2008 Audi R8/ Quick Drive

Cars.com’s Joe Wiesenfelder takes a look at the 2008 Audi R8. It competes with the BMW M6 and Porsche 911.

Shot and produced by: Sarah Gersh & Eric Rossi
Edited by: Lindsay Bjerregaard

Read the full-length review on Cars.com: http://bit.ly/25k6qhB

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  1. arkhipone.narod2.ru – BMW M6 фото

  2. I love the way this car looks, but I think I’m about as tall as this guy, if not taller and he looks too tall for the car. SO if I had the money I think I’d look for a better fitting car. 7 series BMW maybe. There are no real fancy sports cars for NFL defensive end sized people 🙁

  3. carscom <=== lol get it cars cum

  4. @tcuk Some of us need a good winter beater and it’s good to know the R8 is up to the task.

  5. what a stupid broadcast.. presenting a car and just talking about the stereo and how it drives in snow ? ? O_o guess they tried to make some anti audi propaganda

  6. /watch?v=C4jDmEM8NQU

  7. @UnknownProfilename lol

  8. how much do theres cars go for? ive only seen lambos in new york

  9. @tusepagliacco The car’s pretty spacious, but getting into it is pretty awkward since it’s so low

  10. lol "the sensor in the bumper is very low, that very good" LOL its a low car…

  11. Sooooooo when did the Quick Drive occur again? I am not watching this twice….Fail!

  12. Tha old days I hav one I’m not rich n all but hey I got one nice check my vhannel it might be old but

  13. Where do you put the subwoofers?
    In the front end?
    That’ll be pretty cool

  14. Made in Germany….und was sagst du jetzt ??

  15. who cares about a stereo and fucking seat warmers? everybody a critic!

  16. i dont think any one cares about what you think because that is just an all around great car!

  17. There is nothing wrong with that carbon fiber side blade on that color. 

  18. see my customized r8 at ring:

  19. @xitup1 `true dat but you gotta listen to ya jams sometimes.

  20. So in other words, remove the A/C unit for weight reduction and buy an exhaust system so you don’t need a stereo. Oh, and might as well remove the sound system for more weight reduction.

  21. oh yeah!! am buying an r8 and i will take it to the mountains


  22. @xBloodfatherx they are around $110K

  23. What kind of bs gear box is that!?

  24. it’s rx8… same name as the mazda.!

  25. bonus!

  26. the dodge charger srt8 has 425 horespower so its close XD

  27. @xBloodfatherx
    the r8v8 retails around 140 with options. r10 perhaps 25-30K more depending on options.
    Can get the 2008 R8v8 for aprox 100-120K depending on options.

  28. who looks at the 2017?

  29. this guy couldn’t present a bunch of flowers.

  30. What the fuck did you just say?

  31. more exhaust less talking please

  32. My father drives a 2009 Audi R8 and he loves it! I sometimes get to drive it around the city a lot and it is a show stopping car. I’ve had people take pictures and film videos of it. The car is very luxurious and fast and I am very glad my father choose the Audi R8.

  33. @xitup1 amen bratha 🙂

  34. I wanna be this when I go into college, i mean it looks like it could been made in 2011

  35. Like the R8 V10, see my mod one:

  36. i checked this car out at the dealer yesterday . . . right when the salesman started it he gave it gas and the engine jus VROOOOOOOMMMM !

  37. @xitup1 true dat..but u gotta listen to ya ja
    ms some times

  38. @LucianVIS yeah he’s a typical american car-idiot. he probably used to review HORSES in Texas.

  39. I love the R8, one of my top 10 favorite cars ever! But man, this was a horrible review.

  40. my bosses car :S

  41. Bad color combo on that car. Mine is phantom black with a silver side blade.

  42. I own this car! ….. In gran turismo 5.

  43. 1:05 he hates the gearbox?

  44. Pussy magnet

  45. i almost cried when he drove it through the snow like that

  46. 0:38 – 0:46 WTF

  47. if you have this car, you can pick up any bitch you want…regardless of your looks

  48. @BioSpheRe54 Obviously you do because you replied.

  49. @LoveTheCity123 WHO the fuck cares about your daddys car

  50. i never fail to read it as carsome

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