2013 Audi RS5 Test Drive & Review

Select “Original” quality for 4K resolution. Sponsored by Audi of Alexandria. Steve takes us on a test drive of the ultimate accessory the 2013 Audi RS5. This beautiful performance coupe from Audi is a limited production, high performance model of Audi’s A5 and S5. With more horsepower, faster 0-60 and excellent performance, the 2013 Audi RS5 improves upon the already exceptional S5. Soundtrack Link: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Rosenthal_Automotive_Accessorize?id=Baxheyxgtqk7gh5n6prd7wgavaq&feature=artist-albums#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDYwMiwiYWxidW0tQmF4aGV5eGd0cWs3Z2g1bjZwcmQ3d2dhdmFxIl0.

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  1. 2016 and this review is still one of the best .

  2. Nice car I wonder how much it costs.

  3. I can’t stop watching the intro

  4. Awesome review!

    Anyone knows Thé color of this rs5?

  5. Who I want to be when I’m older

  6. >They should hire this guy for all their commercials or they are STUPID!

  7. You have a great personality! One day I will have one. I don’t understand why you don’t have more subs! Well I hope to do work with you one day, much success to you

  8. i wanted to buy this car after 10 seconds watching and he hasnt even said amything about it

  9. Carderock Parkway! 

  10. Great video

  11. this guy knows how to sell, if i found him in an audi’s dealership I would end selling my house to buy the car hahaha

  12. rs5 or s7?

  13. The Gordon Gekko of car sales

  14. What a douchebag.

  15. He looks like a Gordon Gecko look-a-like coke dealer on Miami Vice. Which is pretty damn cool, come to think of it. He just needed to lay a couple of 1/2 gram rails down on the console, and snort ’em to make his whole spiel complete.

  16. I have to say, this should be an Audi commercial. This guys intro is excellent

  17. just found your channel a few days ago, i live 5 minutes from where you test drive all of your cars, one day i may see you! that would be cool

  18. This guy is cool as shit!

  19. Holy shit this was the best video i ever seen on youtube! 
    One more thing! 

  20. it’s by far one my favorite cars its so well made but the look of this car man listen the New LED lights make it look so Mean its just beautiful…

  21. my motivation

  22. Finally someone evaluating the Audi RS5 for what it is and what it was DESIGNED by Audi to do. Not everybody want power slides on public roads. Not everybody track the car. Most people will enjoy it for the very same reasons you listed in your video. That is how a potential buyer expect a car to be reviwed. Hose fancy journalist that wanna be pilot?

    Buy a old truck, install a 472ci in it and power slide forever…

  23. Hi your videos are amazing love them and I think there the best car video’s out there. Always waiting to see the next one and all ways see the videos more the one time, that’s how good the videos are.

  24. Love this guy. Beautiful introduction so much style

  25. I keep watching this after two years. Best review i have seen. You should do the rs5 2015 review in such a cinematographic way you did that year.

  26. 4:03 Burp

  27. you have talent to make car videos so exclusive! 😉

  28. The grill looks gorgeous !

  29. he looks like a really asshole stepdad……..nice video.

  30. The growl is amazing. Just hearing it makes me smile.

  31. Sportback version would be lit

  32. ABSOLUTELY loved this review… I’m currently in the process of getting my very own and I can’t wait to get in it and just drive!

  33. Hello i love the soundtrack that you have in this video. I want to use it for my own personal project, who should i contact for use license?

  34. Wonder if this guy (and all of you) is (are) aware that Audi’s 4.2 liter FSI engines NEVER have their declared amount of horsepower ? RS5’s like the one above were tested on a dyno right after being bought – they had between 370 and 390hp. That’s 80-60hp LESS than what you paid for. To speak nothing on the carbon-deposit build-up problem in the valves on FSI engines – this was worst in B7 RS4’s (the same 4.2 FSI engine as the RS5 above) – they NEVER had the declared 420hp, usually around 360hp, after cleaning the crap out of the valves they had 380-390hp. Finally, the carbon build-up is so bad, that you have to get the valves cleaned once a year to maintain those 380-390hp’s, forget about the catalogue power rating of 420hp. Anyone in on the above issues ?

  35. At the beginning, I felt like I was watching a legitimate television broadcast.

  36. This is an cheesy but awesome video! Keep it up!

  37. This in the world of cars is like the F-14 Tomcat in the world of Jets… So sexy!!!!!! My dream car, soon will have 😉

  38. is it your watch ROLEX 18K?

  39. What an idiot

  40. You remind me of Michael Douglas, crossed with Jack Nicholson…I love it!!  The car is beautiful.

  41. The car looks respectful that is important, hot.

  42. I think I would love this car. Might be my favourite looking car so far in my research.
    Isn’t 4.5 sec a bit slow though? My WRX STI is about that stock. This is what this RS5 would replace.. my daily driver.

    Tough to make a choice between this and the S5.. big price difference and S5 can be flashed to REVO stage 2 to be about the same power and about as fast in a straight line for less than a grand.

  43. You belong on top gear US.

  44. Not only is it a great performance car, very sporty, very luxurious, but it’s also absolutely gorgeous. The A5/S5/RS5 design especially the facelifted model is one of the best looking cars ever made.

  45. This guy should be a host on Top Gear US. 

  46. hahhahahahahahhaha! @ 5:24

  47. it s not the car it s the men behind the wheel great job

  48. Nice I LOVE This Guy !

  49. At 7:54 he says it is stiffening up the dampeners — does that really happen in this car? I understood that it does not. I know it’s reasonably quiet in comfort mode but feels a little stiff, still.

  50. LMFAO! This guy’s the f**kin mann! He’s like a Jack Nicholson gearhead. Awesome! 

    oh yeah  nice car too !

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