2010 Porsche Cayenne GTS Design Edition 3 Lava Grey Black Alcantara Leather #0028 of 1000 worldwide

BSEMDL BASE Cayenne GTS PD Edition 3 89,900.00

BDYCLR 9B Lava Grey Metallic .00

TOPCLR 9B Lava Grey Metallic .00

INTERI 50 Leather / Alcantara Black .00

OPTION EXT All Wheel Drive .00

OPTION PF2 PCM with Navigation Module 3,300.00

OPTION PO4 Light Comfort Package/Memory 650.00

OPTION UF1 Universal Audio Interface 440.00

OPTION 1D6 Trailer Hitch w/o Hitch Ball 650.00

OPTION 1N3 Variable Assist Power Steering 270.00

OPTION 3X1 Ski Bag .00

OPTION 9W5 Bluetooth Phone Interface 695.00

OPTION 3FU Panoramic Roof System 3,900.00

OPTION FZ1 Seat Belts in Guards Red 650.00

OPTION 2D1 Enlarged Rear Spoiler .00

OPTION PK4 Heated Front and Rear Seats 1,230.00

OPTION 9AH 4-Zone Air Conditioning 1,690.00

OPTION APA Limited Edition Identifier .00

OPTION QV4 XM Satellite Radio 750.00

OPTION 7X8 Rear Camera Incl. Park Asst. 1,680.00

Total Options 105,805.00

Total Charges 975.00

Total Order.. 106,780.00

For more information about this Porsche Cayenne GTS Design Edition 3 please contact me directly.

Ryan Perrella
Beverly Hills Porsche
[email protected]
310 922-7291

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  1. I have one for sale if anyone is intersted only 31K miles #11 of 1000 made . only 200 imported to the USA.

  2. lovely walk-round and run-down of this fabulous car, thanks.

  3. Is this sold now

  4. I have one for sale too 85km number 450 out of 1000 made… only 10 imported to UAE

  5. mine number 150

  6. basically its very nice ca.. khaaaaafffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

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