1200hp Porsche Destroys a Pack of Motorcycles

Watch the Black Horse Racing 1200hp twin turbo Porsche absolutely annihilate a group of motorcycles.
I bet these guys were shocked to see a Porsche pull that hard on them!
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  1. 1200 horsepower porche with 12$ potato camera

  2. fake title

  3. Looks like a bunch of 300s

  4. 12 grand bikes 250 grand car how is this a race?

  5. badass car

  6. I LOVE THIS 😃

  7. Some people prefer 4 wheels and something solid around them. Some people prefer 2 wheels and to straddle an engine like it’s a horse. Why does everyone here have to argue like stupid little children?

  8. Pretty cool that the bikes keep trying even though they’re getting demolished repeatedly.

  9. Man that thing would make my R6 look like it was standing still!! Incredible… Start modding them bikes please! Lol.

  10. He smoked a Hayabusa and I think an s1000rr!

  11. ghost riders busa would rape that porsche

  12. try that porshe against my 625 hp turbo with nitrous hayabusa and I will make you regret how much you have spent on that car..sick of these car vs bikes crap..there is nothing on the street that will run with a big turbo bike..and can do it for a ton less money..

  13. Lol. Toying with them. I love it.

  14. Youré an IDIOT! ever thought about all the others who use this roads???? Hope you crash (not die) so you learn your lesson, stupid person!😡😡😡😡

  15. Thanks so much for posting, I hate bikers

  16. laughing I’d say someone hit warp speed

  17. How much boost were you running? That surge sounds like pure sex.

  18. Typical "scooter trash"!! Glad to seen them blown away! Thanks for the video, I have watched it over and over laughing so hard I fell out of chair, literally!!

  19. i will wait for the video when he gets stamp himself into the wall with the bike up his ass hahahaha

  20. Woooow

  21. That’s quite a rollin’ start you had there.

  22. WOW! Thanks for the great video..Smokin those guys again and again. Answers the question of car vs. bike. Enough hp’s and eventually you have cleared every bike/mod in the world. Next would be vs. jet planes?

  23. That was awesome


  25. Every last one of you big wheelers and the car driver are assholes—putting others in danger—racing on the freeway—-how would you feel if you made a family crash because of your stupidity….

  26. Porsche 956 6.11. Mc maybe 8 mins…lmao

  27. great video…thanks x

  28. To all you idiots in awe about the speed, well what the fuck do you expect? From a 1500 horse power engine, how old are you lot 5

  29. 3 Years worth of gas wasted in the first 3 seconds of acceleration

  30. I used to race a busa and its hard to believe a 1200 hp car can out run one that bad.
    but just goes to show people can build some wild cars these days.

  31. hardly surprising… that thing’s packing more ponies than a battle of Britain spitfire.
    and there’s only so much room in a "slo ‘busa’s" frame to pack motor in and keep it ridable.
    off the line and up to about 60mph the bikes will eat the porche. after that the cubes in the car catch up. that’s the way it is.
    you’ve got 1 to 1.3 l motors trying to stay with what would amount to a decent aero engine. Nuff said

  32. My Kawasaki KLR 650 could lick that Porsche… on the dirt.

  33. Yea go fast then next minute you hear those sirens and say fuck im an idiot while your porshe sits idle for 6-12 months

  34. a 6 digit car pulled on some 6-10 thousand dollar bikes, wow im astonished

  35. why porsche so slow god?

  36. Congrats, you did this on a public road where, if something had gone wrong, an innocent person (or family) could have lost their lives out of no fault of their own. But, boy oh boy, you sure showed those bikers. Cancerous fuckstick.

  37. ah how adorable watching those crotch rockets trying to keep up with an actual vehicle, not that anyone expected anything different

  38. really not at all sure what you are attempting to show? the porsche cost how much? pretty pointless video really.

  39. 1 that car is badd ass 2 . lets see a decent rider on a 1000s bike then watch the crying. not to give anything away from that car its a beast i just HAVE seen with my own two eyes on multiples occasions zx14r turbo busa. zx12 s whooping on Gtr’S 1000ho supras and new zr1s and Z06s cars win in corners and braking and most are top speed… but EVERYONE has Google do your research dont just watch 1 video and think its holy truth

  40. And then Karma Police destroys your anus

  41. porker must of hit 170 ish there easily with plenty more towards 220mph+ ?

  42. That is a fast car!

  43. whoaaaaaaa

  44. Brian and Dom vs Johnny tran and the Wolfpack 😂😂😂

  45. And there is 1400bhp version. No way a MC beats this on track. Hell, topp 100 times on Nordschlefe is cars. No MC will ever get close. Nuff Said. Stupid discussion…..

  46. Nice car, i have standard 3.6 996 C4 cab and a gen 2 hayabusa, my Porsche has no chance, but this heavily modded 996 turbo is a beast, respect! !! spend 10K on a Busa add a turbo, and that 1200Hp porsche wont catch a 400hp Busa, swings and roundabouts, great video, remember all them bikes and that awesome car are fast!!!

  47. Those bikes come with a reverse gear?? Buwhahahaha!!!!!

  48. Nice to see hahahahaha

  49. Just imagine what one huge log dropped onto the road would do to all those bikers.

  50. and a tesla could eat that Porsche I’m guessing

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