17 Year Old Driver Flips BMW

Driver loses traction going downhill, over corrects, rides the berm a ways before flipping his car. The BMW 2002 was a project car he restored with his father. Driver was uninjured. Video was posted previously on Facebook but unlisted on Youtube.

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  1. poor bmw. I don’t even like bmw but these classic ones are nice.

  2. i feel terrible for the kid and i feel terrible for the car

  3. age for Drive licence USA : the video

  4. Daddy’s not gonna be happy.

  5. Breaks my heart. And if he was my son I would break his face. And his collegefund.

  6. Never step over a chain. what a learner.

  7. Badly fitted exhaust that touches the heat shield and new anti roll bars, that didn’t work.

  8. poor kid he was so devastated

  9. couldn’t the tow truck drag it onto the already damaged side?? that’s still fixable, no need to create more damage..!?

  10. Such a shame…

  11. ohhhh …das arme Autole

  12. spoiled rich kid .

  13. it hurts to see such a beautiful car on the roof… and what the towtruck guy did to it hurts more… hope they atleast try to restore it again

  14. honestly it looks like the damage isnt THAT bad.. its not totalled, definitely held itself together. gonna cost a lot to fix it though.. 1:49, i cant stop laughing XD

  15. why

  16. had a tow truck drive pick up a ninja with a chain wrapped a tank- bike had just fallen over in parking lot till tow driver totalled bike being a prick

  17. You can’t race your dads BMW Jessie! He’s got 100 grand under that hood.

  18. those guy trying to drift using 195 tires lol

  19. Kids!!!!

  20. Hasič poničil ještě dobrou stranu, má mozek ?

  21. The flip back hurt me so bad

  22. When you can clearly see fuel pissing out the back of an over-turned vehicle … MOVE AWAY.

  23. this guy was hitting those sick drifts straight pipe and all

  24. Dam feel bad for the young man

  25. fuck him for hurting the poor 2002.

  26. if I ever crash. i love wish it be here at mulhollands hill. so many kind ppl. willing to help. bikers are cool.

  27. wow nice car to bad for him

  28. Who the heck gives this classic to a child!!

  29. They had trouble putting it back onto its wheels, must of been the anti roll bars hahahaha

  30. What a shame! Such a beautiful car.

  31. should have flipped the car back over with all those people

  32. to young to be driving a bmw i know its an old one but still

  33. Yeh flip it over spark fuel bang , your clever dir

  34. im amazed how the cabin doesnt crush wow those germans know how to do

  35. aww soo sad to see a classic bmw crash but its ok where humans after all
    is that a BMW 2000? anybody knows?

  36. Stupid BMW people…

  37. This is not Hollywood…. Cars don’t explode.

  38. I would be so scared to tell my father about it…

  39. I actually feel really bad for him. I worked my ass off and put a lot of time and money into my car at around that age.
    With the condition of that classic BMW I bet a lot of time was put into it to get it in that shape.
    I would be so heartbroken.
    and everyone makes driving mistakes sometimes. Fuck all the wannabe race driver experts saying the kid deserves it or shouldn’t have been driving. Shit happens.

  40. At least the tow truck driver was smart enough to make sure the car was in gear or had the brake on so it wouldn’t roll off the road after it was righted.

  41. speed kills…despite being fun to do

  42. how useless a rescue / tow truck company???? They should be fuckin ashamed…


  44. Let me guess. the nigga took a sharp corner too fast and flipped the car.

  45. they just had to roll it over on the one side that wasnt damaged

  46. and this is why kids with no experience in racing should ever be driving likie he was

  47. Fail @ 1:14

  48. Respect

  49. RIP old bmw 😰

  50. Oh NO! That poor 70’s ’02 model! that is why you learn on an beater and not an classic car. And the drift very well!

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