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  1. Wow Steve, I actually think you have gotten me to like this panamara! Looks great in silver with black wheels. Where dobyou film the city scenes? It’s looks like a nice place.

  2. dude, this car is meant to be for the rich who wants luxery and speed and handling, this car represents wealth a mustang on the other had does not and neither does a srt300. not everything is about speed, its like saying oh ill buy a GT-R over a 458 italia because 0-60 time is faster

  3. Why didn’t they just make a sedan? It might actually have some style, something Porsche has been devoid of for a while (with the exception of 911 and Boxer).

  4. Why people comparing this to american cars they’re not even competitors. Totally diffrebt costuners this is for the wealthier tht wnt a 911 but got a family n need room but performance of a porsche. This isnt no hot rod or muscle get that through you heads

  5. i dont know why people compare this with others, bmw, jag, audi, etc.
    there’s no car like it, period
    this is purely 911 sedan, not really, but that’s what it could only compare with subtract doors.

  6. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….Mazing!

  7. There is a difference between a regular Merc, and an AMG Merc. My cousin works at a Benz dealership, he said mostly young 30 something rich people buy AMG, except for the SLS AMG. He said old people buy that one.

  8. its not that ugly, your just giving in to peer pressure…

  9. bro i got like 7

  10. is just looks hideous

  11. TestDriveNow Reviews by Auto Critic Steve Hammes

    Didn’t think the Panamera would take such a beating for its looks…especially this one with the various sport upgrades. I’m on record as really liking it but I can see where it’s an acquired taste.

  12. TestDriveNow Reviews by Auto Critic Steve Hammes

    I think this is the best looking Panamera of any kind that I’ve tested. We’re in upstate New York…various cities. Nice place to live.

  13. ستيف حمص

  14. 0:58 hideous understeer!

  15. A beautiful car, in beautiful Toronto (I think)

  16. That’s the fastest whale I’ve ever seen!

  17. cause ya aint got 80 grand biooooooyaayayyooioioitch

  18. Overpriced!

  19. It’s still hideous.

  20. NY

  21. why does this Panamera has these special brakes with horizontal ventilation holes instead of the usual cross drilled brake disc. Never seen it before.

  22. The president of Porsche during the Panamera’s development insisted that he must be able to comfortably fit in the back. The problem was the guy is 6’8".

  23. really would consider switching from an s550 to this

  24. TestDriveNow Reviews by Auto Critic Steve Hammes

    Very spacious/firm ride. Only seats 4.

  25. As much as I love this car I would take the Jaguar xj over this.

  26. Not sure if the XJ is actually a direct competitor

  27. As nice as it is to drive and sit in, it’s ugly and overpriced.

  28. TestDriveNow Reviews by Auto Critic Steve Hammes

    I feel that way about the Cayenne.

  29. The cars that journalists receive are PR press cars. Meaning that the OEM’s load them up with all sorts of options and amenities to show what the company offers. You can get a very nice Panamera under 100k, I’ve seen them on dealer lots for $72,000 – $92,000

  30. I love the car, dont like the looks that much. Interior though, where i will spend most of my time, is uncanny. I’d buy this over a M5 in a heartbeat.

  31. i hated the rear end of this car when it first came out, but now it has grown on me a lot. looks great in my eyes.

  32. before watching this video, i so called this having a Georgia license plate and wouldn’t you know it? it does! My neighbor works for Porsche in Easton, PA and his car right now has a Georgia plate. they also moved from Marietta, GA which is another Porsche Office location. 😀

  33. One thing I missed is that the joy of driving a Panamera depends on the type of pavement or asphalt. In Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia the asphalt is very soft and slippery which provide less traction on acceleration and breaking. The ABS gets activated in every stop sign. If the traction control is off and I push the accelerator on a 140km speed. The car can easily fishtail and require hard control over the steering-wheel to keep it in a straight line.

    But it fun on roundabouts

  34. Fast, but ugly.

  35. it ain’t ugly actually it’s just something different and i like it

  36. How roomy was the interior and how good was the ride quality? I’m surprised you didn’t mention these in a review of a sedan. Also, I find it odd how it only seats 4, unless I’m mistaken.

    Also, I know you’re not supposed to mention this in an objective review, but GOD that’s one ugly fuck of a car…

  37. prob XJ for those who have a driver (the XJ’s rear seats looks much more comfortable and a lot more amenities than the Pan) and Panamera for those who would pref to do the driving on their own..

  38. That it one ugly car from the exterior!!!

  39. 135k???? WTFFF??????

  40. mindless drones repeating what they heard on top gear

  41. TestDriveNow Reviews by Auto Critic Steve Hammes


  42. Unbelievable how FAST these things sell here in Vegas.

    Thanks for a stunning review, Steve!

  43. Who buys this over an M5 or an AMG? must be a retard who inherited some serious dough

  44. TestDriveNow Reviews by Auto Critic Steve Hammes

    It usually depends on how far we deactivate the traction control, i.e. how safe is our particualr environment that day. The understeer quickly turns to playful oversteer in this vid.

  45. Beautiful car in its own right. But, for $140,000 that opens up many options, and gets very close to the price of the exotic sports car stratosphere.

  46. TestDriveNow Reviews by Auto Critic Steve Hammes

    Good point. That’s a tough call but I definetly hear what you’re saying.

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