2005 Porsche Cayenne Oil Change

Here is a brief overview of what it takes to change the oil on a Porsche Cayenne (Type 955) with the 3.2L V6. The lower cover should be the same on all. And really other than the cover this is a typical oil change. That is why I have not covered all parts of it. I will have more videos in the future of different things for this vehicle. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Did mine first time no problem, is yours the 4.5 V8?

  2. I’m new in this video/Blog I have a cayenneS  2005 but It been service at the Maplewood dealer of minessota since I bought it back 2005 YAP!! I got it new but its been 3 years since the extended warraty expire I been taking to this place in  minneapolis that will charge me 150 $ for the oil change and 100 $ eacht time the computer has a check engine, normally has the tank gas cap needs replacement.
    Now they wanna charge me 570$ for the spark plugs change (no a tune up ) and another 500$ for the replacement of coil at the right front arm of the car.
    I love the car i think is the most beautiful car that i ever had, but i bought my wife a RX 350 2008 all options for way less that i pay for the porsche , but the car has no mechanical problems and almost free of maintanance , now i know !! the porsche if a spectacular car , but when is old Im thinkign if is worth it . 
    please let me know what you think and what thoughts you have.
    Please no hatters/ no bad comments /

  3. thx fer sharing reenactor!  have u considered Mityvac 7300?  Read some Amazon reviews and see if its right for u, theres a 7400, manual version as well.  That minimized my oil change mess.  I’ve also used it for transmission fluid change as well.

  4. How much is an oil change at the dealer or independent shop? DIY looks effing complicated. Thanks for posting.

  5. No need to take the "metal springs" in rear of plastic cover. At least on the V8

  6. What are the ramps your using (brand, model)? Thanks.

  7. Yeah, whom ever put that drain plug in is not fit to work with these cars. Should not have been that tight. I’m suprised they didn’t strip that plug.

  8. retard

  9. Te bolond amikor le akarod engedni az olajat akkor nem rá kell húzni a leeresztő csavart hanem ki kell nyitni !!!

  10. I recommend a oil extractor. It save you from remove or replace the drain plug. They only cost 65 on ebay.

  11. thnks for the video . can i do the same for a 2016 Porsche Cayenne.

  12. Paul, have you considered using an oil extractor vac? They make several <$50, I know some Benz dealer service shops use them and it makes the process much faster, less messy and in many cases removes more oil and fluid than draining. The Topsider is an all metal unit that is very well made, there are other good plastic models as well.

  13. Thats not where the drain plugs are for Cayenne . There’s 2 plugs upper and lower. They were both behind you. I will say I’ve encountered numerous items on my car that were tightened with impact wrenches and weren’t supposed to be. It’s as if they do it on purpose knowing if your using hand tools you’re stuck!

  14. I find it funny the same advertising plays on weedtubers video’s (FINALLY)

  15. I was waiting to see what your reaction when you pull the oil filter!! It’s a mess when I did mine. LOL. I guess you skipped that segment in your vid. Good vid though, very informational.

  16. Что он лил?

  17. Did you have to take the other frontal shroud off too?

  18. some thoughts. 1. you need eye protection. 2. mine was way overtightened also, from dealer. Yes also bathed in oil a bit. It’s tough to tighten filter cover using a handheld belt type or filter tool. Not enough room to spin more than 25 degrees. Much easier to buy the right filter adapter for a ratchet so I’ll do that next time.

  19. For those DIY enthusiasts.
    For 6 cyl models 2003-08:  Porsche recommends AGAINST removing the oil by suction since particles of dirt may remain in the oil pan. You should let the oil drip for 20 mins. Filter would be a mess to remove but when removing the O-ring for the housing use the cutout rather than wedge a blade in.  Oil drain plug should be tightened with 22 ftlb torque wrench.  Fill capacity 5.7 liters. 
    For 8 Cyl models 03-08: There are TWO drain plugs.  They should be tightened to 37 ftlb. The capacity is 8.75 liters (8.25 without change of filter). Lube the new o-ring slightly. Filter torque 19 ftlb. 
    Courtesy of Porsche North America.

  20. LOL you skipped removing the drain plug and putting in the filter? I’m sorry man but this was the worst DIY video i have ever encountered…

  21. Is it still left to loosen and right to tighten on these foreign cars? I missed the oil filter change….

  22. Just passing tips from the issues I had. 1) Whatever you do take the valve cover off and clean. I can send you my before and after pictures. You’d be amaze at the difference. That’s what makes the engine starve for oil. 2) Remove inner wheel cover in the front and clean water drain plugs. Eventually you will have a river inside the car if you don’t trust me on this. 3) Also there is about 3 or 4 round plastic plugs along the underside of the car. Take them off as well in case there is water there as well. 4) One more, the drain hoses for the sunroof front and rear also accumulate crap. Blow with air. I use only LIQUI MOLY oil. After extensive research and writing to their engineer the best oil to use is: Liqui Moly Leichtlauf High Tech 5W-40 Synthetic.  Mobil 1 in this country is crap. It is not synthetic. In Europe the same oil is.

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    bı tapayı sokemedın amk

  24. You just aint strong enough to remove the drain plug……..LOLOLOLOLOL anybody knows drain plugs are not tightened with an impact wrench……..LOLOLOLOLOL…..PUSS….

  25. thanks for attempting to make the video, if you make another and find everything it works out id like to see it. Im about to buy a cayenne but id like to change the oil myself

  26. this is totally hilarious

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