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  1. Lets just say , Porsche is the best , the 911 is JUST the best car ever build , they can drive on Any surface! And do you guys have ever Seen a Lamborghini or something winning a rally?


  3. Perfect car !!!

  4. wow

  5. this is ugly !

  6. 0-100 3초
    0-300 20초

  7. That sound on 0-100 💓💓💓💓

  8. you must be crazy in your mind to drive any porsche its shit like any other sports car

  9. 911 turbo s didn’t sound good as GT3 or caymans Due to low rpm 
    Cayman s have 8000 rpm and GT3 top rpm is 9000rpm

  10. the Porsche speed meter is not correct at all, in the GPS its showing from 0-300 in 30-31S , if you count in the speed meter its showing 0-300 in 24-25S more then 5S diffrent between GPS and Porsche Speed Meter 🙂

  11. 0-200mph in 36 seconds! Better than a lambo tbh

  12. I will call it the ‘car’ killer

  13. Extrem

  14. Have one in garage awesome car!

  15. F…my bank give me no credit :- (

  16. 100 km/h》3"8

  17. if it wasn’t electronically limited(i think it is), i’m sure it would make it to 350 km/h

  18. and 300km/h》40"7

  19. gsa

  20. 7th gear 360km/h 100% 🙂

  21. not good to rev engine on cold start douchebag

  22. 國產004

  23. 외국인들 머라는거야 하나도 못알

  24. sick

  25. 0p0pp00

  26. valen verga pinches porsches

  27. But very expensiv. 🙁


  29. they need to give this more hp coz the competition is crazy with the 488 and 675lt

  30. Looks like it’s electronically limited. It accelerates pretty rapidly until it seems to hit a wall at 333

  31. 90% in here are german people that try to speak english but everybody messes up the grammar xD

  32. Tacho fehler

  33. what a car

  34. Turbo, Carrera S or GT3?

  35. hey man ! dont going faster then your guardangel ..

  36. I still want a Cayman. Any Cayman will do. They Caymanreally is the dreamcar for me with it’s traditional manual gearbox and in its simplicity. The 911 is insane, but the Cayman is just perfect for having fun and driving. I love cars like that and if I get a normal job and make an average amoutn of money I can afford one in some years..i should be..

  37. 6 Speed clutch ?

  38. 350 miles per hour wow

  39. On a good surface it does 0-60 in 2.6 INSANE

  40. I dont think so the max speed is 333 km/ h looks like is electronic lockt

  41. br?

  42. Horrible brakes

  43. what your name

  44. Für 4 Räder wirklich nicht übel, aber bis 300 zieht es sich doch ganz schön 😐

  45. I have a Koenigsegg Agera R runs much more that does not impress

  46. nice video dude…

  47. 國產99

  48. BMW s1000rr da PAL nesse porshe brincando

  49. 911 Turbo rules

  50. The stock Turbo S beat the stock Aventador LP700-4 in a drag race! If you don’t believe me, look it up on youtube.

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