2008 Porsche Cayenne Review – Kelley Blue Book

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Porsche Cayenne. When Porsche announced it was going to build an SUV a decade ago the idea was scoffed at. Many couldn’t imagine a Porsche SUV, but now that vehicle — the Porsche Cayenne — is an unqualified success. It takes a practiced eye to discern the changes that mark the second-generation – 2008 Porsche Cayenne model from the outside, but the changes on the inside have enhanced its previously high capabilities on and off road. Power and fuel efficiency are up across the board, and the most powerful 2008 Porsche Cayenne boasts a staggering 500 horsepower. Plus, innovation continues to make the vehicle a technical tour de force. For more new car reviews, interviews and automotive news visit kbb.com today.

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  1. getting a 2008/2009 cayenne turbo in december 😀

  2. @Chavurdad which model and how much dit it cost?

  3. @Chavurdad witch model and how much did it cost?

  4. Porsche is German…I suppose you know that, and in german, the "e" is pronounced like the "e", in bEd, frEd, pEntium, kEntucky…etc….or would you say Volkswag-uh-n¿….yeah….

  5. @teofthe1 i said the same thing when ur mama walked in. good night thou. gives head like a pro

  6. uhh soo ugly

  7. t i like the panamera but this looks like a ass but good.

  8. @mhtsos12 yea it does and ppl actually do buy it too, so stop hating

  9. @miramts7777777 More like " Buy an RX and fall asleep form boredom."

  10. @Chavurdad Congratulations!

  11. @mhtsos12 dude! not everybody thinks like u, i personality like sport and suv cars. just becuz u prefer a 911 over a Cayenne doesn’t make other people’s decision a bad one.

  12. this is a really ugly car.

  13. dream suv…


  14. @j3zr33Lwiriwiri its not a truck

  15. @mhtsos12 why?

  16. Ugly

  17. @emanko111 Because it was not within the spirit porshe has got us used till now…Not saying this is low quality or something but it just doesn’t give me a porshe feel even from the looks of it.As a bonus i dislike suvs in general and it’s not hard to see why.More fuel,tragic congestions,crappy handling,causes more damage to the car and driver you crash with and increases fatalities,more expensive and the list goes on.For me it’s just a shame they waste an enjoin like that to a 3.3 ton car…

  18. Why? Just because of how expensive it is orrrr…

  19. Shit cars in USA are cheap compared to australia

  20. My Cayenne Turbo has been a blast to own! It’s one helluva a machine that has a little bit of an identity crisis.

  21. why on earth would any human buy one of these, its pointless, if you want an SUV, get a range rover, costs about the same and is way better equipped, rides far better and does not look ugly as hell, if you want a fast car for the family, whats wrong with a bmw m5 or jaguar xfr, this car is for people who think having an expensive porsche fo/r the family is a good idea but in reality is an uglier, fatter, slower and more expensive 911

  22. What’s better a cayenne or a Touareg 2?

  23. Can’t believe this thing has the Porsche badge on it’s front…

  24. shit instead of suv

  25. Not one bad vehicle, however not inexpenisve and not enough fuel-efficient.

  26. You sound like Harold Camping?!?!

  27. @CoreyLego1 Lol happy killing…

  28. It’s actually Porsch-e, pronouncing the "e" like in "bEd"…

  29. that is a great idea. i should also buy 1 "for my wife" ;P

  30. I always thought Porsches looked sort of like "frogs" (you know, the front part atleast)…..still a nice car (SUV)

  31. @luis61961944 09 i think

  32. never thought porsche would make a suv

  33. @PeterA74 lol…it’s actually Volkswagen….Pronounced "folksvaggen"…. : )

  34. Panamera and cayyene sucks

  35. @liej010 i didnt say the range rover was faster, i said it was an all round better car, most of the time in a car, you are on the road, thats where it mostly matters unless you are a spoilt brat that owns their own race course. If you want an suv, you should get a range rover coz its better on and off road, if you care about performance then an m5 or xfr is a way better option and would murder a cayenne and you wouldnt look like a complete idiot in a car that is fuck ugly, and i know cars

  36. No


  38. Remember people! This is 2008 model! or even 2007! A lot of changes are made in 2011 – 2012 one!

  39. @2004SiennaAWD Since When & Where Lexus Cars Are Considered "Boring"?!!! Maybe In Your Village.

  40. there is a diesel model in Europe dunno about other countries
    take a look at that 🙂

  41. @1mckayj and so is ur mom, but who cares! you cant afford one anyways.

  42. ugly and overprice. buy Lexus RX350 and enjoy.

  43. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. This is the 1st generation model.

  44. @XsumowrestlerX becuz its called being different!

  45. @teofthe1 A CAR is a very bad investment.

  46. A trained eye to spot the differences?
    even Steve Wonder could see the face-lift differences.

  47. My friend came by last week and took me for a fun ride on one of these. Great car and fantastic ride. Unfortunately I am not crazy about car.

  48. No it’s not its the 2nd

  49. These guys need to learn what "off road" really is.

  50. من اجمل السيارات

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