2012 Audi A6 versus BMW 535i review: And the best luxury sedan is…

( ) The new BMW 535i has almost always been the benchmark for all other mid-sized luxury sedans. But for 2012 the all new Audi A6 is taking direct aim at the BMW buyer as well as the 535i. The Audi brings to the table a 310 HP supercharged powerplant, an 8 speed automatic transmission and of course Quattro all-wheel-drive. But to not to be outdone the BMW has all of the same stuff but instead of a supercharged engine it comes with a turbo. So which one is the better car?

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  1. bmw is better than audi
    the comparison its not real

  2. In my opinion, I always felt lexus and audi "screamed" subtle luxury

  3. 1091 mad bimmer fanboys….

  4. Ugly BMW lost… BEAUTIFUL A6 WON

  5. both are too excellent but too expensive

  6. Audi is quite shit

  7. Audi is sponsoring them for sure XD pls dont compare that bullshit to the BMW

  8. The Audi A6 is gorgeous! A shame it costs 145.000 dollars in my country (Uruguay). 😁

  9. this two guys are the most boring testers i ever come across

  10. Do you guys work for vw?

  11. Not a fair video at all. I wonder how much Audi paid them to do this video.

  12. LAUNCH CONTROL!!!! WTF????

  13. The second and fourth test are dumb.

  14. well, that was a waste of time.

  15. don’t quit ur day jobs guys

  16. If your buying a 5 series BMW witch My dads buying I prefer space grey colour interior cream dash board wood not the wood that kids can chip off easily and plus at night the door inside light up in some of them

  17. i drove a 5 series and a a6 i if you ask me i chose the a6 at every occasion

  18. From the dislikes I can tell the AUDI won, lol you bmw fanboys suck.

  19. audi 310hp vs 300hp and audi was front not fair……
    do they know the difference of the supercharger and turbo?

  20. bmw is better

  21. Not even s6 so can’t imagine rs6

  22. this roman is a retarded and the bald gerbo is a cocksucker. I hate this TFL

  23. How can I get a job testing cars?

  24. I love their all American fun attitudes. They’re having fun on the job and not just reporting facts like a boring accountant or hedge fund bastard would talk about a car! Great video guys! Thank you!

  25. Was the auto start stop button on???

  26. The 5 series is everything wrong with german cars! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SO KICK THE BMW OUT OF THE MID-SIZE LUXURY SEDAN CLASS!

  27. Sorry mate, you’re really off the line by starting the Audi comment by an VW news state.. Yes Volkswagen Group sells passenger cars under the Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, Porsche, SEAT, Škoda and Volkswagen!
    But you’re describing an Audi like it’s from a VW factory. Well it’s NOT and that is a big different. Now i guess you probably know that, but some of us don’t. Tomorrow somebody is going to say that an Audi is same as VW…..Or a Porsche is same as Seat!!! Commeee onnnnn a big minus there!!

  28. i drive BMW but after this I will try to test drive audi. maybe change of heart who knows.

  29. in europe base price for audi is bigger

  30. can anyone tell how bmw works with blinking headlights, starting at the footage 3:52

  31. You got to Brake boost off the line.

  32. My dad has an Audi A5 and my best friend has a BMW 320i. It’s like this one

  33. The guy in the BMW left late and didn’t floor it.??

  34. Audi much better then overrated bmw

  35. I’ve driven a 535i with the sport package. It sure as hell didn’t take 3 seconds to start moving in sport mode. That being said… I may not be buying one after this. I’ll be checking out an A6 next week now.

  36. I like both of them but i will rather have a beamer than a Audi because BMW is a type of car for youngsters so is Audi but Audi is more of a 30s person on my opinion

  37. thumbs up for Audi yoga position
    and yes, Audi is more expensive to buy and service in Europe, than BMW and Mercedes.

  38. The BMW has a malfunctioning VANOS that is why it has missing torque below 3k rpm and lost the sprint, I know both cars and at 100k miles the Audi interior starts falling apart…

  39. Not really biased that one guy just accepted the fact that the audi beats it in every metric.

  40. Audi’s exterior isn’t half as luxurious as the 5 series. A6 looks like a cheap japanese car with no curves.

  41. Audi still has some time left before they can claim the thrown. The engines don’t last as long. How many people do you still see driving an 1995 Audi with that old 5 cylinder? Time will tell. Just for the record my mother owned two Audi 5000 and after the first 5 yrs it stayed in the shop. Not all people buy cars for trunk space, interior design, etc. Some buy because of quality.

  42. I’m stumped the bmw can’t grab that audi with its torque so low

  43. Audi is on top of their game right now. The problem is how will the emission scandal and loss of millions of dollars/euros affect them in the future.

  44. you didn’t click the button in the bmw gas pedal

  45. just cut the trying hard comedian style it doesn’t work period.

  46. first of all that drag race was unfair fucking do a real one

  47. Thanks for sharing. Doing some comparison shopping and this really helps. I’m currently a 335i convertible owner but want a sedan w/o giving up the fun of driving. Now considering the A6.

  48. I have a 535i and yesterday a friend of mine and I went to buy him a A6 2.8 FSI s-line Quattro from 2013 . I tested the car and well, my 535i was much quicker (5,3 sec from 0 to 100km) !

  49. suck my dick! !!! Audi gays!!!


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