2010 Porsche Cayenne – Long Term #2 – Everyday Driver

After about six months of ownership and a lot of family usage, Todd’s Cayenne is back for an update of the good and the bad the guys have discovered.

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  1. you guys need to make two videos a week. once a week is not enough.

  2. I take it you have never tried a Land Cruiser ,,

  3. are these as costly as they say to maintain?

  4. I just found a V8 with 32,000 miles. your videos are leaning me towards purchasing

  5. Does it consume excessive oil like a quart every a thousand miles?

  6. Modern electronics leave a lot to be desired….

  7. Why do they use such weird colors for the interior? I saw a Cayman the other day with what looked like a pink interior. What happened to black, grey and normal (not orange-ish) tan?

  8. German cars…. Where the owner serves the car instead of the car serving the owner.

  9. Why can’t you do a long term video series on Paul’s car(s)?

  10. Bald man has really pretty brown eyes. 2:40+

  11. As for the trunk, it probably doesnt open fully cos many people here in germany park their car in garages which are not much taller than the cayenne… u can imagine how often someone would damage the trunk

  12. Ugh. My wife wants one of these and she doesn’t even like SUVs. Of all the SUVs to like, it has to be the one with the most ungainly proportions and the spookiest running costs.

  13. need to get the cayenne s at least, the v6 is terribly underpowered

  14. That is the biggest wheel gap I’ve ever seen on a SUV it needs bigger wheels or a drop for sure

  15. I don’t get why you keep cutting between the two presenters for the same segment ?? It’s like you fighting for airtime 💩💩💩

  16. nice videos..

  17. code readers do not cost $250 unless you buy the best that they make. this is all you need to clear a check engine light after the corresponding issue is.resolve. I paid $25 for mine at Tractor Supply Store. every car owner should have a code reader for their vehicle this way they know what’s wrong with their vehicle before you take it to the shop…. that way they are not being ripped off.

  18. Setting 5 would be perfect to keep your carry out pizza warm.

  19. Considering how much Porsches cost you’d think they’d know how to engineer a car properly.

  20. Regarding the seat memory…   On my cayenne (might be diff since its a 958), you have to press the memory button first before you get on the seat in order for it to adjust with ‘one-touch’.  If not, then you would have to hold down the button.  I believe the car was designed that way on purpose for safety reasons.  It would be quite dangerous for the seats to adjust to your wife’s settings while you are driving!

  21. Still the best SUV ive ever owned. And the paint on the buttons is a scam, mine is older and with more miles and all my buttons have no sign of paint chipping. The tailgate open button however is a real annoyance.

  22. What a pile of shit

  23. Interior is very dated looking. SUVs at half the price point as the Cayenne was new look better.

  24. a service really? and then go to a local mechanic as a PO?to "save""?omg …look up the word mierenneuker

  25. +EverydayDriver I’m looking forward to seeing update #3!

  26. jeez, the first gen cayenne has not aged well at all

  27. Be careful of older v8 cayennes. They had plastic coolant pipes which cracked, cost thousands to repair. Also most don’t have Bluetooth for your phone. Otherwise it’s a great car

  28. I have a 2010 Cayenne S. (4.8L) The car now has 140,000 miles on it. I am amazed it’s still drives like new. There was some concern about waiting for 160,000 for the transmission service. I did the service myself last week and was pleasantly surprised how good the old fluid looked.

  29. Your rear hatch is actually bad. It shouldn’t stop halfway unless you set it to stop at that point. The hydraulic pump is probably bad. I don’t know if you can calibrate it without the Porsche scan tool from the dealership.
    But yes you do have to get out of the car to close the hatch.

  30. Bought my 05′ Cayenne S 3 years ago for my wife and it has been an awesome vehicle when working properly. 2 repairs so far that were extremely expensive – A/C and thermostat. Combined they cost almost 3k to fix. In comparison, my Mustang would cost me about 300 bucks to fix the same two things. Other than that, it really is a great vehicle and can pull as much as an Escalade when towing. Dropping a boat in the water is a breeze.

