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  1. How reliable is a 2013 Cayenne? Will it be quite expensive to maintain?

  2. Is this saabkyle little brother???

  3. these things are so fast I rember in H.S a friend in my class her mom had one a 2007 and she drove it everyday to school it had an amazing exhaust note!

  4. I love these cars (and that engine is a gem) But seriously I hate that center console.

  5. You could have put your own spin on reviewing cars rather than completely copying saabkyle in every way.

  6. Why would a sports car run on diesel fuel that’s dumb

  7. Keep up the good work!

  8. too much moving the camera

  9. The video was so nice… I pressed "like" two times

  10. Now that’s a sweet set of wheels! Two Thumbs Up! 🙂

  11. They are fast! I was blown away at all the power the diesel engine put out.

  12. I like this bumper better than the turbo bumper.

  13. Haha don’t we all!

  14. Nice!!

  15. Just Subscribed!!! Man i love your videos!! Keep up the Good Work!!

  16. That’s true. I mean you can spend a ton of money on these, but if you’re careful with the options list, you can get one for a pretty reasonable price!

  17. Good! Glad you enjoyed it.

  18. That’s one of my friends. And thanks!

  19. Nice video !!!
    Pity that car didn’t have the air suspension height adjust option, very hany on a proper dirt track !!!
    If you liked the 3.0 litre V6 diesel, you should try the 4.2 litre V8 Diesel version, it’s amazin !!!

  20. That is sweet! DO WANT!

  21. A slightly gayer version of Saabkyle04.

  22. first

  23. Hi, I was headed to my Dads house, and was struck from the rear, by a driver, who was texting. My car was totaled. So,,,…..I was taking the crap out of my car, and s tow truck pulled in a vw. the person started up the car, and drove 300 miles. He left the key, in the house. Will this car do that?

  24. Why use the same review language as saabkyle?! Come up with your unique stuff, it will make you more interesting. And yes, too much camera movement.

  25. Such a nice car!

  26. Couldn’t agree more! Definitely unique.

  27. See I like it just because it’s different. And I was very surprised at how easy all of it is to use. Everything is exactly where you think it ought to be.

  28. Quiet?? Dude we could hear the ticking going hard while you were in the car

  29. 0:44 what is pink guy doing?

  30. sweet cayenne yo.. i love that diesel engine

  31. Same! It’s a gem of a diesel engine for sure.

  32. Omg no comment

  33. Sweeeeeeett!! Une très bonne représentation.Bravo!!

  34. It’s a nice car posche panamera

  35. 00:44 who’s that, cool video btw!

  36. Saabkyle04

  37. porsche + diesel = bullshit

  38. This is a Cayenne… Not a Panamera.

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