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  1. lol the porsche is 4.2 liter v8 the bmw is 3.0 liter !!! lol its way bigger engine and lose

  2. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Bmw m50d is not 3.0 dude

  4. Give me both and I will tell you wich one is better in 10 years…

  5. Bmw x5 m50d is not 3.0 dude is mor thet 3.0 dude dude

  6. Don’t fight, don’t fight. Hate on the Chinese and Korean shit vehicles. GERMAN POWER!!!! <3

  7. bmw is clearly not stock))) it has a leas 420 HP and 800 NM of torque

  8. Fuck the bmw porsche is better bmws are highly overrated

  9. That’s the old X5 bro E70! Get the new one F15 it’s even faster.

  10. After 160 km/h porsche V8 is faster

  11. Thank you so much!

  12. Tough choice. Both great cars

  13. Bmw 3.0 3turbo Porche 4.2 2turbo

  14. brutal!!!!!

  15. porsche drives way better

  16. Great comparisons!

  17. Lol u have a little brain. The porsche is way faste to 200 then the BMW 🙂

  18. Great videos

  19. who the fuck won?

  20. Porsche <3

  21. You dummy you don’t much about cars lol

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