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  1. As soon as you can afford one, then you can talk crap about it.

  2. i assume that you don’t own a porsche… many people like to pronounce it porsh, so they don’t sound like a douche-A.

  3. Saabs have the ignition in an "unconventional" location, too. And I agree, if the "keyhole" bothers you enough to be unhappy with such a rightfully highly-renown line of vehicles, you shouldn’t buy one and just get a Chevrolet Aveo or something ridiculously lackluster and zero-frills.

  4. Consumer Reports hates everything that doesn’t have a Toyota/Lexus badge and isn’t painted beige. The Cayenne is a great car, he is only mentioning its drawbacks. 

  5. Shitty review breh

  6. @likeawhispr ummm…..Even the ppl who make Nikon cameras pronounce it as "N-eye-kon"

  7. Looking thru the net, I came across many blogs debating how to say it correctly and defending the ignorant who say Porsh. It’s NOT a nickname/slang, & not comparable to Chevy/Bimmer. Said best on a random blog I came across:
    "Porsche is a family name, and the family members pronounce their surname PORSH-uh, not PORSH! Same for the car. You don’t say NYKE for Nike, so don’t be lazy and leave off the e in Porsche! Porsche’s U.S. TV commercials pronounce the name correctly and so should you."

  8. There are adjustable ride height and comfort settings that he failed to explain and actually complained about it. Go watch any other Porsche(porsh-uh) review and you will receive much better information

  9. Is there anything that Porsche can’t pull off?

    I went duck hunting out in the Dakotas with my friend and his dad’s Cayenne S. We pulled a 18′-0" boat out there, down two-tracks and muddy, rutted dirt roads no problem.

    It’s pretty fast, luxurious, and utilitarian.

  10. why would this guy expect a porsche ignition on the right side?

  11. I want to punch this guy in the face. There are adjustable ride height and comfort settings that he failed to explain and actually complained about it. Go watch any other Porsche(porsh-uh) review and you will receive much better information

  12. ولا اروع. انا مالك 2007 من اجمل السيارات..

  13. fuck i hate this ugly fuck, all he sais is negative crap about a perfect car!!!!!

  14. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  15. This was just a bad review first the ground clearance can be controlled with height adjustable air suspension, and i found it completely ignorant that you thought the rear view camera was "over complicated" because the radio was off, i assume the car was off seeing how i heard no car noise and thats why the nav was off. Everything about this car is beautiful sure it has ups and downs like prices but please next time do some research. Dont be so negative about the car.

  16. you bashed this car, and on the off road challenge you had it on its lowest setting!! you do kno the cayenne offers 3 different suspension settings and it is the best SUV you can possibly buy. it combines pure performance, luxary, the porsche experience and best of all best value in its class.

  17. If you’d kindly read the rest of the posts, you’ll find that this particular engineer doesn’t always know what he’s talking about. In his video to show you how to stop your Toyota when you’ve been an idiot and mashed the accelerator too hard, he says to slam on the brakes when you put it in neutral. NOT SMART. You’ll probably get rear-ended or lock up the brakes if you’re too cheap to get a car with ABS.

  18. @ar9080 In my opinion, anyone who doesn’t know how to pronounce the name of the company has ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS criticizing it. He’s jealous that his Highlander isn’t as nice, or whatever box he drives. He would probably say that JAGWARRRs are outdated and ugly. This guy needs to take a hike outta here.

  19. $1200 for brown faced gauges? Seems legit.

  20. Because it’s a Touareg with a higher-performance engine 🙂

  21. I’m thinking of trading my grand Cherokee for one of these, drop the oil burner 3.0 CRD for the V8

  22. @ar9080 Yeah well, here in the U.S. most people say "Porsh", just like they say N-eye-kon instead of Neekon when talking about the camera. So what? If you wanted to be more intelligent, you’d focus on the FACT that the Cayenne at this level is more flash than substance, and the reviewer was pretty much spot on in everything he mentioned. Unless you’re going for the twin turbo- the Cayenne is a bit lackluster… no matter how you pronounce it.

  23. Meh. Nothing special. I’m sure upkeep costs are very expensive. Something which should be mentioned in reviews.

  24. The ignition-slot on the left is not corky, it’s a long standing tradition with Porsche.

  25. Crap Review

  26. @Armornone yes this is true— but Porsche wants to keep the purists at bay a try to include as many Porsche design cues and elements from their history so the vehicle is immediately recognizable as a Porsche, whether being an suv or not. Look at the Panamera– this is a sedan that’s overall shape is similar to a 911. To most people the 911 is the first image thye conjure up when thinking Porsche.

