that sound

  18. lol sounds like a ZR1

  19. 0-200KM 12 SEC

  20. The best production engine ever produced….period.

  21. i just read that the new 991 gt3  rs will have the same engine
    my god it will be a beast

  22. A special sound
    Naturally aspirated

  23. That sound, dear god. The Porsche engines has one of the best sounds of six cyl.

  24. That like on all cars, that is an "indicated" speed. Use a GPS on a level straight road at constant speed to obtain your "true" speed.

  25. Brutal

  26. sounds like a beast!!

  27. expected more from it, comparing to m5 I thought rs 4.0 would be quicker

  28. My dream…

  29. sound id same Aventador

  30. 34 seconds. That’s very respectable for a car with just 457rwhp.

  31. 2 full seconds faster than the normal GT3

  32. Old video, amazing piece of a car. 0-100 3.9, 0-200 11.4, 0-300 33.5

  33. Orgasmique

  34. Best sound ever more then the lamboghini Aventador

  35. my daily makes this acceleration look like camry.

  36. Was this video sped up 2x ? Because I saw the time in the car is 18:15 from the beginning of the video,but in the end of the video it is 18:17 . But the video is roughly 1 min long! And 2 min difference? Hmm.. Paused,then recorded again?

  37. sounds like aventador

  38. how can anyone possibly dislike this video

  39. wow too expensive my Honda beats it when vtec kicks in

  40. Shit sounds 10x better then a gtr . Gtr sound just like a 350z with turbos

  41. gosto muito em amo 🚗❤

  42. 0-100 3,7sec

  43. It’s an extinct specie this……God I mis natural aspiration and manual gearboxes

  44. 299!! Not 300

  45. I love manual gear box.


  47. bmw straight six sounds better than this? Are you fucking crazy?? I get being a bmw fan but fuck this is really pushing it

  48. That flat 6 sound is just orgasmic

  49. OMG!!! That fucking sound !!

  50. Holy 3rd to 6th gear… beautiful

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