2011 Porsche Cayenne TT SharkWerks Cat Bypass Pipes Demonstration – The Shark Werks Cayenne TT Bypass Exhaust replaces the existing OEM secondary catalytic converters. The OEM Cayenne exhaust system has four catalytic converters: the secondary cats are primarily to reduce noise. The horsepower benefits are significant when eliminating the secondary cats. Using stainless steel materials and a CNC mandrel tube bender, we created a pair of single-piece, high-flow pipes. We created an analog to the OEM system that uses OEM-sized diameter tubing and a factory fit flange for installation. The result is a sporty sound without resonance or drone, more horsepower, and reduced turbo lag (on Turbo models). We also made an extra effort to use the OEM catalyst mounts by designing compatible hangers.

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  1. @trese0000 you obviously dont know what a powerful vehicle sounds like

  2. DartFart :)) nice car but sounds like it`s farting.

  3. Nice Sharks haha…

  4. Grate car to rob a bank in lol

  5. Love that sound when it changed gear

  6. @trese0000 its porche 😛 BMW X6M is wayy wayy better this

  7. в гараже и панамера стоит) машина выше всякой похвалы!

  8. How many Porsches do you own?

  9. Looks and sounds nasty bro

  10. Trust me, you’d get used to them to the point where you’d love them!

  11. loooool darth vader

  12. 0:56 – 1:02 Sounds like My Lawnmower! lol nice truck man

  13. It likes a bad mobil!

  14. not really a fan of the taillights..

  15. ывкп

  16. Can I get a rev please ?

  17. the only suv i would buy

  18. darf vader?

  19. DarfVader :))

  20. RICE!

  21. darfvdr – great! 😀

  22. Thumbs up for DARFVDR 😀

  23. amazing dream car 🙁

  24. Great looking vehicle!

  25. taipipes on the Cayenne Turbo. Main-off road control.
    Porche Active Suspension Management in this serie?
    What a differentiate in Cayenne, Cayenne S, Cayenne S Hybrid and Cayenne Turbo? the main point so cunfusing!!!!!!!

  26. im so freaking tired i freaked out when it backed up lmao

  27. @Al3ameriLiCiouS it looks SOOOO much better now from any side!!!

  28. I love this exhaust, but am I the only one that thinks the back of the new cayenne makes it look like a minivan?

  29. How I prefere European stuff to American TROLLIES ….Better built better made and just more up to date…OH they do go around corners unlike the American rubbish

  30. lol at the sharks

  31. уроды будут шуметь под окнами, от этой пердульки авто быстрее не поедет

  32. @Al3ameriLiCiouS i love it more…the old was like a box


  34. One word: UGLY!
    Bring back the old cayennes!

  35. Thumbs-up if you saw the little sharks !

  36. I prefer the green porsche

  37. мечта)

  38. @iBobow haha those are a nice touch!

  39. DarfVDR, nice license plate.

  40. Sounds like a tractor!

  41. did anyone else notice the little sharks next to the tail pipes

  42. Looks like stock muffler. Am I correct?

  43. BADASS!!! Cayenne Turbo = best SUV in the world!

  44. @Zombie2JZGTE
    Why BMW ?

  45. un bordel au quartier


  47. @Al3ameriLiCiouS agree. kinda hyundai design

  48. don’t mind the top rated faggots haters, your ride is epic and i like the new model, it may take time to get used to it but the better numbers is more than enough for me for liking the new model…

    have fun with your awesome ride!

  49. the best form of makin it rain

  50. the camera man gave his life away to take this video

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