2013 Chevy Corvette v Camaro ZL1 v Porsche Cayenne S Mile Mashup Review

( ) The new 2013 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport and the crazy fast Camaro ZL1 are two of the fastest American made cars that you can buy today. In fact many would say that these two cars represent the very best in American sports performance and modern muscle. So why would we mash them up in a 0-60 MPH performance test and review at a mile above sea level with a new Porsche Cayenne S crossover and perhaps more importantly which of these cars is after. You’ll have to watch this video to find out.

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  1. subscribed!

  2. Fuck porche German cars are over rated pieces of shit

  3. Dave left the show! Hes a trader and his channel sux

  4. These guys either suck at driving or that elevation is absolutely DESTROYING these cars numbers. My money’s on both

  5. Camaros rule!

  6. the grand sport can do a 3.8 second 0-60

  7. i watched asme one it did 3.8 seconds without launch control and 3.6 with.

  8. that was not a Mile Mashup, was a 0-60 mashup – lame title

  9. Thats bull

  10. First corvettes are complete garbage second the porsche is an suv and the camaro has a Cadillac motor which and suspension made by Cadillac which makes it more of a Cadillac

  11. hmmm maybe you have been reading to many forums and watching to many super hoped up car video’s, IN REAL life when you are on a imperfect road, at 1 mile above sea level, even those 3 second "super" cars will be 4.9 seconds even 5 seconds, GTR, lamborghini, this is not a video game or track… its real life…

    oh ya and its a automatic..

  12. i didn’t know porsche made a 991

  13. Heavy chevy Baby!!!!

  14. these losers do acceleration tests with iphone timers…….

  15. I think they got the Cayenne mixed up with the Caymen s

  16. That Cayenne should not have been there in the first place, Porsche 911 would’ve put those 2 cars to shame. Put them on a real track by real drivers, it’ll show you how big the gaps are. Not only that it goes ballistic on straight lines, it also handles fantastically well on bends. To be fair, the Corvette is the only American car out there that could keep up with European sports cars. Porsche’s handling is unparalleled, even by the Ferraris. If you’re trying to make people think that the Germans make shitty cars, it ain’t working. It only shows that you make shitty videos.

  17. they have done reviews on those before… there 0-60 times were worse then the automatic…

  18. the corvette is automatic ? damn :/

  19. I like you guy and the show for the most part. But comparing cars with such a different price ranges is pointless. The camaro is only half the price of the porsche. Of course its nicer inside and all that crap. It’s $100,000. 

  20. what did he say?

  21. the cameros interior to ugly to get over

  22. Wow this guys just straight up suck. This is the worst comparison ever. 

  23. I think their 0-60 timer has problems? or driver?
    Whatever car they tested, they are almost about 1.5-2 seconds slower than what they are supposed to be…?

  24. Again you retards don’t understand when you’re a mile above sea level your 0-60 times are HORRIBLE. Which is why when they do these testing for factory specs they do everything at sea level to glorify these times. 

  25. Watching random vids on yourtube is always fun, thanks The Fast Lane Car ♻️Signature: Hide Plate Gadget #007LicensePlate.♻️

  26. 5.85???  In a vette?  Ooooookaaayyyyy………..

  27. 5.8? That’s what the 1966 427 did way back when. Looks like Chevrolet has NOT made much progress in almost 50 years of "advancements." Yup, government motors is a joke.

  28. Why are you even talking about taking a porche off road?!?!

  29. I have to say Roman and (what is the other guy’s name?) This high altitude testing is so damn boring and irrelavnt to 99% of the US pop.. It should be called "the slow lane car" and  "how slow is your car at high altitude."   It would be more honest.

  30. I watch this video everyday

  31. Corvettes are garbage the Porsche is an suv and the camaro has a Cadillac motor and suspension which makes it more of a Cadillac

  32. The 3 stooges.

    But I enjoy their reviews 🙂


  34. Porsche looks like a mini-van. LOL UGLY!

  35. The camaro costs less and has 4 seats. That’s what swayed my decision to buy a camaro.

  36. I thought the fastest camaro was the z28

  37. Lol

  38. a 1 million dollar vehicle? in europe its even more its closer to 1.5 million EURO’s

  39. whats that cayene doing there?

  40. Automatic vette wins faster to 60 then the 6speed zl1 with 560horsss yuppppp

  41. the nissan gtr 2014 track edition ran this same place and "only" achieved 5.09 seconds 0-60, this is a 60K grand sport with a automatic with less HP doing 0-60 .9 / .8 seconds slower…. not sure how it would "spank" them when it can barely beat them… a proper comparison would be a z06 to a gtr track edition or a ZR1 seeing as zr1 and GTR track are same price…

  42. ZL1 needed a driver mod.  That bogfest of a lauch cost him 1st

  43. just a 100th of a second faster     dang

  44. cant believe these morons are still on youtube. How is driving at 1 mile above sea level a valid test? How many of us are ever going to spend any time this high up?

  45. Seeing this as a related video to a CTS-V Wagon video made me wonder why the hell the CTS-V ain’t here.

  46. Мустанги лучше и точка !!!

  47. Really your telling me that ?
    Just check it on you tube at least and then we’ll talk.

  48. its not the FASTEST but its the fastest STREET LEGAL cuz there is the Camaro COPO

  49. we need a zo6 or zr1

  50. I love how the fat man gets out of the Camaro with a Plymouth shirt on.

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