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  1. did you fart at 1:17? lol

  2. Appreciate sharing the work, one question…are all 4 rotors same 330mm size front and back? Also would fitting larger rotors like a 350mm or 380mm better or worst for the performance? Thanks for the time in advance

  3. I just subscribed as I have a 2006 955 Cayenne S Titanium. I bought a replacement alarm siren, but have no clue how to get to it. As I have seen, it’s under the carrier relay on the driver side cowl. However, I am not knowledgeable or confident to start disconnecting major electrical components due to the sophisticated computers on this vehicle. Have you done this or know an easy way? I referred to your videos for my brakes and hatch struts and those jobs, while lengthy for me, went perfect as I followed your instructions. If you can help with this silly alarm siren, I would be grateful. Thanks for posting.

  4. Is it necessary to loosen the emergency brake shoes before you remove the rear rotors or does releasing the emergency brake provide enough clearance to remove the rotors?

  5. So the bolt that retains the pads, what size and type of bolt is that, seeing as you missed off half of what you were doing. Duh!

  6. Did you notice if the drum brake backing plate was removable?

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