2011 Porsche Panamera Turbo – First Test

We hit the test track with perhaps the fastest production sedan to grace the planet, the 2011 Porsche Panamera Turbo.

Read full story here: http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/hatchbacks/1104_2011_porsche_panamera_turbo_test/index.html

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  1. I can’t believe people are trying to compare a Cts to this awesome top of the line refined turbo. Get your Cts or M5. It will be over for you when that guy pulls up in that Panamera. All of the hot women will be focused on him. If you are broke or living check to check you wouldn’t understand. This is a status car. It makes the statement that a person has money and is successful way above average. A Cts or M5 does not make the same statement.

  2. You are on the right track, actually. While replacing wasteful cars with things such as a reliably Camry is one step, using public transit, or, even better, bicycles are the ideal way to move about town. Heated seats are pointless, I agree. We haven’t needed them for hundreds of years. I do not understand why we need them now. Ideally, we would have as few cars on the road as possible. The next best thing is simple, reliable, efficient automobiles.

  3. yok böyle bi araba yav çok az yakıt süper görünüş süper


  5. Exactly. Thanks for illustrating my point. People freak out over the little details, when, really, in the grand scheme of things, cars are mostly the same. How many Miatas can be bought instead of a Ferrari 458? Yeesh, a lot. On top of that, they will be more fuel efficient and less expensive to maintain and more reliable and less harmful to the planet.

  6. i had an opportunity to test drive this car about 3 months ago and let me tell you the way this thing pulls you is mind blowing you would never think that something so heavy and luxurious would pull like that.

  7. It’s also a Jeep. A piece of shit, low quality car.

  8. Porsche Panameras look like a piece of shit carved and then 4 wheels stuck to the bottom of it.

  9. this car is beautiful..coming from a BMW guy….those haters out there…just die…

  10. My buddy owns a turbo s model. It’s unreal!

  11. @radar3699 It looks better in person.

  12. Holy fuck they seriously thought they had the fastest sedan? God damn…

  13. @Twsit133 What are you talking about? It looks like a baby elephant.

  14. I don’t understand. You can get a Honda Accord Crosstour and it looks pretty much exactly the same, has the same functionality and everything. What am I missing here?

  15. Not sure if you’re serious, but I was being sarcastic. Cars are not ‘mostly the same’, unless you just see cars as an appliance that takes you from A to B.

    You sound like the perfect Camry customer. Less harmful to the planet, you say? Alright, one Camry Hybrid for you then.

  16. holy shit didnt know the panamera was packin! what a beast

  17. SO. UGLY.

  18. Haters gona hate

  19. @Secretrich1 It is a sedan.

  20. @aeromech84 exactly what i’m thinking. Im sure you can screw 650bhp out of a twin turbo 4.8

  21. The Camry is precisely one of the cars that we need more of. I’m actually serious. This nonsense with going somewhere faster (when you still have to obey the law and the speed limits) is getting kind of crazy. Think about how much fuel is being used in the process, and the amount of animals we go through just to line our car interiors. To put it lightly, that’s insanity. The Panamera Turbo is pure ostentation and a Camry is just as good.

  22. @Mejevoli it WAS the fastest or technically still is minus this hatch/wagon and the gutted sti

  23. @chigasaki06 It really doesn’t. I don’t want to say what school I go to but there are tons of Panameras out front. The thing is that Porsche C.E.O. Is 6.8′ and he insisted that he wanted to be able to sit in the back. The original sketches were beautiful but the raised the roofline too much when engineering it. :[ (ok I suppose it isn’t thhhaaatttttt bad looking)

  24. Still is ugly, sad to see the Porsche name attached to this thing. I can’t manage to call this a sedan either, about as out of place as an el camino.


  26. U ain’t lieing!!!

  27. @EuropeanMale1976 the jeep can reach 270km/h

  28. LOL Jeep srt8 stopped from 60-0 in 106ft and this porsche 109ft XD

  29. @Montu4g63 So brabus cars aren’t saloons? Cool. oh yeah i forgot, americans tend to "No that doesn’t count" when it comes to rivals to their achievements

  30. Seeing Porsche as a four-door coupe…it will take some time to get used to that.

  31. Enjoy your bicycle, I guess. I’ll spare a thought for the environment every time I fire up my V8 and switch on the heated seats and heated steering wheel.

  32. this dude sounds gay

  33. Think about how much fuel is being used to transport your single bum around town in that Camry. The interiors of those aren’t exactly caves either- those fancy heated leather chairs aren’t any better for the animals than the full leather interior of my Panamera.

    Surely the bus and subway with their lovely plastic chairs is good enough for you?

  34. I consider it to be a Sportback, like the new S7 coming out.

  35. If you took the limiter off any Mercedes AMG or BMW M it would beat the tar out of the Cadillac

  36. panorama is is twice as more expensive than the ctsv and ctsv is much better looking in my opinion…
    plus i think ff will be the fastest

  37. This car before car I laugh ah

  38. Love this car, the looks and the speed!!!

  39. good one

  40. All of us need to help the environment in our own ways. I don’t think firing up a V8 engine and burning gasoline is the answer smiles.

  41. turbo always gets it..

  42. Hot damn this makes the Ferrari FF look sexy. Ooh boy! I bet VW had a hand in this. They did not want Porsche cannabilizing Audi and Bentley sales so they handicapped the Porsche. "Sure you can build a sedan, but make sure it is so damn ugly, that only those that absolutely have to have a Porsche sedan and nothing else, would buy it. Got that dear old Porshii. Jawohl, Herr General!"

  43. lol where did the bash on cadillac come from? haha

  44. I agree with the people that say that you have to see it in real life in order to appreciate it. I see this car all the time (dark grey) and it looks and sounds stunning! There are so many Porsche’s here that this one actually stands out.

  45. The Panamera is by far the ugliest Porsche ever made.

  46. I don’t understand. You can get a Toyota Corolla LE and it looks pretty much exactly the same as a Mercedes S600, has the same functionality and everything. What am I missing here?

    I don’t understand. You can get a Mazda Miata and it looks pretty much exactly the same as a Ferrari 458, has the same functionality and everything. What am I missing here?

  47. Hahaha Camry scrap metal can not touch German power

  48. U own the panamera?
    R U black?
    NICE to have a panamera, huh?
    most people can’t afford one.
    I would like to have one!

  49. I bet if the that lack cost about the same, that Panamera won’t STAND A CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!! Also if it had AWD Like the panamera!!!! Oh yeah, Stop hattin on CADILLAC!!

  50. I’ll take the M5.

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