2005 Porsche Cayenne Turbo – Fabspeed Cat ByPass Pipes and Custom Muffler Bypass

2005 Porsche Cayenne Turbo with Fabspeed Cat Bypass pipes and custom muffler exhaust bypass. Installed 1 3/4″ pipe that connected to original exhaust piping in front of the muffler, routed around the back and side of the muffler and into the back end of the exhaust tips on both sides. Kept the stock exhaust look but gave the truck a much louder and sporty note. It sound louder in the video than it actually is. It does have some sound too it but it isn’t annoying or over the top.

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  1. Hey, who did the custom mufflers for you?  i’m thinking about just doing the fabspeed cat bypass for my 04 Turbo but I can’t find any videos or comparisons of just the bypass pipes without some type of modified mufflers or custom exhaust

  2. Sounds pretty crazy. Was there a noticeable horsepower increase after installing the cat bypass?

  3. +tarik916 your Cayenne sounds better 😉

  4. I just got me one of these cars yesterday! I love the way that sounds! Such a great SUV

  5. Sounds bad ass

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