2013 Audi S4 AWD vs 2013 Volvo S60 T6 AWD R-Design! – Head 2 Head Ep. 34

On this episode of Head 2 Head, Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman pits the 2013 Volvo S60 T6 AWD R-Design against returning contender, the 2013 Audi S4. Before hitting the road, the engine placements of both competing sedans are compared against segment contemporaries such the Cadillac ATS & BMW’s 335i. Why? Because while both competitors are AWD, they start life as FWD. As a result, both vehicles have unusual engine placements. A mix of limit testing & canyon carving follows as Jonny provides insight on both cars, examining everything from driving impressions to interior ergonomics. Does Volvo’s beefed up S60 have what it takes to dethrone Audi’s “sleeper sedan?”

Head 2 Head appears every other Wednesday on the Motor Trend channel. http://www.youtube.com/motortrend

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  1. Audi s4 has more power, nicer sounding engine, better acceleration, looks better and has a better interior so how can anyone like the Volvo more!?

  2. That Volvo’s interior is cringeworthy

  3. i dont understand why he thinks is fair to review a 10 grand plus audi! :O

  4. My friends 11 and he’s size 11

  5. I wish you would retest the Volvo S60 polestar, the 2017 YM version, it has an 8 gear tranny, new AWD, new engine with 367 hp and 470 NM torque, and yes, it has paddle shifters, this time it could blow out of the water the audi.

  6. Get the car remapped via polestar software, change the exhaust and induction tract and get the gearbox software revamped. Will address all the complaints noted. The Audi looked staid and I was hoping it would be better as I am former S4 owner.

  7. Did anybody listen? The Audi is still 10k more than the Volvo. Stick 10k in the Volvo and see how it performs…… just saying

  8. Buddy ,,I Love how you lean your body into the corners like your about to lay down in the other seat and have a nap , You would’ve been one of those crazy kids that turned the Play Station controller and your body to tipping point playing Gran Turismo and knocking everyone off the lounge , I Got an Idea ,Try sitting upright , Do you do Motorbike Head 2 Heads cause that would be funny , Going to look for one now , ,,,MAAAAATE Your just too Funny LOL

  9. what’s the difference between an Audi driver and a Volvo driver

    When you crash you don’t die :/

  10. ze germans again…

  11. that was a hilarious take on how Germans measure hp, great commentary!

  12. If you want to compare this Volvo with a audi u can compare it in safe section
    but the audi more power and grip and more sexy and comfortable , what you think that s60 its just a little car have a good safety systems and nothing more its ugly car .

  13. Would you still get that straight line speed if you bought an S4 at a dealership? It’s difficult to cheat with naturally aspirated engines because the stock ECU tuning is typically very close to the optimal performance tune (not quite optimal because of fuel efficiency, etc., but very close). With forced induction you can always cheat by cranking up the boost. Every single one of these Head 2 Head’s with an Audi or a Merc they are producing 50+ horsepower over the stated rating. It makes me wonder if they are just over-boosting the prepped cars provided to car mags. Given the whole diesel scandal, it’s clear that VAG is not the most trustworthy business so let’s not pretend they are morally above doing this.

  14. Derramaderos cerritos slp

  15. Why did you not us the Volvo S6 Polestar which has 508hp?

  16. From Berlin to Warsaw in one tank

  17. Isn’t the Volvo closer to the 2.0Tfsi premium rather than the S4 pricewise?

  18. this channels is biased on German cars😑

  19. "I don’t have OCD but…" goes on to complain about litany of trivial issues on the Volvo. I don’t mind Jonny and consider him a good reviewer but whenever there’s a German car involved I never take his opinion too seriously, especially since there’s always mention of a "friend" or someone he knows at AMG, VW, etc. I’ve owned cars from both brands and I would take the Volvo all day. It’ll last longer,be reliable and is unique. Audi is about the badge, not substance. Keep up the great reviews Motor Trend.

  20. As a swede with a german dad, I love both these cars and have no bias, they are both great cars in their own way! I think it’s stupid to keep fighting and insulting each other over which brand is better.. and even though this is’t directly related to the video, I also wish Saab was bought by VW or BMW, they know how to ressurrect a brand and make them awesome, but instead it was bought by GM and wasn’t given much attention… And for anyone who says Saab wet bakrupt because their cars were bad, they make freaking airplanes ad je fighters for god’s sake, they also have the Phoenix platform, I’m still hopeful one of the companies will buy Saab and give us back a wonderful brand!