  31. Can’t believe I’m watching videos on the cayenne. Looking forward to Todd’s Frs in the snow video, keep up the good work!

  32. I absolutely hate the steering wheel.

  33. Get the steering wheel clear coated.

  34. LOVE stuff like this! No one else does it like you guys. Keep up the great work.

  35. I’m really curious about this car and would appreciate your thoughts on it for my situation. I had a 2004 GTI 1.8T 5-speed for 12 years, did the suspension and brakes and some chassis stuff on it, and I loved driving it and even took it to the track several times. I had to get something with more space, more ground clearance, and all or four wheel drive when I started a new job as a geotechnical engineer though…I don’t have to go out on job sites every single day, but maybe 25% of the time I need to be able to drive onto a construction site or into an open field or what have you. Sometimes things get pretty muddy and sketchy so something like a WRX wasn’t about to cut it.

    So I bought a CPO 2012 Ford Escape V6 AWD. It is a perfectly fine vehicle. It even has some charms for a car enthusiast like myself…I think the engine is a sweetheart both in terms of power and smoothness, the steering gives nice feedback and has a good, tight feel, and the suspension delivers an appropriate amount of road feel through the seat of the pants while still being quite comfortable. But as I’ve had it for a few months now, I’m starting to feel like the hesitant, economic-minded automatic transmission, the mediocre seats, and the soft springs are not something I want to live with for much longer. SO, long story short, I’ve been looking at Cayennes.

    I think I’ve narrowed myself down to a 2008-2010 V6 Cayenne, and while they are rare, I would almost certainly hold out for the 6-speed manual if I were to make the switch (I really miss driving stick…) I’m a single guy whose main needs for an SUV are for work, though I do like getting up to the slopes a couple times per winter, camping a couple times per summer, and I’m looking forward to getting a kayak again.

    So my question becomes, removing the family and wife situation from the picture, sprinkle in some more car enthusiast…is a Cayenne V6 a fun enough SUV to drive where I might one day say "it’s such a lovely day, I think I’ll go for a mountain drive just for fun"? Because that was a major source of entertainment for myself with the GTI, while with the Escape, I stay home and play Forza 6 instead…

  36. pls rephrase every german car owner to every american owning a german car

  37. the hatach is set up like that so when you dumb kids decide to run around the car or stick there hand in, you dont fuck them up and spend a evening in the er

  38. i have exact the same and a 350 ml i like better the ryde of the ml the cayenne its kindda bumpy

  39. Pretty sure you can reset the maintenance indicator without buying the computer.

  40. Wait wait….. to turn off the service indicator, you need to pay for a computer part? On my Honda, you hold down a button on the dash to reset the service indicator. It almost seems as if Porsche did this deliberately….

    Yeah I know Porsche >> Honda and all that BUT…. I mean come on.

  41. hey you guys are awesome! I have seen all of your videos except the 911 one. I would like to know if you guys can do a shoot on the Fiat 124 vs Miata and compare them since they are the same platform but different engines

  42. +everydaydriver – can you do more on the cayenne – its porsche’s highest selling vehicle and tons of consumers or potential consumers would love to know more on its long term reliability and costs! and you said it was your wifes car so you probably have a lot of access and usage of out it.

  43. I’ve always thought these were ugly, but after seeing you guys review it, I’m really starting to like it. Thinking about "window-shopping" a bit for a used one and see what the wife thinks.

  44. the hatch doesn’t open completely so you don’t hit the roof of your garage. In Europe many garages are in the basement and aren’t higher than 2.50 – 2.80 meters.

  45. Part #3 please. We want to know what’s it like to own for 1 year. I am looking into getting one this May.

  46. keep these kinda reviews coming. ..they are much different then other high end car owners and i love to research for future used car buys

  47. I have trouble reconciling the notion of "German engineering" with some of these crazy idiosyncrasies. The crazy behavior of the hatch opening boggles my mind. I thought "German engineering" was a good thing.

  48. I just picked up a 2003 and have been using it as a daily driver – love the power !! Top videos –

  49. What happens at 80,000 mile service that is scary?

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