2013 Audi A8 L Test Drive & Luxury Car Video Review

http://www.autobytel.com/audi/a8/2013/?id=32972 The 2013 Audi A8 L is the top of the line luxury vehicle from this German auto manufacturer. The “L” denotes that this is a long-wheelbase edition which stretches the chassis by 5 inches which directly translates into more rear leg room. The A8 combines the highest level of luxury with advanced technology and a powerful engine into one almost perfect package. Some model highlights include an adaptive air suspension, LED headlights, Quattro all-wheel drive, Audi Space Frame Technology, and an aerodynamic sexy exterior design. The 2013 Audi A8 has a base price of $72,200 but the A8 L with the 4.0T engine as seen here starts at $87,200.

If you are a luxury brand trying to sell car in America than you need a flag-ship sedan. And there are many good ones to choose from; and this Audi A8 has something very impressive under the hood. Most luxury buyers are actually buying the long wheelbase version over the short wheelbase cars. Everything from the B-pillar forward is the same as the regular A8. Where Audi makes the added room count is in the second room. Our test car here has the $11,250 Executive Rear Seat Comfort Package which includes large rear seats with foot rests, message functionality, Audi Exclusive Cool Box, Valcona Leather, and an Entertainment Package.

In the case of the Audi A8 there are actually 3 engine choices offered. The 3.0 liter supercharged V-6 engine makes 333 horsepower while the engine on the vehicle reviewed here is a twin-turbo 4.0 liter V-8 that produces 420 horsepower and 444 lb-ft. of torque. The last engine is a huge V-12 known as the W12. The transmission is an 8-speed automatic. Fuel economy ranges from 18/28 MPG for the 3.0T to 16/26 MPG for the 4.0T. The V-8 engine features cylinder deactivation to increase fuel economy.

Besides the amazing engine and the beautiful exterior, the 2013 Audi A8 comes standard with Quattro all-wheel drive. The powerful twin-turbo engine, 8-speed transmission, and Quattro help the A8 accelerate from 0-60 MPH in 4.8 seconds.

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  1. ^^

    I just looked at your videos and they horrible !

  2. Ive never seen person with homeless clothes can make review on Audi A8 🙁

  3. please dont let this guy review a car ever again. No emotion, keeps repeating himself. Facts straight from the brochure.

  4. Rather have my Genesis R-Spec with big V8 @ 429 hp.

  5. Love this car, but I like the s550 more… Great review!

  6. how money?

  7. Why you would pay $80,000 for a car like this that’s terrible on gas? This doesnt make any sense.

  8. this car has got some luxury in it, but not as luxurious as the bmw 750i

  9. This car is stupid since Audi replaced a touchscreen which is m

  10. I would get the 3.0T A8, I think 0-60 in 5.5 seconds is enough! It has luxury, the brand name, and I can set comfortably in it (I’m 6’2", 260lbs) and no I’m not fat!!

  11. Only 5 seconds of a 3 minute 12 "test drive" actually driving the car? Kinda pathetic.

    Also lol @ Quattro being the best awd system in the world, you clearly have nfi what you’re talking about.

  12. verry good

  13. Man this guy endorses every single car he reviews..

  14. Test drive? I see you driving for only 5sec

  15. V-12 aka W-12 -.- what a noob a V engine is not the same as a W engine

  16. This dude dont know how to present cars. Just talking and talking. BORIng!

  17. u americans so lucky to have no front plate…so much more beautiful

  18. Miguel, great review. Which German lux brand is your fav? It seems Audi has the best interior

  19. LOL

  20. Got English? Ha-ha-ha.

  21. indeed

  22. cmon what about the RS5

  23. its 2 of there v6 12 joined together to make the w12

  24. this and the s-600 fail in front of the bmw 760 li……. m happy i bought one

  25. Whats the diffrence about about the a8 and s8 ?

  26. Already did . ^^

  27. I would rather have a Tesla Model S any day over this

  28. W12 is W12, V12 is V12, Both have 12 cylinders but their configurations are different, there is no such thing as v12 or w12, Please learn more about engines before doing car review.

  29. Great man, such an impressive car!

  30. "V-12 known as the W-12". No, that would be the W-12 known as the W-12. Do they not know the difference between a V and a W!?

  31. This dipshit knows nothing about cars… He’s like one of those scumbag arabs working at a used car dealership.

  32. like Chrysler’s mds system!!!

  33. lol love it …" its beautiful its agile its sexy..its an Audi " 🙂

  34. So if you had a choice between a Nissan over a Merc you would choose the Nissan? I understand that it’s more reliable but really???

  35. Hyundai Genesis 5.0 v8 rspec at 429 hp

  36. The difference is that the W12 is two V6s put in one car. Like the Bugatti Veyron that has two V8s

  37. the A8 doesnt look good compared to others on camera, but in person the A8 is beatiuful. the LS460 is decent though.

  38. You can’t compare s7 with A8L. A8 is more like an executive’s car.

  39. I’m with you on that one.A V12 and a W12 are 2 completely different engines.

  40. Gorgeous!!

  41. You can get this car for the high $30,000s under 75k miles used nowadays. What a steal

  42. amazing! from a 8 to 4 cylinders

  43. this car is awesome buy any day

  44. Talk less and show more

  45. Some states require them. Depends on what state you live in.

  46. "There’s also a v12 known as the w12." Did anybody else spot that fail

  47. The Audi Takeover!

  48. s8 is sport model of a8

  49. transporter car

  50. "V12 known as the W12" do you think i want retards to be my automotive advisor? this is fail beyond belief.

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