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  1. the proche is AWD….

  2. that twin turbo zo6 basically ran what a stock zo6 would run WTF

  3. American muscle all the way! and that Panamera looks hideous compared to that vette!

  4. panamera is the best car!
    porsche is amazing!

  5. @mkuroglu I used to have an Audi A6 2.7L Biturbo that was almost 4000 lbs that car was giving me 29 mpg

  6. @StreetKingEvolution Lol, it’s a drag strip, that’s the sound of the tires sticking to the pavement. It’s a V8 with some obvious exhaust work, turbos should be extremely loud on that corvette. If that’s a Twin turbos corvette, then he is a terrible driver to be running right around stock times, in a TT corvette.

  7. Porsche all the way!!!

  8. Panamera is ugly as SIN, the wheels on any i have seen look like they dont belong on he car. The car is just too big and hideous. I dont care if its relatively fast or looks nice inside

  9. Yeah I doubt that was twin turbo, it did not sound like a turbo and those numbers were NA modded Z06 territory.

  10. @quatroportte These 7.0 Vette motors can do around 650 HP naturally aspirated and be perfectly street legal. Try sticking a turbo on one. Then were talking 1000 + easily. Dont run your mouth about the GM pushrod v8 when you dont know anything about what your talking about.

  11. @mkuroglu it’s always the same with those in denial, they`ll find excuses to defend their "favorite" even if it is obviously beyond any objective and factual logic. i guess they just don’t want any american make to be "better" for what it’s worth, it’s funny, because if they see that to be the case they argue engine size, and if the euro happens to have the larger engine …no word on it, like when the ZR1 spanked the murcielago, it was "oh but the corvette has got a supercharger" plain idiots!

  12. PEACE

  13. 11.5 is what a stock z06 runs….not twin turbo.

  14. the panemera is the most hideous and vile car conceived by man kind, the back looks like a dog taking a shit, corvette all the way

  15. PORSCHE > All Cars

  16. traction lost z06 compare traction control for the Porsche do a roll on Porsche lose

  17. @ManULover07 I would like you to tell that to my friend who had to sell his Ferrari 430 after his 2nd clutch in 10000miles. Paid like 10k$ in repairs. Oh yes he got a z06 now btw. Making 560hp with a tune and headers. Much faster than a ferrari 430 as his 100-200kmh is 6.5secs

  18. Twin turbo Z06 running 11.5? A stock Z06 can achieve that. His MPH was faster than a stock Z06 but damn!

  19. @TiconderogaX You can hear the turbos spool -_-

  20. Obviously not a twin turbo vette.

  21. twin turbo my ass

  22. The only way Corvette can compete with tge 2012 Porsche line-up is to put a twib turbo zo6 with 1000hp against a 4 door family sedan with 600hp,only then it can beat it by 0.3 seconds
    CORVETTE OWNERS!,rejoice!!!
    Btw a 530hp 911 turbo s got 0-60 in 2.7sec @ motortrend and car and driver

  23. Porsche..that said it all fine German engineering…the only thing Chevy makes good is there truks

  24. lol 116mph…trap speed? lol thats the wrong car for this guy..

  25. This was a joke… -That ZO6 had more work than a construction site done to the motor. NOT just exhaust headers either!!!! -ZO6 was making AT LEAST 700 hp by that trap speed.. –
    Flag on the play!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I saw that same panamera yesterday when i went to the club (Martini night club in Birmingham). It looks a lot better in person.

  27. Not a twin turbo……

  28. @quatroportte I’ve seen here a 4th generation Camaro with cam beat up a Porsche Turbo. So there.

  29. panamka №1

  30. Bullshit

  31. @777lsz777 The corvette won lol. And it trapped 16 mph faster. The Vette was much faster.

  32. @mkuroglu i hear you on that man! euros (and japanese for that matter) are in most cases not only much more expensive to buy but also generally much more expensive to run&maintain, they require a lot of costly maintenance and constant check-ups. not very reliable in that regard. me, i`d prefer an LS7 wrapped by a sleek and no nonsense Corvette body over a Ferrari too !

    complicated and costly, i guess that`s part of being "exotic" 😀

    anyways, greetings from germany

  33. Panamera to launch control and did not win the vette

  34. I found out that the Panamera Turbo S is faster than a Saleen S7!


  35. I feel like if you brought a Porsche of that nature(or any Porsche for that matter) you wouldn’t be very well liked at that kind of event…

  36. None of those that you listed have a Big Block

  37. Take a look at the interior of one of those panamera’s, one of the most beautiful i have ever seen

  38. Vette less money, but faster and stronger

  39. @andresgrullon I have daily driven my vette for 2 years. Not once did it go wrong and I average 26mpg because it doesnt wiegh 2 tons like my Audi s4 for example.

  40. it looks like a mansory panamera.

  41. @quatroportte You are moron for saying 3.8 vs 7.0 bla bla . Porsche uses turbos to get 560 out of 3.8. When you use turbos on a corvette you get 650-700hp with super low psi. Now you are educated.

  42. people outside can’t see the interior

  43. guy in the vette spun at the start and i think the other car is AWD

  44. thats no twin turbo z06 !! 11´s jaja that he can do stock all day long !! but nice porche also jjaja

  45. porsche is better and faster!!

  46. LOL, stock panamera WON! bravo!

  47. @777lsz777 Bro its the ultimate sleeper i love this car.

  48. That porsche looks fugly

  49. still a wonder piece of engineering, unlike the pushrod V8 powered corvette :l

  50. And the Corvette ate all the shit.

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