  27. I love more the first generation of cayenne

  28. As someone who loves Porsches, I almost cried when he complained about the key being on the left. If you know Porsche you know that the key being on the left is a throwback to the Le Mans days. The Le Mans races used to start by having the drivers run to their cars and start them up. With the key on the left the driver could insert the key and put the transmission into gear at the same time, thus saving valuable seconds. Racing pedigree, it is what makes a Porsche a Porsche.

  29. i actually think this is a really good review, im still buying a used one of these despite the negatives

  30. @SukhdevZomer
    yes you’re right , Porsche tradition and philosophy is that the driver can drive faster and get going if he uses his left hand to put the key in the ignition and the right hand to shift, the guy on the video doesn’t know anything about Porsche and you’re reviewing Porsche !!!???

  31. your better off with a hyundai veracruz

  32. a perfect car for you asshole.. they are engineers, so they know what they are talkin bout, so shut da fuck up n stop bitchin like a kid…
    the cayenne is an ugly car anyways.

  33. What a douche.

  34. my cayenne-s, out brakes my 3 series..this guy hates Porsche. .I love my cayenne, go get monster 4-6piston, calipers and 13.5sec,1/4images and the handling of a Porsche out of a Japanese suv…even the X5, was 2seconds, slower on track…PORSCHE
    there is no substitute! !!

  35. Someone tell Mr. Fisher that he is a total moron. He needs to realize that when you say "Porsh" you sound like an uneducated hick from backwater Alabama. It’s German, dumbfuck. PORSCHE is pronounced PORSH-A! You lose all credibility as a car expert when you can’t even pronounce such a prominent name. No one says Chevrolette or Chrissler or Bwick…

  36. HAHAHAHA! it has nothing to do with grammar, it is a guy’s last name! You don’t like it when people mis – pronounce your name right?

  37. @ar9080 you don’t pronounce it PORSCH-A but POURSCH-EUH look at german phonetics… the it sounds like an EUH- sound not an AHHH sound…

  38. Why would you think the ignition key would be on the right??
    And what’s the big deal with $2600 option.. It’s a Porsche!!
    You want something cheaper get a Toyota RAV4

  39. This is probably the best review of any product out there. Useful, to-the-point, genuine info, genuine impressions of the product tested… It really gives you an idea of whether the Cayenne is a good fit or not. Kudos! 

  40. Really, a complaint that the ignition switch is on the left side? Read the history of Porsche. If you follow CR reviews you will have a boring automotive life. Ask people who own 30+ exotic cars why they still love their porsches?

  41. Not know that the ignition being on the left is because of their Racing history just makes you look stupid.

  42. @1bentley4ever I completely agree. Spelling also included! I cannot tell you how many people in the forums misspell their own cars! I wince when I see "Infinity M35" et cetera… And in reference to Mr. Fisher and the late Sir Lyons’ company, he’d probably pronounce it "Jag-Wire," seems to be the norm around the sticks where people say Porsh… He probably has a Touareg V6 he bought from Carmax since his budget didn’t allow for a new one, much less the Porsche or even Q7 upgraded alternative…

  43. Who defines where the right side for ignition switch is supposed to be? Cd changer in placed in the back for better weight distribution, which is nearly perfect (52/48). What does he mean by saying it is not good as SUV? It’s roomy, can tow up to 7700 lbs. And off road it’s far better than any of cars of its class. As a sports car. Show me the car that is over 2 tons that can outperform cayenne. Srt8 does not count since it’ falls apart right after you take it of the dealers lot. Options are

  44. I actually sent an email to the editor of Consumer Reports… Dr. Ferdinand Porsche is probably rolling in his grave every time this video is played…This is someone whose "expertise" we are supposed to trust!

  45. Consumer reports fails to consider the target market for the Cayenne. Those who buy a six figure vehicle place the most value on image, not realistic considerations. CR, stick to reviewing blenders and mattresses, leave the cars to publications with a sense of reality.

  46. "Wider" = Fatter

  47. Porsche’s are fugly.

  48. Yes, a touchstone to the racing heritage . In the old Le Mans starts, the driver would run to the car and could start it with one hand, and put it gear with the other. That is why the ignition is placed on the left.

  49. He sucks

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