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2010 Audi S4 vs. 2009 BMW 335i Comparison Test:
2008 BMW M3 @ the Track Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cu7uy6m4rw0

Given all the praise heaped on the BMW 3 Series over the years, we can’t blame you for thinking there’s more to the story. We’ve heard all the conspiracy theories, most of them involving checks in large denominations from Munich.

This might seem believable to a certain segment of the population, but there’s a far less interesting truth behind all those wins: The BMW was the best car. Sure, certain rivals often upped their game in one area or another, but the 3 Series always put it all together in a way that made it better.

So now the 2010 Audi S4 is here to take another shot. It’s all-new this year and the old V8 is gone. There’s now a supercharged V6 in its place, along with a lower price designed to better align the S4 with the BMW 335i.

The BMW 3 Series received a face-lift of its own last year. It was mostly minor trim changes and the like, but we’re told that iDrive thing was tweaked again, too (oh, lovely).

Sounds like a fair fight, no?

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  1. omg well if the audi is supercharged …. and a year or 2 newer  plus 4 wheel drive something might just say CHEATING !!! 

  2. BMW 335I is known for doing 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds. This is just a commercial for Audi.

  3. good, now put an S5 against this bmw to make it a little more fair…
    idiots, who the fuck puts a sedan against the coupe and then says the coupe smokes it. NO SHIT SHERLOCK

  4. not biased at all hahaha !!!!!!

  5. Lol Get a black merc and yall gonna make a german flag

  6. never buy an audi! unreliable piece of shit

  7. Who cares what comparison vehicles are chosen…. audi all the way!

  8. Pathetic. The S4 is supposed to be an M3 competitor. Now, the S4 can barely match the 335? Keep in mind, this is 4 years old. The new 335i and S4’s aren’t even in the same league.

  9. Yeah the S4 is a little bit more expensive. But only because it’s better.

  10. Numbers are only part of the equation…
    Search this "Top Gear : BMW M3 vs Mercedes C63 AMG vs Audi RS4"
    See for yourself what happens when their top cars are pitted against each other on the track. The most underpowered car clears the track much faster than the other two.

  11. M-chassi + remap would kill the audi 🙂

  12. Wow, S4 versus non M3 series BMW, and barely won! This just shows how good the BMW really is. I’m still taking the BMW, lighter, better fuel economy, and cheaper….And  Audi is still putting the engine on top of the front axle. If it didn’t have all wheel drive the skid pad would be in the 8’s….

  13. mom just got the 2010 S4 🙂

  14. My thoughts exactly. I was like what the fuck?

  15. every time i watch an American review and hear how dirt cheap their cars are I die a little inside 🙁

  16. 2011 Audi s4? 2011 bmw 335i coupe????

  17. I have driven both cars on the track , numbers mean very little, as these guys like to through out there, the BMW is much more predictable, forgiveing , and in touch with the drive than the Audi.

  18. The difference in performance numbers isn’t worth the extra money that Audi asks for for in the S4. 335i is a better bang for buck.

  19. That bimmer’s gorgeous

  20. next time why not just compare it to a chevette. since your not going to comare apples to apples. how much did audi pay u guys for this pathetic review?

  21. You talking about yourself? That is how the cars compare.

  22. I would never say that Audi or Mercedes better than a BMW if i would even be paid! )) And offcource to compare the best ones thay should take RS4 with the M3 оr even M3 G-Power )))

  23. LOL compare a 60K car with a 30K car and get surprised when the 30K car loses. such a dumb video

  24. 335i N54 JB4 smokes the S4 and RS4

  25. s4… should be matched against an m3

  26. 335i is not where it should be competing.  It should be s4 vs m3.  I own a 2010 s4 and would like to see that. 

  27. unfair test to Bmw , S4 with a standard 335 , u kidding me ) Audi just sucks

  28. You guys fucked up the 0-60. Its suppose to do it in 4.8 seconds. You guys have terrible drivers

  29. unfair test , standard 335 with S4 , why not bring an M3 to the fight ?))) or a bmw 335is !!!

  30. lmao why tf they be comparin a rwd to an awd

  31. I like both cars but honestly that’s not a fair comparison. Firstly it would have been fair to choose the 335xi as an opponent if you truly want to compare those two cars and secondly, the same thing that always annoys me, the 335 is not exactly a sports model like the S4. It is just a faster 3.series with a more powerful engine. It is basically the same if you compared the Q7 V12 with the X5M (which is the sports model of X5) or A8 W12 with the S63 AMG.

  32. There is so much dumb in this comment section. BMW’s AWD kinda sucks. It’s real world applications have not done well and those dumb ass courses they test/benchmark it on don’t provide real world practicality. They’re just set up in BMW’s favor. AKA, it’s best to compare BMW’s solid RWD application against the quattro S4. You also have the advantage of a lot less drivetrain loss and a BMW is supposed to be RWD anyway. Why do you think M’s don’t come in AWD? Never could understand why someone would want an AWD BMW… seems like such a waste. The 335 IS equivalent to the S4… it is one step below the M3, just as the S4 is a step below the RS4 (just not available here, yet…). Modded 335’s are fast… faster than M3’s in a straight line, sure… SO ARE MODDED S4’s. You can get low 11’s with a LWCP, downpipes and a 600 dollar tune. Both are great in their own ways, but most of your nitpicking on why this wasn’t a fair comparison is just silly. 

  33. What a bunch of IDIOT test maroons — A 2009 regular BMW 335i against the performance S4…. Hey idiots… How about pitting that BMW S4 against it competitor, the M3…. Duhhhhhhhhhhh…..!   …and, by the way, make the cars the SAME bloody YEAR…. How S T U P I D are you at Edmunds…?   

  34. i agree with you until the rs5, wouldnt it be the rs4 and m3? just my opinion of course

  35. Both good Cars but BMW E90 first presented in 2004 , Audi S4 B8 – 2009 . compare to 335is. yes, it’s coupe but power/weight is more fair ))

  36. Hahahaha the price difference is so dumb. Why would u ever drop that much more for such little difference? OOOO that’s right cuz ur a dumbass Audi enthusiast.

  37. Slowest 335i launch possible.

  38. Wtf what kind of comparison was this? The s4 is like $20 000 more expensive than the BMW.

  39. So we are comparing a AWD Audi to a RWD BMW? Hm… What happen to the 335Xi?

  40. no the s4 is not a m3 competitor. that would be the RS4.

  41. why not compare the a4 with xdrive? or with navigation like in the a4. also the steptronic 335i goes 0-60 in 4.8 without rollout. biased audi lovers

  42. There hasn’t been an rs4 since the b7 model A4, the 5’s are just coupe versions of the 4’s. The RS5 is practically an RS4 coupe.

  43. Hey, lets compare a top of the range sports Audi to a bog standard 3 series, we might actually win that one…..laughable.

  44. Bruh 335is would beat that

  45. the guy forgot to mention the price difference between 335i and S4… if he did, the 335i would be the clear winner.

  46. bmw has the best of everything. style, engine, luxury, and just is the best. audi looks like a oval pos

  47. What a silly matchup, they should be comparing the M3 to the S4 based on sticker price. In that comparison the BMW will win every time.

  48. Wouldn’t this be a nearly even match with both being AWD? It’s not like BMW doesn’t offer it. 

  49. Well, we know who paid Edmunds for this one.

  50. Did they say the price difference?

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