2011 Porsche 911 GTS Review – WINDING ROAD Magazine

Seyth Miersma reviews the 2012 Porsche 911 GTS.

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Music: “Atmosphere” by Rick Clarke
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  1. i love that exhaust!!

  2. @Cory Lombard rite on dude. its not old skool, its passion in driving. playstation butto mashers wudnt understand e

  3. Best Winding Road vid so far!

  4. This GTS puts out 408 HP – that’s an insane amount for a flat-6. It’s more HP than a 6.0L Chevy LS. Future classic

  5. I bought one of these last wear and love it…..sends me back on my ass!!!

  6. The guy sounds bored

  7. Is insulting people on youtube part of your striving to perfection ?

  8. #sarcasm# : Their stomach extracts abundant blood from the body by overeating.

  9. …at least the car was interesting; the narration was soporific in the extreme. They should lease ‘Monkey’ Harris or Tiff Needell for their commentary and all would be well.

  10. Why do American car reviewers always talk like they’re half asleep ?

  11. I think the British ones do it more than the Americans.

  12. is that dual mode exhaust standard on the gts?

  13. Great review. The videography is phenomenal.

  14. Great video, great car, great sound.

  15. Great videos, can’t wait for you to drive, other cars like the Ferrari 458 and other Italian/German cars

  16. Норм тачка

  17. because they r fat

  18. Better than the current 3.0 Twin turbo stuff  !

  19. fuck i love this car

  20. purity at its best!

  21. Porsche in the wilderness…Although, I have to say, I’d prefer a 6 standard…Old School I guess…and the ROAR of that engine is sending wild vibrations to my feet!

  22. Is it all wheel drive ?

  23. Just everything about this is great, the weather, the foliage, it’s amazing.

  24. poor Americans need to work on their lack of accent. Perhaps some research should go into that 🙂

  25. @Cory Lombard

  26. Getting mine in 2 weeks 😁😁😁

  27. Yes, PSE is standard on the GTS. Love that sound!!

  28. Because they are half drunk.

  29. @KuostA indeed

  30. Because it’s a habit .

  31. Why not drive the new one? Isn’t this review a little late to the party?

  32. Awesome car. My friend’s dad owns one and I was lucky enough to film a video of it.

  33. I think the 911 Turbo is looked at as less of a driver’s car than the S, base, 4, or 4S. It’s more of a luxury sports rocket, while these "lesser" models do a good job of matching the available power to the chassis. This without mentioning the sound difference–the 911 Turbo’s exhaust note has about as much character as a vacuum cleaner. 

  34. so this car is n/a right?

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