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  1. I LOOOOOOVVVVEEE THIS CAR. I drive a 2012 BMW 528i and its a great car, I love my car, but this is insane great!

  2. cls

  3. Whoever shoots the vids does a great job.

  4. your camera man has officially earned you a few new subscribers! : ) great job! it truly is an art.

  5. this thing is so ugly to the point where it hurts me to look at it.

  6. How stupid could you ever be to wear that aston shirt?!

  7. this is the executive version

  8. this is more an advertisement than a review

  9. Yeah, I love this guys reviews as well, makes me want to buy their cars everytime! I actually got back seat first hands experience,when I got driven on a panamera during my wedding day, and since I was running late, I told the driver to punch it and wow it was exhilarating… but somehow the bride still beat me to the church, imagine that! She was on a dimplomat bmw with a siren, that’s why… I will always be fond of this car, because I obviously will never forget my wedding day!!

  10. i would opt out for the Panamera GTS instead, i think it sounds better with the antilag

  11. horrible analogy hahah good video though

  12. wtf? for real? did u kill the bear? if so , I thought u gonna pay for the death because bear is protected I guess?

  13. Enough Said! My Next Purchase!

  14. 2:19-2:22..LOL! Yup 🙂

  15. I love cars and I have to tell you I really envy your job its great! by the way thank you for doing this!

  16. gij rijd in porsche en u t shirt is van aston martin

  17. Gorgeous.

  18. where’s the other guy? :<

  19. Panamoomoo. Jesus this car is ugly, but fast as hell.

  20. Really pal, it makes my life look like shit but at least it can server us as a source of inspiration, to push forward, work harder 🙂

  21. Ugly design. Two fat thumbs down.

  22. yea thats a thing I want to be bothered with when I buy a car for mils, engine overheating…. irony :X 250 temperature… rofl its shit.

  23. i thought it was mini or bentley

  24. Why does the video stop at around 18 sec. ???? I can’t play it on my computer, but it runs okey on fb . .

  25. m5. or wait for the m6 gran coupe. that will shit on em all.

  26. guy in the back seat is just THAT GUY..

  27. It’s a good car. But the desing is just about individual point of view. So.. if someone doesn’t like it.. you can’t reply like that =)

  28. notice the water temperatur at 2:36 – it’s 250+!! even the little warning light is flashing

  29. it’s a great car, handling, ride, power, but it’s HIDEOUS!!! It’s worse than the Cayenne! I would just spend the same money on an Aston or Maserati.

  30. says the "call of duty" noob

  31. Nice Review-Great Car!!!!

  32. No, its definitely the Aston Martin logo.

  33. The car is hot! period!!

  34. It looks like the seat belt in the rear has to be readjusted.

  35. Very cool videos man. The Range Rover Evoque is my favorite one, excellent editing.

  36. ok, he’s behind.

  37. He does, I also find the car to be ugly. It looks like it went Mach3 and all the weight of the car just went to the back-end… its like Nostradamus!

  38. You’re very welcome..:) Steve

  39. Why are we watching people showing us stuff we cant get, and telling us how great it is?! I mean… I wanted to see the car, and that’s why i’m here, but do they rally have to tell me 200 times how great it is to drive/ride it.

  40. Yeah drove this and crashed it purposely… In nfs mostwanted

  41. Dear santa, where the fuck is my present?! xD

  42. 2:19 Monster laugh 3:)

  43. i like the car concept, but i don’t like tha chasis

  44. this or the Audi a7 my next one

  45. @teslon boltman-  pos car

  46. Great and awesome review as always ,very impressive Porsche , thank you again.

  47. Ja … Dat is een beetje vreemd. Een aantal mensen hebben commentaar geleverd op dat. Beide zijn geweldige auto’s hoor! We maakten dat video een paar jaar geleden en heb veel geleerd sindsdien. Bedankt voor de feedback .. 🙂 Steve

  48. I love everything about this car!

  49. Bear was dead on impact, seriously Porsche has AMAZING engineering. Later we totaled the Cayenne walked out with out a scratch once again. This is why we continue to buy these things.

  50. First learn to pronounce Porsche correctly. It is someone’s personal name.

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