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  1. what a car….those hips.

  2. The roof line gets lower and lower over the years.

  3. Get music!!! Who’s this?

  4. hwo does this get past youtubes explicid content system. its practically full blown porn.

  5. the old days had beautiful cars. Now all super cars look like they were designed by aliens.

  6. Ah the 90s. Where cars were about more than just horsepower and the manual transmission was king.  Good times. 

  7. About 20 years old and still looking amazing. Wish we had some interior shots.

  8. No interior shots?

  9. i dont care what anyone says this is simply a ugly car, just because its old does not make it "good" or "great" to many wanna be "hipsters" 

  10. It’d be a lot nicer if it was moving.

  11. My dad had one of those, beautiful car, a bliss to drive, and more affordable than you might think.

  12. May sounds silly but, I watch this on Christmas because this is the most appealing beauty that could satisfy me

  13. That is such a nice 964, my favorite is the last of the air cooled Porsches, just love the 993 turbo with the wide body. Best lookin 911 in my opinion.

  14. Porsche’s models above the standard Carrera typically roll over one additional year during a chassis changeover – the 4, Targa, Turbo, etc.

  15. why no interior, is that not a part of the car?

  16. That’s a very sexy car, this red really suits it well. But why the fake 4S badge ? There never even was a carrera 4S in this generation of 911… Having a fake badge on your car is stupid in itself but that’s even stupider in my opinion…

  17. DROOL. the red with Tan in this beautiful generation wow. Timeless.  Could do with those nice dished rims though from the stinger series:p

  18. 3rd

  19. My vote; sweet spot.  in my garage please.

  20. 2nd…

  21. Those sexy curves. Makes me want to trade in my Boxster S.

  22. 1st

  23. well at least its the same color as my car lol….love those curves

  24. 0:57 that plate says the car is from 2004 and was bought on September 
    and why does it have a different plate on the back of the car

  25. this is like watching censured PORN!!! get that porsche to a race track!

  26. Im enjoying this 

  27. god damn!!! fabulous!!!

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