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  1. Best video on this channel

  2. 75k? You can find one for 35k today really.

  3. tainted by the jersey shore guidos . shame.

  4. Can somebody please tell me the name of the song?

  5. Hey Matt, which would you rather prefer? C6 Grand Sport or this?

  6. Sound track ?

  7. So how much would this m3 cost right now?

  8. This or an e39 M5?

  9. What would some of you people get. A Dodge Challenger hellcat SRT or a BMW m3 E92?

  10. Great video!

    I have a mineral white 2011 m3 E92 and just love the car. It does not have the Comp pack though, so its not perfect 🙂 Has an Eisenmann exhaust though and the sound is great.

    My car has the DTC and even if I like the MT a lot, I prefer the dualclutch. Its faster in gearchanging and also practical. I understand that some people want the manual, you have more involvment.

    Even if the E92 weights over 1,6 ton, it still feels more lighter when driving it. With the right M-button setup the steering is sharp and the throttle response incredible. This is by far the nicest car I have ever had.

  11. That BGM makes me feel sad for the end of NA era.

  12. Came here from the Yung Dro repossesion story of his Maserati.

  13. One of the best Videos on this Channel

  14. I want a 1M with that engine

  15. wayyy better than the new m3 .

  16. Bought a 2011 alpine white e92 m3 with fox red interior two years ago after watching this video.. no regrets..

  17. He was right. BMW did change their vehicles and added turbos.

  18. OMG! Please never, ever, mix the sound and the music that badly again! Was the mixer death and/or broken headphones?

    That ruined a large part of what could have been a very good vid…

  19. I think you just sold me an M3?

  20. love this guy

  21. i know its an older video but watching for first time. is the "so its got that going for it, which is nice" a nod to the movie caddyshack?? thats the first thing i thought of when you said it.

  22. Every time I watch this video it gives me shivers.

  23. What would you guys get? A E90 M3 or a E92 M3?

  24. I own an e46, but oh my I want an e92

  25. Best E92 M3 video on YouTube!

  26. ///M

  27. 3:56 …I cry everytime.

  28. 2011 was the best year to own a brand new bmw hands down

  29. Beautiful car. Sadly, BMW officially discontinued this 2-door coupe version of
    the M3 – we have a video on that. I post short videos on cool facts
    about sports cars. Please help the channel grow 🙂

  30. I know this isn’t new, but it’s an amazing and convincing video.

  31. I hope to be able to afford a 2012 E92 M3 in the next 5 years. By then it’ll be close to a decade old but it’ll be so worth it.

  32. Love this video, and this car!!!!!

  33. Who’s E92 M3 is that? Looks so clean!!!

  34. Lime Kiln and Nepenthe – get married and take your kids’ their Matt – IF you haven’t already 🙂 piece – and feel to ‘Snatch 2nd Gear’ and get a little wheel spin whenever you can !

  35. 6:10 the laugh explain everything 🙂

  36. If anyone is looking for a 2013 ZCP I am interested in selling mine. Alpine White/Fox Red/Carbon Leather Trim/Enhanced Premium Sound…every box checked. Under warranty until Feb 2017. 44,455 miles. Nonsmoker. Asking $45K

  37. This vid brang tears to my eyes. I wished myself after a saw this vid years ago, so badly this M3 E92. Iam an owner of such an master piece and this review is by far the best on the internet! Matt if you read this, I’ve recognized your EX ll BD. I have an WD. Anyhow your vids, specially this one is chicken soup for an enthusiasts soul!!! Thank you very much!!!!

  38. a 2009 ctsv would smoke that any day!!

  39. I want it so bad

  40. This video made me bought a e92 m3. Already own a e36 m3 and e46 m3.

  41. love these thunderous V8’s a future classic for sure… ive done a review on a very similar car on our youtube channel too so check it out if you get the chance 🙂

  42. Bmw and AMG make some amazing V8s <3

  43. I miss the old intros man!

  44. ffs. e90 >e92. clicked this in hope of seeing an e90 m3. but was disappointed to see the e92

  45. That engine begs for the 6 speed manual. Anything else is sacrilege.

  46. 75k for an m3? PASS

  47. Damn good value now considering you can buy one with decent miles for around 35-40k with the comp. pack and all.

  48. Mustang can keep up with M3. And M3 can keep up with Carrera. So the Mustang can keep up with Carrera.haha

  49. You know BMW drivers are a bunch of wankers when nobody realizes he just said ‘Dan Marino glove’…… Marino was a fucking quarterback. And I’ve owned every 3 series since 1989, so I’m a wanka too.

  50. Mustang my ass

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