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  1. off road? Get a Raptor not a porsche

  2. 2013 Range Rover diesel is a better SUV.

  3. Lol at that comment. The X6 has a copy and paste job interior of the much cheaper 5-Series. The exterior is not imposing at all. The X6 is one of the worst 4x4s going in all aspects apart from handling, which the Cayenne, X5 and even the Jeep SRT match it on. The Cayenne looks far more expensive than the X6, especially the interior. The X6 is from 2007. The Cayenne sounds better.

  4. i think you have a strong personal bias towards german manufactures and high end car/SUVs.

  5. and the X6 is a bullshit

  6. I am an Infiniti fan boy and agree with him. This SUV blows it out of the water, stratosphere, galaxy etc… Range Rover doesn’t EVEN come close. Its so unreliable and Porsche is so much fun. Great review.

  7. all this bullshit about off road… which car is the best.. the car is largely irrelevant comparing rr, cayenne, x6 etc… its all about the tyres… all of those cars have traction control, diff lock etc… the tyres are the only thing that matters… a mini cooper is better than any of these cars on off road tyres if you gave the suv’s slicks.. have a brain please

  8. This guy is tank

  9. Ironic is it not? You review very expensive cars, yet do now own one…

  10. The range rover is a luxurious box on wheels and drives like one. Fit and finish on the Porsche is outstanding, and should be for the money. This car drives more like a sports car than any SUV I’ve driven and that is why the cayenne is porsche’s biggest seller: sporty, fun to drive, and practical.

  11. why would anyone pay for carbon ceramic breaks on this car…WHY!!!

  12. Porsche

  13. That’s a fair assessment. I love driving German cars and would lease them all they long. However, if I had to keep one for more than 5 years, the only one I would consider is Porsche. My own vehicle is a 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser.

    I believe the German cars drive & handle better and have the most impressive interiors. Unfortunately history tells us they have a higher likelihood of breaking down and cost more to maintain. That’s probably why 5 of the 6 German brands in the US are luxury cars.

  14. no accually it about the engine in the machine. Porsche makes fairly large engines so it can power through off road surfaces easily. If you put off road tires on a mini cooper than it still wouldn’t do very well because of its lack of adequet power. Think about that

  15. @jtjyhfr yep. nobody can believe about this quickly. Listen, ive seen this car selling rediculously cheap on this site. you can also get it from here ==>

  16. All that money and it does not even look expensive, does not look imposing, does not even look good, and can be mistaken for its lower cost siblings. The Range Rover looks proper, looks expensive and costs much much less. I really don’t get who buys these. If I wanted a fashion SUV I would just buy an X6 for half the money.

  17. it suddenly depreciated $40k of value

  18. Херь

  19. great review. great car

  20. Ceramic breaks off road? One little stone between the disk and the caliper and they are ruined…

  21. X6???? Please. Not. Even. Close.

  22. whata beast :-X………..its a land plane

  23. way overpriced, as every Porsche

  24. How dare you call "riding in a big puddle"  doing off road.
    I mean seriouly !
    What a joke !

  25. Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, and who else? There is MINI and VW, but they’re not luxury. Maybach?

  26. this is so fucking stupid… why would anyone take a cayenne off roading, let alone the GTS variant?? total waste of a press car opportunity

  27. Over do it become silly .

  28. like

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