2011 Porsche Cayenne Diesel Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour

A very big thank you to Julius and the rest of the staff at Porsche Centre Glenmarie for giving me this opportunity to make videos on Porsches! Although at the time of filming, time was restricted and I only got videos on 2 cars, but still, I enjoyed my time there and will hope to get back there soon!

In this video, I have the 2011 Porsche Cayenne Diesel. The engine in this car is a 3.0 turbodiesel V6 that puts out 240bhp @ 4000-4400rpm and 550Nm of torque @ 2000-2250rpm. The car is mated to a 8-speed Tiptronic S automatic transmission and goes from 0-100km/h in 7.8seconds. Fuel consumption is estimated at 7.4l/100km and the carbon dioxide emissions is at 195g/km.

The colour for this particular car in the video is called solid Black and the interior is in Black as well. There are 2 variants of the Cayenne Diesel available in Malaysia; Standard and Premium. The ‘Standard’ retails for RM560,000 and makes do without navigation, BOSE sound system, etc.. The ‘Premium’ retails at RM620,000 and includes most of the amenities that are absent from the Standard.

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  1. @Drlove2496 Oh, well thats too bad.

  2. sounds like a tractor, shit ;D

  3. sound in real life is amazing for a diesel…..!!!!

  4. @vladsly Its not he’s car.

  5. why invest time and film it with such a crapy camera.


  7. They placed the steer on the wrong side!


  8. Dude, understand your engineering before offering a vote–find some intelligence, even on the bluetech’s! grow up….diesel’s are supressed for an illegal reason. Oh, brother.

  9. Diesel suck! Go buy a Turbo S

  10. Look idk where you are or what your nationality is…SO I felt "indian" was a better term to use than towel head or dot head.

  11. am going to get one of this Porsche Diesel. God it costs more than $ 200,000 US Fucking Dollar. So dame expensive but it’s nice car to drive…. πŸ™‚

  12. @Drlove2496 Where does it cost more then 200.000 dollars? I test drove one today that costed about 120.000 dollars, well it wasnt new but a new one costs about the same.

  13. Who’s Indian?

  14. @venichen1 Vios J is manual, there are certain Hilux models also in manual.

  15. If I’d have a car that nice I wouldn’t be making 15:00 videos. I’d be driving it. Not trolling or hatin though! AMAZING CAR! Good job on getting a good car!

  16. I love this and it’s my dream car but i definitely won’t be able to buy this car because it cost more than 600 thousand, SAD. πŸ™

  17. You can buy a Cayenne Diesel in the US and Canada right now

  18. i love diesel so much!

  19. @superstan121 in the uk and the whole europe and Africa, asia I don’t know.

  20. I love porsche audi and volkswagen v6 and 14 diesel engines they soundnso cool

  21. @ILoveUSA1995 Malaysia is a LHD country.

  22. @venichen1 in the uk some people just pronounce it porsche

  23. @datboiwes333 well pretty much 90% of imported vehicles are autos. the only car with a manual tranny that is sold by Honda here is the Type R while Toyota sells no manuals.

  24. @ipor2 All car in the South East Asia countries ie. Singapore Malaysia Thailand Indonesia and the Philippines are very expensive than you can imagine. $ 200,000 for basic Cayenne diesel is consider cheap as this is not even an an official price from the authorized dealer but it’s from the grey market. We have 300 % import tax. In Singapore would cost $ 250,000 – $ 300,000. No joke my friend.

  25. i want some one to explain "partial leather" to me please!!

  26. Then where are you from man?!

  27. Well with the exception of Brunei. A new Porsche Cayenne Diesel in Brunei costs $115,000 (base model). If you want to personalise you car further, it could easily go up to B$150k-180k at most.

  28. Woops, my mistake and I’m Malaysian haha.

  29. Just so you know, nope. It is not the same. India’s in South Asia, we’re in South East Asia. It’s different.

  30. saabkyle04’s indian twin.

  31. the transmission on the 2010-present Porsche Cayenne
    6-Speed Manual
    8-speed Aisin Tiptronic S automatic

  32. @jamesbmw1 so rude! what’s pissed off you dude????

  33. Yep! Go to Porsche’s USA website and you can price one out. I think the Diesel starts around 55k.

  34. @spanishtaco71 it’s "porsch-uh".

  35. I am unable to stream the video in HD due to my slow internet connect. Can you please tell me whether it comes standard with tinted glass windows?

  36. it is like rajesh koothrappali is speaking:)

  37. @Icydevil9 partial leather means only the top of the seat is leather usually the area where you sit on and is readily visible. the sides and the back of the seat will not be made of leather that will be made of some sort of synthetic leather.

  38. A great car and an amazing video!

  39. @jamesbmw1 hahaha

  40. Isnt that the same??
    Somewhere over there innit?

  41. @mark031290 hey big mouth! shut your fuck mouth and do appreciate of what other people do you a favour. I found his pronounciation is fine and what is your problem racist. Not happy just not to watch

  42. Malaysia.

  43. Lol. We’re a RHD country.

  44. Lol. I’m not even Indian man. Haha

  45. That Key is Cool

  46. xD Nice review

  47. LOL your review idea are from the famous in depth tour youtuber saabkyle08 , exactly same step except the comment , No offence to say that you’re a copy cat , really … but its a great review . Keep It up .

    I like this kind of review , its just like I myself at the showroom taking a tour of the car myself . thank you for a such great review .

  48. you make it sound as if I called him a racial slur. Come down off your high horse the air is cleaner down here.

  49. It depends on how you plan to use the car. If you want just for leisure, then the gasoline Turbo will be more fun to drive. If you want to drive it everyday (to go to work, pickup kids and family and etc) then go with diesel, because even if you are rich enough to pay for the gasoline you would spend most of the time filling up the tank than driving (which to me would be a damn pain in the ass) and that’s no good when the purpose of the car is to drive it everyday.

  50. omg this car is just sexy as hell!

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