2009 Audi A4/ Quick Drive’s Kelsey Mays gets a first look at the 2009 Audi A4. It competes with the BMW 3 Series, Cadillac CTS and Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

Produced by: Matthew Avery

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  1. @cmanclan101 Well if you put it that way it should be m3 vs S4 or RS4. A4 should be with the 3 series

  2. I can’t stand the gay ass Christmas tree lights they put on these. They alone are a major deal breaker for me. Bring on the caddie!

  3. @alexjxcx takes me 2 secs to copy and paste, takes you 5 hours to 2 days to think of a comeback

  4. Love the Headlights more

  5. @supernova58 The A4 comes Turbo charged and the A6 has a supercharger. Those are just for performance. I’ve never driven an A6 but I’ve owned the A4 and I was absolutely in love with it. The A4 gets 21mpg City while the A6 gets 19 mpg. So the fuel economy on the vehicle is fairly similar. On highway A4 gets 29 A6 gets 28. So it all depends on you. The A6 is a much more roomier car so it is the larger vehicle. The price difference is huge. The A4 starts at $32,000 and the A6 starts at $49,000.

  6. That’s the s-line…

  7. What kind of dog is that?

  8. There is always a cock on my rear view mirror in Audi

  9. this is good car

  10. MY favorit car! I drive many cars but Audi much test and feel better! blive it!

  11. All A4 model 2009 have the same headlight? Including those in Australia

  12. Audi came up with the daylight and now every new car have them, but what’s crazy is they still make the sexist design, you can tell it’s an Audi just by looking at the LED

  13. i like the headlights in the front so sick amazing !!

  14. Love the A4, only two things I dislike: that rear end, seems like they didn´t quite knew what to do between those back light clusters, a lot ot metal over there, showing. The other one, might be a stupid thing, but dislike the accelerator pedal coming from the dashboard. Prefer them to be stuck and rising from the floor pan, such as BMW and the Audi A3. Don´t know why it changed, but the acceleratod pedal feels wimpy, so to speak.

  15. @Johncarson9113 Agree and keep the infiniti 😀

  16. How come some Audi’s of the same year don’t have the same headlights? They just have some regular ones.

  17. the audi a4 09,10,11,12 are way heavier than the older versions

  18. im thinking of getting this car ! anyone help with recommendations! negative or positive experiences with this car

  19. AUDI for style and comfort , BMW for power and mercedez for luxury ..

  20. honestly,an audi isnt an audi with out those led drl’s

  21. I WANT THIS CAR!!!!

  22. @alexjxcx lol i just copy and paste, i don’t have to be mad, you sure as hell are when i say
    you fail at taking a joke, <-fact

  23. @noneofyourbuisness7 I also love it, it’s the coolest feature on Audi’s!

  24. I have a very important question does the automatic transmission work like a manual or like a normal automatic? Very confused?

  25. @pwoeijcw so i guess you and the lights have a lot in common u honda driver

  26. Which model year is your 3 Series? Is it a good car? 🙂

  27. I still have my BMW havent traded it in for the new A4 yet, its a 2009 BMW 328xi coupe. I’m still in limbo for now, waiting to see the redesigned 2014 Infiniti G37 in a couple months, it comes out around Feb-March of 2013. I want to wait before I make a move or a choice on the Audi or another car. As for the BMW being a good car? Yes, its a great car. Although the 328i is not the fastest of the group it is without a doubt an amazing car to drive due to its over all driving dynmaics.

  28. Those lights are just so fucking sexy

  29. Definately love the fit and finish of the new Audi A4. It feels more of a luxury vehicle over the previous years. I am wondering if Audi will ever introduce a smaller sedan to replace what the A4 once was.

  30. I always try to look for this Audi, but I cant find no similar to this one.

  31. the 2009-present Audi A4 is assembled in
    Ingolstadt, Germany
    Puebla, Mexico
    Aurangabad, India
    Jakarta, Indonesia

  32. @MrTickleparty Don’t forget A6’s supercharged engine compared to the A4’s turbo. I love the A4. Smooth ass ride, incredible handle, shit grips the road, and the luxurious interior.

  33. love audi……..

  34. In general, Audi are generally reliable and a good quality car. The problem is that they fall apart, when one thing DOES go wrong, a lot starts to go wrong on them and they are very VERY expensive to fix. This is why you don’t typically see many old Audi’s out there.

  35. @audir1thenewone if you arent looking at performance, sure. but i gotta be honest, an m3 would destroy any A4 ever made.

  36. its an option that cost more, personally i think it’s what makes an Audi. Too bad they no longer have it on the new models

  37. או זה אוטו טוב

  38. my grandfather have this car and he loves to tan on the hood and listen to a good music yes?

  39. I’m always arguing over BMW, Infiniti, Mercedes and Lexus trying to make a point on which one is better and why its better but for some reason every time I catch myself arguing the Audi I’m always left with my mouth shut. Audi has gone from zero to hero. They are the epitome of "futuristic" cars. I have a BMW & Infiniti, once my warranty expires next March I’m getting rid of the 3 series and getting a new A4!!

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  42. Are you sure your old enough to drive , 6ft more like 4ft

  43. Honestly, I want one of these badly. But if I really had the money, I wouldn’t blow it on one of these, despite the fact that I would love to drive it. You can get a good, reliable car for under 2 grand. So why would I fork out 30 g’s for something that I’ll only use for like 20 minutes per day. I’d rather spend my money on a nice vacation. That’s just my two cents.

  44. Merc !

  45. Very proffesional.  keep it up 

  46. How old are this guy ?13 ?

  47. @alexjxcx but i wouldn’t be surprised if you live on the internet, since you obvious don’t know a joke when you see one, must be from a lack of social life, so i’ll just block you since i hear trolls are afraid of that

  48. @John Carson Thanks for the update! 🙂

  49. Somebody please help. I really wanna get this car but everyone says its unreliable as fuck. What’s the average annual cost of maintainance and up to what mileage can it last to

  50. @supernova58 It all really depends on your preference. The A4 has a smaller starting engine size with the minimum size of 1.8T compared to the A6’s 2.0. The A4 is much cheaper compared to the more luxurious and powerful A6 by at least 10 grand. Both have optional Quattro and Prestige packages. The newer 09 has the front end of the A5 which is a major plus and a redesigned rear. the A6 also went through some changes which is sleek and awesome. Slightly similar to the A4’s body with its A6 flare.

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