2005 Porsche Cayenne S Coolant Leak – Extended Version Autoscope Foreign Car Care Dallas

Coolant leak on a 2005 Porsche Cayenne S. We discovered that the water pump had play at the pulley and the coolant pipes were leaking as well. This video shows the failed water pump, the leaking coolant pipes, and the proper repair for both. Many Porsche Cayenne owners have been faced with this repair, now see what it looks like.

Get an inside look at the Porsche V8 engine with the intake manifold removed and the coolant pipes that are known to leak. The repair includes the installation of upgraded aluminum coolant pipes and a new Porsche water pump. Also, shown is the location of the Cayenne’s starter. It is in a rather difficult position to reach.

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  1. @23294virgo Thank you for the compliment and the comment. The repair usually consists of the thermostat and related parts, possibly the water pump, a new belt, new coolant, etc. Ballpark figure of $4000 to $4500 is what to expect. At Autoscope we use genuine, OEM Porsche parts almost exclusively. There are rare exceptions.

  2. Actually impressed u switched for a aluminum pipe not many places do that

  3. very nice video! 

  4. I’ve done this job for a family member and getting ready todo it again for a friend (plastic coolant hoses) I think the parts the first time were under $400 from Pelican and I did it in about 4-6 hours at a buddies shop.

    What is the black goo I see you put on the triple alum hose replacement, never seen that before!?!?!

  5. Again thank you. As I consider the purchase of a Cayenne, I had often heard of this problem, and have shied away from the pre-2008 models because of this issue. Good to know that if I find an earlier one that I like, what I would be facing in terms of costs to correct this oversight by Porche. Disappointing really from them, but I guess the pressure to keep margins high gets to even the best companies.

  6. Great vid Paul… Considering a used Cayenne so thanks for this common issue explained and repaired. What is the cost ( parts & labor ) you folks charge for this fix in this 2005? All official Porsche parts? Or are those aftermarket 3rd party solutions for the pipes and pump?

  7. did you use rtv sealany on the rear hoses – ive done this job yesterday and find the triple hoses seem to slide around (with clips installed)

  8. Thank You, Goncalo!

  9. lol what a fail!! this for repair with parts already costs 500$ in porshe you pay 5000 for correct their failure lol

  10. I would hope the starter was replaced after you had the coolant leak………

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