  21. I would actually take the S60 over the S4. Yes the S4 is faster but the ‘slower’ shifting auto will be a much better companion to any DCT for everyday stop-and-go duties and I’ve driven a number of DCT cars. The Volvo has better seats & a better interior, and will CERTAINLY be cheaper to maintain as the years go by.

  22. this dudes retarded. my 13 s60 t5 turns way more heads than this junk German made s4. idiot

  23. I would have wanted the Volvo to win, but still a great review!

  24. All in All Entertaining and informative , I’ve driven both cars too and the Audi is better by far but the Volvo is still better than most Cars in ITS range ,, as you said the S60 isn’t in the Audi , BMW . Merc range of car , still prefer an Audi A6 Quattro and maybe a Audi RS3 Wagon or RS6 Avant Wagon for the little missus to dawdle down the road to do the shopping in, I also owned a 2001 S60 and was great to drive compared to average Australian Cars But my next Project will be a 2008 Volvo S40 T5 R AWD and do a little tweaking ,, It will have at least 50kw more power than the far larger and heavier S60 before doing anything to it so its a winner straight away and the very little money the 2008 S40 T5 R is now its a great cheap platform to make a great performance car : )

  25. No S4 front drive has ever been built. Tard…..

  26. Volvo is the best

  27. That isn’t the polestar tuned ’13 S60, and no I’m not talking about the Concept… It’s just the R design. They aren’t the same.

  28. The guy its less than a rookie Polestar are also manual ….plus NO REAL motor head will get a VW instead a real Polestar

  29. Bad comparison. Theres a reason the Audi is 10k more than the Volvo. Volvo didn’t have a car in this level back than but now the Polestar cars would kill the S4

  30. I would like to see this Head to Head revisited with the new S60 polestar and the new S4 (2016 and on?)

  31. This video definitely seemed more favoured towards the Audi. Audis IMO have terrible looking interiors, great quality, terrible designed. I own a 2013 Volvo XC60 T6 AWD, and some of the things this guy says, I had never experienced, like feet slipping under the pedal since he as size 13 feet. Well I have size 14 feet and I don’t have that issue so… The Volvo is definitely safer and more reliable than that Audi, which is also a plus. Although the Audi will have more interior room, the seats are not as comfortable as the Swedish Engineered Volvo seats that fit your body perfectly and comfortably like they are known worldwide for. The value imo is in the Volvo. For anyone who disagrees, I encourage you to do more research and ask yourself this question: "What is more important to you? Safety, Value, and Comfort? Or a Brand Name?" Worth thinking about eh?

  32. people shopping at BMW and mercedes don’t consider audi as equal premium… VAG reliability and after sales service is way too horrible for that

  33. Volvo S60 uses regular fuel, and the S4 uses premium.   I don’t think there is a prettier sedan out there right now than the S60.  This coming from an Audi fan.

  34. i watched this video because of the volvo, but my jaw dropped at the bmw

  35. Redo this test with the 2017 S60 Polestar (not R Design) with the 362hp 2.0L twin charged 4. Should handle better with less weight on front and is supposedly able to do 0-60mph in 4.5 second. Oh and it still comes in cheaper than the S4.

  36. One of your better reviews Johnny. Had a lot of substance. Thanks!

  37. Whoa whoa hold the fuck up… Is it a fun car or not a fun car…Cmon, Lieberman!
    Not a fun car: @5:32
    Fun Car @14:35

  38. The air vent without the chrome trim is part of the scandinavian design. It would look stupid with a chrome trim

  39. i would choose the new volvo s60 polestar!!

  40. That’s so true about the Volvo! There are two professors and multiple graphic designers in my university that have them lol

  41. You guys need to redo the head to head with the new Polestar and the S4

  42. It’s not even a polestar you dumbfucks, just colour

  43. the versions compared have a 10.000 bucks difference. Does it make any sense?

  44. It’s not a Polestar though. It MAY have a Polestar tune (may not) but that doesn’t make it a proper Polestar.

  45. checkout the volvo s60 polestar concept

  46. I wish Colt still made the python 😢.

  47. you’re an idiot….go try go carts better suited for your weight

  48. Swedish Racing Green Volvo. Love it.

  49. that’s not a polestar

  50. Nearly everyone here says Volvo is better, but the Audi accelerates better, corners better, breaks better, sounds better and looks better. So what is so fascinating about the Volvo?

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