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  1. what are u talking about? it starts with 56k thats good for a porsche

  2. Actually if you got money to burn Porsche’s got your money to take.

  3. okay go and get it.

  4. new range rover or the cayenne; steve?!?

  5. i love this car !!! <3

  6. Of all German&Japanese SUVs I and my family owned, Cayenne is by far the best handling SUV with great power. Stop putting this on the same line with Q7 CDI, they may share the same engine, but Porsche has tuned it to match its standards thus the feel is completely different.

  7. I have not liked the Cayenne since 2008…It used to look rugged and manly and now it looks more like a small suv for rich moms.

  8. chip it and it will be a beast. Torque goes through the roof, this engine is greatly pegged down stock.

  9. porsche just kills you with options

  10. yep, good color, wish they made the gts with the diesel…they also have a cayenne s diesel in europe, a v8 monster

  11. Dear Steve ! You are a great expert and dwells so nicely about the technology,comforts, all combined together..You win our heart Congrats for being our hero

  12. $36,000 in options?!? my goodness, does a steering wheel at least come as standard??? Porsche and Mini both need to subsidize their options into trim packages, I don’t understand how their consumers find it acceptable to spend so much additionally for features and goodies that come equipped at no extra charge in other comparable vehicles. gotta have that badge I suppose….

  13. Nice vehicle, but WAY overpriced. I would rather buy a Ford Raptor and an FJ Cruiser 4×4 for the price of this one Porsche, but that’s just me.

  14. A diesel SUV Porsche? My God how things have changed.

  15. oh shut up

  16. you say that… but, its nearly as fast as a 4 wheel drive 911 (around a track as well) which for a 2.2 tonne suv is quite impressive.. it goes to 157 mph and will do 35 mpg… when those numbers sink in and you realise what comes as standard.. you may change your mind… yes it is expensive, but nobody goes to buy a porsche expecting it to be cheap

  17. 3:19

  18. The options alone cost as much as my car.

  19. chrysler could learn a thing or two here and charge $1500 extra for the engine instead of $5000.bad move chrysler

  20. This would be my choice, great color.

  21. Its a Porsche not KIA :

  22. +1. If you stay off the options list, they aren’t that bad considering. Ultimately depends on one’s budget.

  23. Im hoping we’ll see a lot more light duty Diesels available in North America, I don’t know why its taken this long

  24. That’s what she said

  25. I love this paint job. Dark Green is amazing on German cars

  26. They are built on the same platform 😛
    Just that one is cheper then the other.

  27. interior package with upgraded seats, nag and towing pkg. Not sure what the names and numbers of the packages are. We found it at a large Porsche dealer on east coast. There must have been 15–20 cayennes in stock. They wanted them gone, we had no trade and the timing was just right. Once you drive the Cayenne the Touareg will seem pretty regular at best.

  28. are you reviewing the new impala anytime soon?

  29. probably not even that long, porsche charges out the ass for things, those rs spyder wheels are like 4 grand

  30. TestDriveNow Reviews by Auto Critic Steve Hammes

    Not yet.

  31. One more thing for you to think about. We tested both the base V6 Gas and the Diesel. We decided on the diesel for long distance driving we do, quite often we do 1K long week-ends. Under normal ownership we would have gone for the base gas V6. plenty quick for everyday and a very smooth comfortable ride.The other thing that tipped us off the Touareg was the quality of the Porsche dealership and service experience vs the typical VW dealership.

  32. I love Porsche because of their good quality and I do understand these are for the 1% so to speak. However, what they need to do is standardise a good lot of those options and bump up the MSRP. It’s really annoying to think of how much is being spent on options alone. Come resale time, most used car buyers will not want to pay anything more than the MSRP unless the car is still fairly new. I am no sales expert or anything but the way I see it, you’re better off leasing a Porsche than buying it.

  33. I would rather get a VW Touareg.

  34. I’ve always loved this vehicle. However, the cost of the options are ridiculous. Who cares about mpg if you’re going to spend 90k or more?

  35. Are you serious. That price is way overboard!!!!!

  36. Never drove this one, but in the reviews people say that "a car this big have no right to ride like this", so I believe it drives really well; and that’s why it’s so expensive. (Plus the badge, of course)

  37. I like TDI!

  38. Look at the prices around the world and say that…

  39. I know, right. $36,000 in options. That enough to buy me a new car.

  40. if you live in the wood or snow, buy a f-150 4wd for 1/3 of the price and buy yourself a nice cabin and a suburban wife

  41. We paid 64K for our Cayenne Diesel. Nicely optioned and it runs and handles just like Mr. Hammes stated. It is a great vehicle and we would buy it all over again in a heartbeat. We looked very hard at the TOUAREG TDI and it was a great car as well but the Cayenne cabin is worth everry bit of the 10K uptick over the VW.

  42. thanks for comparing it to nothing. your in depth review is much appreciated.

  43. A vehicle that even OFFERS $36,000 worth of options has to imply that Porsche is selling you a model that doesn’t come with dick.

  44. Great car and review !!!
    If he liked that V6 diesel so much, I wonder what he’d of made of the fabulous 4.2litre V8 turbo diesel we get ?? !!

  45. Cayenne S Diesel will be more interesting

  46. $36,0000 in options!?!? I wonder how long that options list is

  47. If I were going for the cayenne, this would be the model i’d get.

  48. great!

  49. it’s all about the badge, shouting your status and image at others.

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