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  1. sounds horrendous.

  2. That’s not a Porsche sound because it can’t exist a water cooled Porsche.

  3. Ich bin jetzt auch in einem mitgefahren, und wollte gar nicht mehr aussteigen.

  4. عز يامال العز, الله يرزقنا

  5. The 4S has the best ass.

  6. Only reason I’m on this video aj because I had one of these wiz by me in a company service truck the other day like a teenager. I literally thought a ricer was flying by me. Sorry to all you import lovers but this sounds like any other pos honda on the road haha

  7. Ich liebe das Heck von einem Porsche. So breit und diese geilen Rückleuchten. Da muss ich immer an die Cylonen aus "Battlestar Galactica" denken! 😀

  8. My uncle his porsche sound better than this

  9. why oh why would that button EVER not be pressed permanently!

  10. My favority car model, but I do not like how the new 991 blurp sounds in the end of the sports exhaust revs. Prefer the 997 targa 4S mk1.

  11. Wow, what a difference when the exhaust is activated!

  12. Launch control, POW bitch i’m gone 🙂

  13. Are those original exhausts?

  14. better then porn

  15. why does porsche sound awful?

  16. O maşını maaa neçiyə verərsən?

  17. why i am poor ?

  18. Bello.

  19. Forever activated

  20. loved the music better than radio

  21. Beautiful.

  22. This is what is called the hard on activation button. Soft is off hard is on

  23. germans high tehnology!

  24. Klingt nach nix? Was is daran toll?

  25. araba hırlıyor yaklaşma ısırırım diyor.

  26. Porsche exemplifies sex

  27. Sick!! Nice video

  28. God Tham I wish I could afford this car

  29. So I guess it’s just a recording. Makes it sound like a race car……far out!

  30. I’d leave the window open

  31. c’mon lottery…

  32. sorry. sounds gay. fun is the object here… and yes that is a fun car that is out of reach and just ok as a fun car! just like the new camaro ss. etc… to refined. to clean. like a watch! camaro is a sports car now! but not the dodge challenger! close.. lol. isn’t that crazy that we say that? because i’m taking the challenger on the cheap and have a blast! sorry i have a corvette. 2004. i like my physco orange r/t with no mufflers / magnaflow resinators. ha. frigin bitchen with my nitto drag radials! ha. oh and the good stereo! so choice!

  33. OMG… where did you learn on how to step on the gas pedal like that…. O.M.G.

  34. Buahahahahahaa… In 5 years Porsche would install many engine sounds played from mp3’s. What a shit…

  35. MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Can’t beat a porche! And to Yeezus Christ, electrics are stupid as hell and so are you.

  37. Getting car tomorrow – and yes the sports exhaust will be left on on on 🙂

  38. the back is sexy af

  39. why is there even a button to activate/deactivate the sport exhaust?  

    *switches off* "i think ill go with the crap exhaust note today"

  40. gros bruit 👍👍👍💰💰💰💲💲💵💵💵💶

  41. Cool, can’t wait to get mine.

  42. vowwwww

  43. what is the name of this color? its like dark gray

  44. Music into my ears

  45. It should be always activated

  46. jeder 350/370z welten besser vom klang

  47. favourite car!

  48. The WWWIIIDDDDDEEE body os so sexy. 

  49. electric cars use power from petrol generators, and the manufacturing of the litium bateries makes a lot of pollution

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