1969 Porsche 911 S rally car | INSIDE evo

Richard Meaden gets behind the wheel of RM Auctions’ 1969 Porsche 911 S. One of just six factory-built machines, the ex- works car is a three times Le Mans contestant and winner of the 1969 Acropolis Rally

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  1. Best looking wheels ever on any car

  2. It’s 69′ and that’s exactly what I would do to it.

  3. I’ll be the immature one; ahaha ‘S-ex works’  ‘Sex works’

  4. Class

  5. Love to hear what it sells for. Can you update us when it does?

  6. What a fantastic noise…

  7. Some things are just so visceral that I can’t help realize I’ll live and die without experiencing them first hand. Having said that, being introduced to it while seeing and hearing is worth the heartache.

  8. 270 hp from 2.5 liters wow

  9. I really hope the buyer of the Ferrari prototype engine does something better than use it as a coffe table!!

  10. Well I couldn’t bring myself to sit through another crap 30 second mondo advert so wrote this pissed off message and am going to see a video else where. Fuck you evo.

  11. If only Porsche go rallying in the current 911

  12. It looks and sounds just like it did in the original NFS Porsche game. Nice! 

  13. That thing is a beast. When I hit the lottery it’s mine.

  14. I bet it’s due a £20k engine build. Sod that.

  15. the auction guy’s monotonous voice in almost unbearable

  16. Is that the one that was on Fifth Gear?

  17. They lent it to EVO hoping it would go up in value.Nice video but it ends up feeling like a sales pitch.

  18. wtf…. THIS IS AWESOME

  19. This guy is the one car reviewer that when the video finished I though "he did a genuinely good job conveying what the car feels like". Excellently done video

  20. I’m sure I see this on the m4 near london regularly.

  21. Very cool 911 indeed.  Not worth the near £900,000 that some wally just paid for it though???

  22. Fantastic video, thank you! 🙂

  23. Nothing like an early 911, when tuned right, and set up right ,best cars and most fun. 

  24. That noise…! I just rewatched this video again just to hear it

  25. "911 sexworks"
    i see what they did there

  26. dial 911Sexworks

  27. The auction guy def know all about those cars, but that intonation wasn’t that great. Despite that the whole vid of course was mega!

  28. Two things… More classics at EVO, and please some footage with Dickie own 964 RS!!

  29. Lovely sounding car, looks amazing too! 🙂

  30. Don’t think I will do that with my ’69 S. But nice to see!

  31. omg music to my ears!

  32. Thanks for the nice video. What a lovely, angry, 911 rally car.

  33. Oh my… That flat-six sounds INCREDIBLE!

  34. Sounds spectacular!

  35. i could listen to that auctioneer talk about classics all day. 

  36. This heap of shit made big bucks at auction, some people have more money than brains

  37. that sound!!!

  38. competitioncars from the start of the 70s to mid 80s was absolutely amazing.

  39. Suuuperb video! Where is the other part of Richard?! How come he is soo thin!? Well done! Really.

  40. Paused at 1:01

  41. Is this my favorite Video? Could be!

  42. Just sold for €1.050.000,- Well done!

  43. Why would I ever use that Ferrari engine as a coffee table?

  44. Great!

  45. That soundtrack…
    A beauty

  46. eargasm @ 5:32

  47. Damn, the auction guy looks like Don Henley, of The Eagles.

  48. Sadly, although I love watching the live RM Auctions this particular member of staff appears to be unable to talk in a normal conversational manner. Echoes of Steve McLaren getting it wrong. I much prefer Max Girardo. "All finished, all done".

  49. That engine noise, JESUS. It’s like the cherubs singing.

  50. 037 stradale… someone hand me a towel to clean up my druel

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