1963 Chrysler Turbine: Ultimate Edition – Jay Leno’s Garage

1963 Chrysler Turbine: Ultimate Edition. It’s the amazing car Jay’s lusted after since he was 14 years old, and today’s episode is packed with all kinds of amazing footage! We’ve got a book review, a road test, and Chrysler’s original promotional video.
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1963 Chrysler Turbine: Ultimate Edition – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage

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  1. Body style is very similar to the 63 tbird.

  2. Who knew? So cool! Great story!

  3. why is this not in a racing game?

  4. which fuel does Jay use in the turbine? awesome car, Chrysler really was THE engineering company.

  5. I remember seeing the Turbine car on tour! My dad (General Electric jet engine designer) applied to be one of the test drivers. What an amazing attempt to bring modern engineering to the public!

  6. chrysler still destroys perfectly good cars. they just destroyed 103 vipers a few years back and was supposed to destroy the gas monkey garage hellcats

  7. Was ten yrs old when my uncle got one of these at his Chrysler dealership, loved riding in this car.

  8. sounds like a vacuum cleaner

  9. Fantastic! Did the Chrysler Turbine car do any endurance racing? Depending on its reliability, and the effectiveness of its turbine braking, it could have been a sure winner at Le Mans.

  10. I remember a big truck in the 50s that had a turbine engine in it

  11. 25 cents was about $2.00 a gallon today.

  12. Elwood Engel was in charge of the design of this car. He had moved to Chrysler from the Ford Motor Company where he had worked on the Thunderbird. That’s why the Turbine car and the Thunderbird look so similar.

  13. they did a good job, knowing the mess it is to manage a turbine engine, say, on a helicopter, yeah watching the temp and the RPMs,; fuel and all is already a whole job. but they designed that engine to be tough AF. and if it’s fuel-efficient, why the hell not!

  14. Will the five stroke engine go straight into a museum I wonder?

  15. The front looks like a 1963 Dodge Dart

  16. That’s the worst promo ad by Chrysler ever. First they compare the engine to a windmill. Then they give you a long science lecture. Just say: CHRYSLER GIVES YOU A JET ON WHEELS!., or the old standby: THIS CAR WILL GET YOU WOMEN!

  17. i would drive this daily if i had the money.

  18. Didn’t Rover in the UK have a turbine car in 1960?

  19. Like Jay this car captured my imagination as a young teen when America could accomplish anything.

  20. the front of the car looks a lot like my 65 rambler.

  21. It would be fun and interesting to put this car on a chassis dyno and find out how much power is at the rear wheels.

  22. In 1964 I was with my Dad at North Star Chrysler & Plymouth in LA when we was buying a Plymouth Fury. He was always a Plymouth buyer. They had the Turbine Car there demonstrating it. I was lucky to be able to ride in the car as my Dad was doing the paper work on his car. This dealership was in downtown LA so the ride was on surface streets. I do remember the man from Chrysler telling me the car had the equivalent of 130 horsepower but it felt like a V-8 powering it at 200 horsepower. When I asked him what the cost was, he chuckled and said it was not for sale and he thought the cost was about $50,000 in 1964 dollars. It was a neat ride and when I found out it would burn just about anything, I thought for sure it would be a hot seller. Jay was fortunate to be able to get this and in great running condition. Chrysler was innovative just like the Chrysler Air Flow 30 years earlier.

  23. I   myself   seen one of these cars that they brough  up to   Quebec City                   Chrysler   dealer              Universal  Auto     I would of been about  16 then in 1963  or   1964  abouts   ,,,,   they   started up the engine in the    showroom   we where a small crowd in there  to hear this car    they did not drive it……..    This   turbine engine is a bit the same principle as most   helicopter engines   that is  a   turbo   compressor unit that generates the hot moving  gasses that then  go on to power the   power turbine part of the engine   these are totally on  different shafts    and   offer some safety especially on a  helicopter  where if the power turbine  gets  overloaded and slows down a bit  the turbo   compressor itself  hopefully remains at top speed   and keeps  supplying  maximum gasses to the power   turbine…….   In   this car   the  power   turbine could  provide torque even at stand still  so  it was linked to the 3 speed Torqueflite  via a   special  reduction gearbox   with a   output   rpm  similar to a normal   piston  engine   no  clutch  no   torque  converter    needed

  24. very cool ride…

  25. 8:16 is that Tommy Ivo’s twin engine drag car

  26. Absolutely fascinating show…..go get the book. Everything Detroit auto industry starts with these great old stories. I live 20 miles from the plant on Greenfield, and didn’t know that!

  27. I’m eleven and I know about this

  28. Hi Jay!

    We are holding our 61st annual car show in July. Its the longest running concours in the country. This year we are featuring Jaguar and Chrysler. Would you like to show this incredible car?

  29. Excellent review of a very fascinating car.

  30. .

  31. Sounds like Zelmer vacuum cleaner 🙂

  32. Why is the turbine the best engine for casual driving? Because you can always take one for a spin.

  33. This car definitely had a certain aura about it when introduced and then became somewhat mysterious as they disappeared. Great video and am thankful to have a chance to see it run and hear some of the technical details and backstory behind it. As a 12 year old car nut I was fascinated by news back then about this turbine car Chrysler was then developing. Then one day while riding my bike near my home in Ontario, Ca suddenly there one was driving by me and I was totally transfixed by the sight of it. May as well been Elvis passing by or a comet streaking overhead; very memorable moment. Regrettable that only a couple still exist but great that Jay has one of them and shared this video.

  34. *blink. Blink. Blink blink*

  35. Absolutely amazing! I think I had a model of the car when I was a kid.

  36. So it’s like the rover brm, gas turbine.

  37. respect for jay leno and his collection

  38. Will you ever put it on a dyno?
    I’d love to see the power curve.

  39. its very old project…i wonder why nobody tried it again in this time ? people go bilions and bilions stacked up for nothing….why are people so greedy and selfish ? u can have all the riches u want and you will still end up dead….so why not spend ur riches on cool projects like this and try to advance in technology ? That is what life should be about….

  40. Turbine

    It’s almost like people have accents and pronounce words differently.

  41. Smashing..brilliant love Yank Autos like this saloon

  42. Love to have this car. America first to develop turbine car? What about the British Rover turbine car of 1950? Where Chrysler scored was in getting the turbine into production – good on them! Rover abandoned the road version early on and concentrated on the race car version (project ended 1965).

  43. I realize this video is over 4 years old and I heard Jay say he doesn’t want to really "get into it" regarding speed of the vehicle HOWEVER, I really would like to know a few things on this. What about taking this car to a drag strip? NOT for racing at all but for acceleration testing. NOT for burnout but just to floor it when the light turns green and stay on it until the 1/4 mile ends. Also, perhaps late at night when there are no other cars on the highway take it out and find the top end or near top end. While there are currently no replacement parts by Chrysler on the market, Jay is rich enough to have specialist manufacture replacement parts if needed.

    Also, take the car to emissions testing on different fuel sources. Such as would emissions even register if running on vegetable oil or even kerosene?

  44. Good stuff Jay!

  45. my new dream car

  46. Jay, I am living the dream through you. What about the Howmet Turbines that ran at LeMans? Love your videos.
    Ray in PCB, FLA

  47. I have seen this car at work Chrysler proving grounds very cool

  48. Sounds kinda like a vacuum cleaner

  49. Hello Jay , I just Love this car Amazing ……Thank You

  50. Thank you Jay Leno. The most interesting car in the world.

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