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  1. Porsche, There is No Substitute…

  2. you know.. my heart wants this car youtube wants me to buy this car because i am the 9,911 viewer of this video

  3. College marketing majors pay attention. Porsche has generated some of the best adverts promos ever.

  4. …best Car in The World

  5. best year for the 993. long live air cooled.

  6. 3:14 So confident in the car, wears full face helmet and racing suit.

  7. 2:15 its former first lady Barbara Bush!

  8. On May 23rd, while bringing my new (to me) 951 home, up the California coast, on Hwy 1:   I heard the voice.

  9. Just sold my 3.2 to get a 993. Porsche are amazing cars.

  10. Fabulous advert….why does Porsche not advertise in the UK?
    The 993 is great, also the latest incarnations of the 911. I currently own a 997 Carrera 4s….it is just stunning!

  11. yes pls, one day

  12. Great car; cheasy music and commercial

  13. I was amazed to find out the body design was penned by an Englishman.

  14. Pro-Life Porsche! 🙂

  15. damn goosebumps! i want a 993 so badly now!

  16. Prompt please as the track which plays 6:28 till 8:48 is called! thanks in advance!!

  17. This is one of the finest promotional videos ever made. Bravo!

  18. Songs by Deep Forest.

  19. 993 the last air cooled. Love all 911 except 991.

  20. I listened, I bought, and I’ll never be the same again. 993 Forever.

  21. I was the little girl with a missing bottom tooth and freckles haha I can’t believe it’s still around.

  22. Lekker karretje!!!

  23. That was sillly.

  24. 993 will always be my favorite, for design, sound, price, and power. I really want to get a Blue, Black, Green, or Yellow. 1997 911 Turbo 4s!!!

  25. 1995 
    i was 5 then

  26. You can get one of these for well under $20,000. A lot of sports cars made back then are not that expensive today. I want one.

  27. Stunning car, and a great description of what the 911 aims to be "not created to be something for everyone, but simply everything to someone". I don’t think it could be summed up any better.

  28. It’s by the group deep forest

  29. 2:19 to 3:03 best part

  30. Song is: Deep Dorest album Deep forest 1993

  31. my dad has a 95 911 Carrera, its so much fun to drive!

  32. most beautiful porsche ever made!!! and very nice and moving clip 😉

  33. Simply the best sport car in the world.Porsche 993 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  34. My dad has a silver 993 😀

  35. thanks for posting.

    FWIW this was used as a PITCH video for #SteinRobaireHelm of Los Angeles. I saw it while I freelanced there as a young junior art director. I believe Porsche did buy this but SRH did not win the business. #agencyofrecord
    i know most was done with STOCK FOOTAGE. #advertising #madmen

    BTW i love my 993 porsche. a car i dreamt of (back then) one day owning. timeless classic #aircooled.#rennlist

  36. this is one of the few things, that can let me be proud to be german (despite not owning a 993 or knowing how to develop one 🙂 ). Not Show-off, but reduced, unfussy, balanced; singular..

  37. the voice of patrick stewart is a true masterpiece! one of the greatest voices ever!

  38. After seeing this I just wanna run out and buy one….great video. Speaks loudly.
    Masterpiece of a car and becoming more of an icon as the years roll by.

  39. something special. golden era

  40. Thumbs up if you thought it was a game.

  41. awesome upload! anyone know the music? cheers &)

  42. @ Reuben Solly I wish you the best of luck in finding a 993 for well under $20k (maybe you give me some leads?). I’ve been looking to acquire a previously owned PORSCHE for a few months and it’s been my experience that you cannot touch a 993 for under $35,000 – IF you can even find one for sale.

    There are a few 996’s out there for a little under twenty and plenty of Boxters for less than $10,000, but the last of the air cooled cars are pretty special and I have feeling their owners know it.

  43. I received a VHS copy of this video when it was new.
    It’s called: ‘Are You Listening’
    One of my favourite videos of all time.

  44. This is as good as it gets, folks. The last of the Air Cooled.

  45. when jean-luc Picard tells you to buy a Porsche there is only one thing to do… make it so.

  46. An incredible Voice for an astounding automobile. Congratulations to all who are fortunate enough to own one. One day, I hope to join your ranks.

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