2013 Audi S5 Quattro S tronic 0-60 MPH Drive & Review

( ) The 2013 Audi S5 Coupe Quattro is an all-wheel-drive autobahn burner. With a supercharged 333 horsepower 3.0L engine the Audi S5 pulls like a freight train. In this video review we not only drive the newest automatic 7-speed Audi S5 through the snow-covered Colorado mountains but we find out if it is faster 0-60 MP from the manual version of the same model we tested a few months ago.

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  1. stark

  2. Love your videos, but hate the fact that you frequently do 0-60 runs with 2 people in the car. Would prefer to see the performance with just a driver.

  3. Audi stands for Pure Perfection Performance. So Sexy she is.

  4. You guys suck, horrible show. 

  5. @Gregory:
    Yes this V6 is preferable in every way (maybe except of the sound ;)) It’s lighter, faster and consumes less fuel.

    Btw this review is really bad guys. This fat guy is only talking shi*t and they both don’t sound as if they would understand to much about cars…

    And just to let you know, many german magazines have tested the s5 with the 7-speed-double-clutch from 0-62mph and all of them got 4.8sec!
    5.7sec is just ridiculous…


  6. If you can’t master the stick don’t bother reviewing german cars, please.

  7. bribery works

  8. 435i x 0-60 5.5  S5 5.7  so about a tie. But You choose S5 because it better daily driver..?  Explain pls.

  9. you launched it wrong, you aren’t supposed to brake launch like that with a dsg gearbox and you’re just hurting the gearbox. use launch control

  10. ゴジラ!

  11. Two questions
    1. For a launch what is the ideal rev you should mantain?
    2. If I just keep driving it in sports mode, will it have any negative impact on the engine in long run?

  12. Learn how to drive guys…. 5.7 HAHAHAHA  try 4.74.9 seconds… Ever heard of Launch control?

  13. The new Benz C400 is better all around..

  14. what’s the background theme sound called?

  15. Also 20 000€ more expensive too, and slower also 😀

  16. this car is capable of 4.5s in 0-60. Dunno what these dudes are doing

  17. beautiful intro music 

  18. The S4 I drove has the exact same power band, well obviously, but I agree with Nathan completely, there isn’t a lot of low-end power/torque on this like you would expect having driven some other common supercharged applications (similar to an E55 with a large displacement V8 engine with a blower). Logically it makes sense though, if a supercharger is run off the engine, as engine speed climbs the more boost you build. But it has a very nice pull to redline. Still liked the M235i better though when I drove it so that’s what I ended up buying, it’s a little quicker too, but the interior on the Audi is definitely superior.

  19. Superchargers are not supposed to have lag. That’s the point, you don’t expect lag with super chargers. That’s why it’s called Turbo Lag….

  20. Why didn’t you guys test it with the launch control!? That’s why the motor only revved to 1500 rpm’s. With the launch control on you launch at 3000 rpm’s and get 0-60 in 4.9 seconds. What a bunch of rookies!

  21. The sexiest car on the market by far.

  22. since when did exhaust tips define the power of the exhaust lol… so what I could have a single exhaust system but if I hook up 8 tips does that just make it that more bad ass =p but no in all reality I am starting to really love Audi, my next car is going to be an Audi S5  🙂 

  23. Really amazing maschine

  24. How is this real world testing?  Anyway, this was a horible review.. I’m not a hater, just an honest guy.   

  25. Awesome way to destroy the clutch. Full throttle and holding the brake. ITS A DUAL CLUTCH NOT A TORQUE CONVERTED AUTO…. USE LAUNCH CONTROL

  26. Is the interior a lot worse than the C400? Crossshoping for a DD. I also he ard the C400 makes pretty much no engine noise.

    It will replace a400 hp ’13 WRX STI so engine noise is mandatory! 🙂

  27. this car is boring to look at. Reminds me too much of a VW. If you can spend an extra 15k go with the BMW m3

  28. 6.6 seconds is a lil bit to slow

  29. ppl needa stop complaining about the audi’s 0-60 or professional track time 0-60. This is a real world testing not a track with all the perfect environments. These guys have no reason to lie to people about the 0-60 time. 

  30. If you prefer 4 zeros (5th behind the wheel 😉 to BMW, by all means go for it 😉

  31. 3:55 "You’d think with a supercharger that there would be a little bit of lag". No dude, you wouldn’t; that’s exactly the point of superchargers – no lag. What you’d think is that one has to know his shit about cars in order to present a video about cars…

  32. So sad, they can’t even figure out how to launch a car that comes with LAUNCH CONTROL. Now I remember why I don’t watch any of their garbage videos. 

  33. Check out 3:15. You can clearly see the jizz on the headrest!

  34. The place I live in (Canada) S5 is only $1000-2000 more than a 435i but in most YouTube reviews the S5 is a tiny bit faster. Both brilliant car tho, I would buy both if I have the money.

  35. 4.9 is for manual I believe. Car and driver and other publications frequently quote a 4.4 second 0-60 (S4 Even) Even at these elevations upper 5s seems high. Unless I missed it I did think they used launch control, a feature available on the S5

  36. Question, regarding the smart key. Do you have to take the key out of your pocket and place it into the key slot then push the button to start, or can you simply leave it in your pocket and push the start button, thanks in advance.

  37. You guys have the best music

  38. You guys know about launch control right?

  39. Go to 5:10 for 0-60. Youre welcome.

  40. Unreal that you guys don’t even know how to engage launch control on the cars you review. A little bit of research goes a long way in making your tests professional and accurate.

  41. I love the the song, car, & place!

  42. I absolutely love the A5/S5. One of the most elegant, gorgeous 2 doors in existence.

    However…0-60 in 6.6 with a manual? Altitude or no altitude… If I’m paying for a sport coupe like this, it better be able to beat a V6 Passat or Camry to 60. Hell, an Ecoboost V6 F150 is faster than that for Christ sake.

  43. I drive at a auto auction and I got to drive this car and I had to look it up,I drove a Maserati a lotus elise and a hellcat the same day yet this one was very very impressive.the hellcat was faster but this car is a work of art,the exhaust note when you rev is amazing the interior is very race orientated.I suggest anyone test drive it and see for yourself.

  44. No v8 😭

  45. hey i wanna ask is there a big difference between s5 2013 2014 and 2015 version. Cuz i m thinking about leasing a 2015 s5 or buying a 2013 s5. what s your guys opinion on that 

  46. Thank you for the review. Is this, in your opinion, preferable to the V8 S5?

  47. Did they rescue the doggie??

  48. 3.8 secs to 60 for mine without launch control stage 1 revo

  49. VAGinas and reliability mentioned in the same sentence… LMAO.

  50. what? seriously?? white paint makes it faster??

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