200 mph Police Car – Police Trial Modified Porsche Panamera

On a freezing December day, a camera team from Performance Direct went to experience what could be the British Polices latest, and most potent, weapon in the fight against speeding: an Oakley designed Porsche Panamera.

Lowered, lightened and modified with carbon fibre, the Porsche Panamera is capable of over 200mph and is rumoured to move from 0-60 in less than 4 seconds!

The super fast Porsche Police Car is the subject of the first Performance Direct Motoring News report, our regular video blog which takes a sidelong look at all thats interesting in motoring. As a modified car insurance specialist, Performance Direct often hears of interesting super cars, high performance bikes and other amazing vehicles. So check back for more amazing motoring news. Or, if you have any motoring news stories you’d like covered, please get in touch.

In the meantime, enjoy the shape of the future: Watch our exclusive video report on the Oakley designed Porsche Panamera Police Super Car!

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  1. Freemason Mobile… Filthy bastards.

  2. omfg that spoiler has nerd engineering right there, but soo cool!

  3. @PDMotoringNews wow….What luck! OK thanks for clearing that up mate. 😀 Hope I didnt give any offence by what I said. But very nice car. Cheers.

  4. @PDMotoringNews No I don’t think I have. Sounds fast.

  5. Yes I’m sure he drove it…not…

  6. Yeah, I got a kick out of that too, plus a few lovely visions ;-{)


  8. 🙂

  9. ILL. SLOW IT DOWN! nice couple of 10.000 tacks from B+Q thrown across the road! 4 flat tires! in a instant! AINT SO FAST NOW!

  10. 1:53 – Gets in Car
    1:57 – Closes door but magically has his seat belt already on


  11. they could of went with the bently contanental its fast & good at doing damage

  12. @anthonyj3d yeah but how many?? especially in essex, fastest car is probably a saxo, no wait make that a nova

  13. I hope this is not real

  14. we don’t wont it in American.

  15. Strange, 2:00 he gets in on the left hand side of the car and the steering wheel is there, and yet police cars are right hand drive by law so how is this?

  16. wondered where my taxes had gone…

  17. I’m not sure why the Panamera? It will be fast on the highway, but any car with similar performance and a shorter wheel base will be able to go faster through the corners. Plus any motor bike will totally kill it through the corners and traffic. Why not spend this money on a 2 door 911 turbo? Or 3 tuned Subarus/Evos/Skylines/Audis/etc.?

  18. @HomeWreckerA1 ofcourse they will put a carbon protective bar in front and on the rear for those kind of manuvers.

    Nearly every cop car today have a carbon bar for pit mauvers and to not get pitted them self

  19. 580 bhp im sure theres cars out there that would leave this one standing

    i.e the 1000-1200 bhp supra’s and skylines

  20. GT-R still wins

  21. Sooo Matt did drive it but the shots taken look like he never got it up of 50 mph. If I’d been driving it, they’d be debating whether or not shooting me off the track was acceptable. Full bore till the tank’s dry matey! Nicking it might be worth a try, but they ARE on an island…bugger!

  22. That Porsche Panamera. I bet a Bugatti Veyron could out run it. A Bugatti Veyron can accelerate to 60 in 2.3 – 2.5 seconds and can reach a top speed of 253mph. Get a police car that can go faster than a Bugatti Veyron and I will be eating those words.

  23. when is the gunnu be used as a police car. wat how has it been since this vid 2 years almost 3

  24. GAY, The feds need to stick to astra diesels.

  25. If I was ever pulled over by a car like this in the UK, I would lecture them about why they’re spending tax-payers money on unnecessary shit like this.

  26. 1:31 the dampings been set to sports bra

  27. @fastman266 – No, no offence. We just love this sort of story at Performance Direct. Have you seen the Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia Carbon Edition? 0-62mph in 3 seconds flat.

  28. @fluffymole0913 An M5 is capable of 200mph if it’s unlimited, as is an RS6. They should just use them for motorway patrols instead of this awful Panamera

  29. Why is it left hand drive if its a UK police car?

  30. 50cc moped, down a path. end of chase….

  31. @fastman266 – Matt Jones not only drove this car during this video shoot, he was pretty excited about it too. We all were excited as it’s an exciting car to be in. It almost feels wrong being able to accelerate so rapidly in something so comfortable – it’s like a rocket powered sofa.

  32. 200mph not quite

  33. These would be good for motorway patrols. Aswell as the Jaguar XF and BMW M5. We can keep the Subaru’s and Mitsubishi’s for sub-urbs and country lane areas. And the Vauxhall Astras would be perfect on the council estates 🙂 Then Range Rovers for specialist units and a Mercedes Sprinter for a team on a raid.

  34. @PDMotoringNews id rather my tax money was spent on multiple police cars which will be more useful than 1 publicity stunt

  35. These comments tell me this is where all the smart people hang out!

  36. are you kidding me, what about all the cut and fired public sector employees, including policemen? with this thing up to 100 grand there could well be 2 people with well-paid job this year…

  37. @UnitedKingdom0000 Yeah and then you’ll say that it’s a waste of tax payers money…

  38. Press 5 for "Wazzap"

  39. then a gumpert apollo ss flys by

  40. Is this the solution to the economic crisis then? Fucking pointless idea and I wonder how many bobbies will have to go to fund this project. I remember officers driving around in Minis and tuned Rover SD1s, not £40,000+ Audis and BMWs, which they replace every 3 years nowadays. This country is run by a bunch of morons.

  41. yeah it’s quick but.. it’s a porsche

  42. recession in uk…… Bullshit, thats where all of our taxes gone to. What the fuck!!!!

  43. A car looking like that would make me not want to break the law, don’t wanna look at that thing!

  44. Shouldn’t they be using rolls royce and not porche?

  45. Why is the steering wheel on the left ??

  46. @Orangebike666 hahaha

  47. 580 bhp im sure theres cars out there with aftermarket part the would be double that bhp and would leave this one standing

  48. i would say this is a wrong choice

  49. if the british police are using this car why is it left hand drive?

  50. Do you know how much even the Light Rolls Royces weigh?

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