2013 Porsche 911 GT3 tested by www.autocar.co.uk

Steve Sutcliffe reviews the 2013 Porsche 911 GT3. Could the 991 GT3 be the world’s best sports car?

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The 2013 Porsche 911 GT3 represents the zenith of the all-new 991 line-up, with its 3.8-litre delivering its 468bhp at a scintillating 8,250rpm. But, the 2013 GT3 is not without controversy. For a start, it’s bigger and heavier than the 997 GT3, tipping the scales at 1,430kg. But that hasn’t set the forums alight like the news there’s no manual gearbox, even as an option. Does the more civilised GT3 still represent motoring nirvana?

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Read Autocar’s Porsche 911 GT3 review: http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/porsche/911-gt3
Read Autocar’s Porsche 911 review: http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/porsche/911


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  1. Sounds awesome! the pricing is reasonable too, compared to its competitors.

  2. quite a statement: "I dont know, I think this is the best sports car ive ever driven"

  3. my dream car
    . Porsche is the best german car company hands down

  4. Even If I had one million to spend in a car, that would be the one would get!

  5. Wish so bad I could afford one of these. Porsche = Greatest ever!

  6. I really like the font snut of the car compared to lets say Turbo version. It is awesome.

  7. Best car  in the world

  8. Get stevie along side chris harris to be the front of new topgear and get rid of the rest of the crew.

  9. The sheer amount of want I have for this car is unreal. It’s just so fantastic. ughhh

  10. 2 more weeks… and it will be in my driveway!!

  11. where are the stupid nissan gtr comments?

  12. shah

  13. Cool car!!! its my favorite car of al sorts car’s

  14. simple and awesome review

  15. CANNOT wait until the new GT3 RS

  16. You can spend more….but you can’t get more cool than this GT3.

  17. So what’s the latest about the GT3 catching fire? Top Gear, mentioned this on one of their 2014 episodes. Richard Hammond bought one and they were ribbing him about this. Has Porsche addressed this yet (this post…May 2nd, 2014).

  18. I can’t see why all journalists sad against PDK/DSG etc gearboxes. As I’m thinking on it, we can say 90 % of racecar series has a kind of automatic/semi-automatic gearboxes…. And these sportscars must follow racecars in their technology..

  19. Dear Gentlemen.

    Wait till you drive one, wait till you own one….Until then please keep uniformed comments to oneself.

  20. The Best

  21. Christiano Ronaldo bought a Porsche GT.

  22. And even a chubby  boy with breasts can drive one … but not very fast !

  23. I still enjoy driving stickshift but I’d gladly give that up to drive this.. A good DSG box can be fun and this is definitely one of the best

  24. Wait, so it is 991 or 911? The presenter keeps saying 991

  25. Steve you are my very favourite reviewer all things Porsche. Of course I will never afford a GT3, but our 997 generation 2 is quite a nice compensation. A big thank you from the north.

  26. The 2015 991 GT3 could possibly be one of the last naturally aspirated high revving 911’s made.  I hear the 991.2 Gen 2 911’s will be Turbo blown soon due to emission req’s and also matching higher HP of competitors.  This is a niche car, just under 1,100 cars made worldwide of the 991 version.  Buy this car, treat it properly and it will become a very valuable piece of highly engineered art. The next GT3 whenever that will be could possibly be a turbo, then your holding a very expensive piece of history. 

  27. I wonder if any more have set them selfs on fire

  28. can you take off that ugly spoiler? 

  29. Top machine

  30. THE best car ! man i love this machine

  31. Sorry id still have a 997, just so i could change gear

  32. fanatstic car, amazing gearbox.
    why can’t all porsche pdk’s get the paddles and gearshift that works the right way (pull down for upshift) ?

  33. This car is so damn beautiful…I must have one before I die

  34. Dont automatics weight more than manuals and have more drivetrain loss though?

  35. If I may add to the PDK vs Manual argument. It is sad and a lot of "purist" are missing the manual because agreed it is not the fastest way to cover ground, but it is the most fun. I was recently in the swiss alps with a 1 litre polo and going through the gears, heel and toe I was laughing so much. I have driven Ferrari’s and porsches on track days but on that piece of narrow roads a car with PDK would have been a waste. It is sometimes not how much faster you go, but how much fun you have. But unfortunately they are not always bought to be enjoyed, but rather to be parked in front of the club and brag how you have  the same gearbox as in F1.

  36. No Manual….  I can hear my uncle now….

  37. Why does this guy not allow it to Shift at/just Before Redline, especially since this IS a CAR Review??? You’d think the point is letting it Rev to there???? Why do Journalists in car magazines, say there Scared to let the GT 3 shift at redline/Just before Also??? What’s the point of having 9,000 if it doesn’t get used ??? Is it to spare the Engine ??? Isn’t the engine built to handle it ??? I know Chris Harris ( Car Reviewer )  lets it shift there…I Think it ‘s NOT a good thing, to shift at/just before Redline Often…Sorry, but I don’t understand the reason ??? Sorry if I’ve already answered my own Question…I just want to be Informed… Thank You ):):)

  38. Was difficult for him to admit there is German sports car better than all British sports cars hehehe.

  39. steve you do such a good job at your job:-)

  40. Why does he always shift at 8000rpm

  41. Love it!!

  42. I have a boner

  43. Can’t beat the sound of a porsche. Almost makes you cream your shorts lol

  44. What the FUCK is a Republic propaganda video about Keystone doing on a video about the Porsche GT3??? 

  45. Id get the motor built and two turbos thrown on.

  46. Is this car better or porcshe boxster ?

  47. BEST CAR!!!

  48. I WANT ONE!!!

  49. It’s all nice and cool while the automatic gearbox is working. But they have tendency to brake down faster and be less reliable than the mechanic gearbox. I hope they had improved upon this in automatic gearboxes because it looks like the mechanic gearbox is going to be forgotten in a short time in the future. 

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