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  1. Remember that is not mp/h, its km/h

  2. I can say that this system is a piece of crap even when i’ve never saw it in real action…but when you drive in heavy fog, you have no time to ruin concentration and watch this little screen.

  3. Nice

  4. Funny how people who live outside of Germany just don’t believe that we can and do drive way over 200 km/h without getting prosecuted by the police.
    Politicians actually want speed limits everywhere, but trust me. it’s never gonna happen.
    Germany <3

  5. @1600rpm*

  6. Gorgeous car:)) 3.0 or4.2 td??

  7. Audi for ever.

  8. Germany.

  9. amazing diesel engine and a crazy tranny! really want one 🙂

  10. Strange… in my 29 years of driving I have never experienced such a thing…

  11. 4.2 TDI NICE CAR !!

  12. Audi forever…proud to be Audi A6 owner…my dashboard looks same with urs…mine is c7 a6 3.0tfsi

  13. maybe 4.2 tdi!!!

  14. evet evet hız sınırı yok adamlar millet hız yapsın diye yol yapmışlar. yarış yapın kendi halinizde diye 🙂 asıl mal olan sensin. senin araba kullanmaya korkacağın tek şeritli yollarda 180-190 yaptım ben. ama kalkıpta hız yaptım diye övünmüyorum. çünkü bu övünülecek birşey değil.

  15. yeah if he is a dickhead he would, but it is not illegal, you may overtake him even if he have’s the blue light’s on.

  16. 1550

  17. aprox 3000rpm results 250km/h in D8…

  18. Yes, but without the huge engine you’d not have enough torque at that rpm to maintain speed.

  19. Ist ein 4.2 tdi oder ? ich mein so schnell bei so wenig touren 😀

  20. Nicht schlecht 🙂

  21. a.k. embesili o arabayla dümdüz yolda 140 yapıp buraya koymuş, türkiyeye gelseniz yola çıkamazsınız korkudan

  22. why you read it like this. this is your mistake this gearbox was design for 130 km/h with 1500 rpm, and you can see it on the movie

  23. diesel engine

  24. I know that road I guess…..Delhi to Chandigarh highway?

  25. [email protected] going 130 🙂

  26. geiles Auto. Sehr leise und bei 140km/h nur 1400rpm.

  27. Die Drehzahl ist ja WAHNSINN :O :O

  28. what engine is this?

  29. 1500 devirle araba mı kullanılır nan

  30. Audi Best…..MfG Suloja

  31. Fuck you hyundai

  32. It is nice to drive with 140 km/h with 1600 Rpm.
    TDI POWER!!!

  33. Audi is the best

  34. Malsin amk, bide türkiye ye gelsen cikamaz sin demis’sin, o otoban da Hiz limiti yok senin gidecegin en fazla 180-190, hayatinda hic otobana cikmamis sen orda olsan göt korkundan bidaha araba ya binmezsin, orda 250-260 giderken sollandim ben yanimdan yaklasik saate 350 ile araba gecti, siz hayla konusun. Bu Arada video da konu hiz degil Audi A8 in otamatik sürüs pilotu.

  35. From where to activate

  36. What country was this taken place, cause I know it wasn’t the US…140

  37. It is in germany, where is no speed limit on the autobahn.
    He could drive 350 and overtake a police car, legally.

  38. How can I buy this? Do you know if they have seperated device or only build-in device? I can not find it anywhere!
    Thank you vry much 

  39. its a w12 mate its like 6.2 fsi

  40. its manually

  41. I have like this on my ford taurus limited which cost 1/4 Audi’s price (˘˘̯)

  42. germany…autobahn…140km/h…

  43. no no it is 10.24 TDI 🙂

  44. how much is the consumption of car? continuing 140?

  45. 2.0 tdi ??

  46. This car is a better driver than most people where I live! It signals every lane change 😀

  47. What does that have to do with the engine? Isn’t rather the transmission responsible for that?

  48. mal herif ordakı muhabbet hız mı

  49. why would u buy a car like this to drive it at 120?u can do that with and opel astra second hand…this car is made to fly u must use it at 200+

  50. Not in UK xD

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