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  1. why pay $45k for this when you could get a chevrolet ss, which is bigger, more reliable,just as refined, and much more fun to drive? The only this the ss falls short on is fuel economy

  2. @hyperzine2 +100,000,000,000,000

  3. i want it

  4. Good to get one with 100k on dash ?

  5. Cnet, roadfly, and top gear have the best reviews

  6. It’s like I’m a midget lol

  7. Good review cooley, but please mention the comfort level while driving next time, thanks.

  8. In 2011 you can say…midget

  9. Interesting Tags? 34843977 1968?

  10. nope…also in the us…not very common but they deff bring it the e90 came in wagon and the new f10 comes in wagon the e46 however did not in the us

  11. can u just have a plain rear-view cam; those dumb graphics are just distracting.

  12. Brian is the man , although he made me hate my ride lol

  13. The 3 series does come on a wagon

  14. How come I find my A3 2.0T quattro so jerky When pulling away from a full stop


  16. Umm…3-series and C-class not availeable as a wagon….well then their web pages tell a big lie?

  17. Is Audi reliable? Cause I heard both Audi and Volkswagen r kinda sketchy

  18. @hyperzine2 and new shoes LOL

  19. @applesmnch2 had the same rabbit/golf since 1996, 200k miles and spent not much more than $100 on parts, so yeah theyre basically bulletproof 🙂

  20. wait, I don’t get it. Cooley said there wasn’t a station wagon version of the 3 series and c-class ?? I almost only see the station wagon version !

  21. he should know that the merc c-class does actually have a station wagon which is refered to as an estate.

  22. 1:40.. its like iam a midget… LOL

  23. I like the car but why would they place the iPhone connector in the glovebox instead of the center console

  24. looks good but i dont think they hold up so well…

  25. Can’t decide which I like better. The A4 or the 3 Series.

  26. blue shirt, brown pant, white shoes?

  27. everything is a "this guy" to Cooley

  28. @MegaBlackberryuser Not in the states!

  29. Great review! You answered all of my questions. I am particularly concerned about this trend towards teenie-tiny turbo motors (and the lag that comes with them). My work vehicle is an eco-boost Ford, and it’s left me in some sticky situations when I put my foot down, expected to move, but didn’t. As I suspected this issue is remedied by opting for the manual.

  30. @hyperzine2 While Top Gear is mainly for fun and entertainment, Cooley review is very serious business!!

  31. @JWillsTV what type of engine did it have? i constantly see all these videos of people struggling with the turbo or something like that?

  32. What a beautiful car… I never liked Audi much, but recently, I have liked what Audi has to offer.

  33. 3 series is available as a wagon

  34. his shoes weak af

  35. @TCB1468 so as the Audi A4.

  36. @hondaftw1234 fail

  37. Im getting this car OR the A5. I want power but also at least 20 city MPG and 28 or higher hwy mpg

  38. holyshit it’s a longitudinal engine

  39. Not worth it. TL is a better option

  40. History Channel isn’t smart enough to put someone decent on US Top Gear

  41. CarGamerLookerGamer Car Gaming And More Or Gaming

    Its like a ford

  42. @Anoush13 yes it does go to the bmwusa website & go to 3 series & you can see all of the 3 series they havee.

    Yeah but in the video he said the BMW 3 Series wasn’t and the Audi was which is true.

  44. the 3 series comes in a wagon too 🙁 comon duuuudde cris cooley dudde c class comes with a wagon too just not in us but a 328 wagon is def here in the us 🙂

  45. this guy looks like he was out of clean clothes.

  46. love Cooleys reviews……but we have to "check the tech" on those shell toes……really?

  47. Cooley….6′ 2" midget! LOL

  48. @MegaBlackberryuser only in europe i think

  49. I blew one of those speakers in my car anybody know what I can do about it don’t want to get another system in it would just like to have that speaker replaced

  50. not completely sure but the engine in that and this have different output. This has 211 horsepower and 258 lb/ft of torque, your A3 has about 200 horsepower and 200 lb/ft of torque.

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