1925 Doble E-20 Steam Car – Jay Leno’s Garage

1925 Doble E-20 Steam Car. Jay takes you for a ride in the greatest steam car ever built, once owned by Howard Hughes who took it up to 132.5 mph in 1925!
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1925 Doble E-20 Steam Car – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage

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  1. Thanks Mr Leno for persevering this treasure and sharing it with us. Fascinating information!

  2. If I ever get to California I’m gonna steal your steam car! I love it!

  3. Amazing car! Thanks for Sharing Jay.

  4. A great respect for the old engineers

  5. I understood how this worked better than any other car 😂

  6. Skids?

  7. Song name (Don’t even think about it)

  8. the tstat. is like Gabriel and Vietnam, same.

  9. When the Engine BLOWS on this baby, there ain’t NO survivors for a 100 Foot Radius.

  10. well… at least it is ecological car

  11. had me save the forestaol and oz, dad did.  he was not a pig put you back together.  Lucifer says he is us. so goes by what I say.  which is very bad.

  12. mom was pandoran, with her attached.  then now half mac, a slow agonizing death, done by Lucifer,not dad, as dads secret was king of the hill

  13. Jay, you and your crew should reinvent the steam engine. I mean, there is the radial/rotary steam engine, but, one that uses electricity to instantly heat the water, instead of using fuel to make steam.

  14. fantastic vehecile jay leno tanks for that søren bo madsen from denmark i watch all the videos lot of fun

  15. What a car……love it want one

  16. I used to be jealous of you Mr Leno, but I truly believe that you are sincere about your role as the custodian of these cars and I thank you for sharing your time and collection with us. You seem to understand that you will simply pass these cars on one day, and you are merely sharing your blessings with us.
    cars guys are a strange lot, we have a fondness for things gone by, and of all things mechanical.
    I own cars that most people just ‘don’t get’, but it doesn’t matter, they make me happy, and that’s really all its about.
    thanks again, we car nuts love this stuff.

  17. You can really tell George or Jorge just freakin HATES your guts. Just sayin’.

  18. does it have a reverse gear without a transmission?

  19. wow amazing machine!

  20. Imagine what could have been done with steam with another 90 years of development. Or am I missing something?

  21. Howard Hughes once said, "I’ve driven them all, and I prefer the Doble." While the handwriting may have been on the wall for steam in 1925, it still had it’s fans. The proximate cause of Doble’s demise, like so many other luxury brands of the 1920s was the 1929 stock market crash, and subsequent depression.

  22. Must be nice to have his money !!! I wonder what the Insurance costs per year

  23. Cool video – never knew they had steam cars that were so refined and easy to drive.

  24. Okay, now we’re just getting out of hand

  25. I know about steam locomotives, but never understood a steam car. I was especially surprised that the Stanley Steamer had to pull over to let the steam build up. Great video as always. Thanks!

  26. This might be one of the most VALUABLE cars that Jay owns; can’t be more than a handful of these left in the World. Who would have the patience to RESTORE it except for Jay and his "team"?

  27. from steam cars to teslas. crazy to see different torque monsters

  28. I know steam but I didn’t know this car yet. What a great video, love the technique. You did a great job on this car.


  30. This is very powerful car and well engineered. I just think these steam cars are awesome.

  31. So much knowledge about cars It Blows Me Away j .. thanks buddy awesome car

  32. Jay Leno is a time traveler!

  33. Jay should have hosted the American version of top gear, terrific guy

  34. I think we all believe you Jay. You are great custodian. That’s never lost on most of us I’d think. Thank you.

  35. Jay, you have the coolest hobby ever, and you’re doing a great service by maintaining the knowledge and functionality of this older tech. It makes me wonder what a team of modern-day engineers could do with steam power?
    Also, Jay, if you run distilled water in the car, it will virtually eliminate any scale from ever forming in the tubes. But I’m sure you already know that. 😉

  36. dad the coupe deville grabbed all mys tuff

  37. that’s amazing thank you

  38. I love this video! A great piece of engineering and Jay did a great job.

  39. $25,000 in 1925 when Ford sold cars for $250

    I wonder if a steam powered vehicle would cost 100x the base car models today?

  40. much hotter than 451

  41. I’m been watching all these steam car videos over and over ……. just love it!

  42. 13 screws.  dad I think was killed by him due to the screws right there.  he would want it that way Jay.

  43. please dont stop with the cars praise god for you

  44. great stuff mr Leno. Really amazing, never knew that steamcars like this ever existed.

  45. A Tortoise can pass a seventies Camero,

  46. Imagine trying to get your wife/girlfriend to the hospital when she’s having a baby

  47. I know he joked about using Evian, but wouldn’t distilled water be preferable since there aren’t any minerals that would build up over time? Or am I missing something about the process?

  48. AMAZING.. i would sell my soul just to study that unicorn..
    i love mechanics..
    and yeah..the idea of technology and steam combined would result in massive power thats way more friendly to environment.
    just too bad the greedy oil companys buy all the good sollutions and lock away the blueprints.

  49. I’d be interested to see how much fuel it used – seeing as it was burning all of the fuel and trying to keep the heat, how efficient was it compared to an internal combustion engine?

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